Israel Won’t Allow Returning Students Back Into The Country Until At Least April 5th

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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Israel has updated their rules for who can enter the country to say that returning students won’t be allowed in until at least April 5th. Previously the page said March 27th.

Students leaving the country for Pesach are going to have to gamble that the date doesn’t get pushed back as there are no guarantees when it comes to Israel’s entry rules these days. Or as DDF member @yfr bachur put it, “הכי בבית בעולם” or the most at home in the world, would be true if your house was run by your toddler having a tantrum.

Israel has forced airlines like Delta and United to cancel many flights to and from the country as they throttle down capacity, despite strict rules on those who don’t hold an Israeli Green Passport.

Foreign nationals can only apply for permission to enter the country in cases of extreme need and Israelis with kids that aren’t able to get vaccinated and don’t have COVID antibodies are having a hard time getting permission to leave the country, even with pressing needs to travel.

Are you a student in Israel? Will you be spending Pesach in the country or will you fly home and hope to be allowed back in after Pesach?

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What about students who got the vaccine in Israel before they came home for passover?


Married students, with Bituach Leumi and Rental contracts are also banned?


I’d like to know this answer as well.
My wife and kids are Israeli but I’m on a student visa. Would they let them in but not me?


I know people who received permits recently for being married to an Israeli.
Try your luck




How long is this tantrum going to last!

Liam K. Nuj

Hold on, let me ask my 19 year old.


It has been 74 years already!


I think at least until a stable government will be in place.


do you think the April 5th date will apply to new students wanting to enter the county or do you think it will be harder and take longer since they are new and not returning students?


Ask a Navi


The politicians are saying it might be harder for returning students as they feel they should not have left.


That may sound valid, but what about the fact that most people who left got both vaccines in Israel?? Don’t they hold that the vaccine protects from covid? And if so then let them come back!


i have united night flight tel aviv to newark, Sunday March 21 do you think they will cancel?

Liam K. Nuj

My son had a United flight scheduled for this morning. My travel agent told me on Sunday morning to switch to the Sunday night flight (last night) because the Monday morning flight will be canceled. I checked on and it showed it was scheduled. I called United and the agent said it was never canceled and it’s still on schedule.
I listened to my travel agent and switched to Sunday night. When I checked my son in on for the Sunday night flight, it asked me if I wanted to volunteer (for United money) to give up my son’s seat and take another flight. Which flight were they touting? Monday morning’s flight.
Lo and behold, an hour later United cancels the Monday morning flight.
Moral: listen to your travel agent (if you have one)

united money back

How can I volunteer to get the united money for my flights? I have a bunch of tickets for next week and I might not be flying due to the risk of possibly not being able to return in time for the zman.


Is delta going to cancel more flights this week? Tlv to jfk.


What flight did delta cancel? Direct flight?
My flight seems to be on schedule, how do I know for sure?


Hi Dan,
I have tickets on Delta to Israel for April 21, should I cancel or wait till Delta cancels the flight (if they cancel this flight). please advise.


Does anyone know what El Al does if they cancel your flight. Do they put you on another flight or do they just leave you hanging?


I don’t understand Israel. On one hand they tout their vaccination numbers as almost reaching herd immunity. On the other hand, they make draconian laws to “prevent the spread of the virus”. Does this make any sense to anyone?


Shavous will be normal.
Shavous will be normal.
Shavous will be normal.

Repeat saying above with deep breaths.


Normal Corona.


There are plenty of excellent yeshivas and seminaries in America so I would not come to the Israeli jail because you will not be allowed to leave.


why would you wanna leave?

Any updates?

HI Dan,

Is there any updates on this? Or is it still unknown for Israel visa holder families to return back to israel until at least April 5th? Can you give a guess of what you think the chances are?