Israel Won’t Open Borders To Foreign Nationals Through At Least February 1st

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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Israel has extended its ban on foreign nationals who don’t have special permission to enter the country through at least 9:59pm on February 1st according to this NOTAM:


Israel closed their borders to foreign nationals back in March and they have extended the ban on a monthly basis since then.

The country just started a 3rd lockdown and recently started requiring most people entering the country to quarantine in a COVID hotel for 10-14 days.

When do you think Israel will open their borders to Americans?

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22 Comments On "Israel Won’t Open Borders To Foreign Nationals Through At Least February 1st"

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When there are enough vaccinated visitors to operate international flights at cost.

Dr Moose

The rate they’re going, not allowing anyone in for a while October 2021 isn’t unrealistic. Even then will need to show proof of vaccination.


Requiring proof of vaccination is just common sense. One infected tourist can do more damage to Israel than a plane full of terrorists.


If the whole of Israel is vaccinated why would it matter if someone not vaccinated coming in


We don’t know yet how long the vaccine will last. Better safe than sorry. Palestine won’t be fully vaccinated until 2022.


When you walk on the street would a sneeze frighten you more then “Allah Akhbar”?


Covid has killed over 3,256 Israelis so far this year and has shut down Israel’s economy.


At the rate there going I don’t think they will ever open!


Their obsession to lockdown with Police clampdown in an unacceptable manner for a democracy has proved futile. But they never listen,..

After Pesach

Israel will wait until it’s low season to reopen its borders. Also, by the end of Pesach, almost everyone in the country who wants to be vaccinated will have been able to.


I think that Israel will open the borders sometimes in the next 4-6 weeks as they will have the Covid under control with the Vaccine that they are really doing a good job.


really! “under control ” between 3to 4k of infections a day with a population of 9 million with a TOTAL death rate of 3k
this has nothing to do it s all about control there in no so called democracy in israel




Sometimes there is no sense what the Israel government does. I would say they may allow more people in but they need a valid reason once more Israelis are vaccinated.


I wonder how about newlywed couples who want to move there?


If you can get a student Visa before moving you’re fine.


Let them make Aliya and they can come any time

R׳ Mendel

Mashiach Now!!!

Ein od Milvado

yes thats what I was thinking…I think at this point we probably have a better chance of getting in when Hashem brings the geula. Israel has been making lockdowns yet they’re not able to contain the virus. Hmmm maybe someone should send the government a memo that maybe everyone should daven to Hashem doesn’t seem like lockdowns are helping…I wonder if the vaccine will???


This whole “exclusion” rule is a joke. I (an Israeli citizen) have traveled twice during this prohibition. On each return flight there were more non Israeli citizens than those with Israeli passports.
Its not what you know…its who you know.


Perhaps they will permit visitors who vaccinate upon arrival, and quarantine for two weeks….. like medical tourism.
I’d accept two weeks in quarantine, if I could join my kids in Israel, for Pesach.

Will they have extra vaccine shots?