[Update: Returning Families With Kids Also Allowed To Return, Foreign Nationals Ban Extended] Israel Will Allow Returning Students To Enter The Country After Pesach, If They Were Vaccinated Or Recovered In Israel

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Update, 3/31: Chaim V’Chessed reports that returning families with kids who were not vaccinated or recovered will be allowed into Israel.

Israel’s latest NOTAM bans foreign nationals without special permission from flying to Israel through at least April 8th. Do you think that the country will begin opening to foreign nationals after that?

Originally posted on 3/16:

Israel will reportedly allow returning students back into the country after Pesach.

They will need a valid student visa and to have been vaccinated for COVID-19 in Israel, though the exact documentation requirements aren’t finalized.

Students with children can only leave and return to Israel if the entire family has either been vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19.

Of course anything can change, but Israel’s COVID numbers continue to improve and hopefully that trend will continue.

It’s worth noting that Israel may still limit inbound flights, which may cause flight cancellations.

Israel’s current restriction on other foreign nationals expires in 4 days. It remains to be seen what the new rules will be.

Are you a student in Israel this year? Will you leave for Pesach?

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Wondering what us US citizens who want to travel for shavuos should do about the vaccine- should we get it here in the us if they may not accept it? We have antibodies but not sure how much longer will last. And how will they deal with kids under 17? Lots of thoughts


I have an idea, STAY HOME!!!!


home is isreal people lets be real


Get the vaccine here so you’ll have antibodies. They will give you a better chance of getting in without having to quarantine for the full quarantine period.


title is very misleading b/c it’s missing “or recovered”


more importantly its missing ”reportedly” in other words anybodys guess so nothing has changed


Not a student, also not a fan of vaccine passport – for this reason, “only a specific vaccine and.only if it was done in country”. If you have been fully vaccinated – country or manufacturer shouldn’t matter – kinda of point of vaccine either it works…or it doesn’t.

Additionally with France, Italy and Germany – halting administration of the AZ vaccine along with 10 other EU countries – make me wonder if it will be 2023/24 until international travel somewhat stabilize/normalizes.

Dan\'s the Man

Give it time. Eventually it will be like you said but the different countries have to come up with a practical solution (like using the same app).


the photoshop labs have taught Israel that, for the time being, they can’t trust foreign med records


the least trusted records, are the Israeli’s, for just a few shekels you can get anything in this country from a drivers license (updated in the system) to a green passport.


Same as in Ukraine.


No YoniPDX
In a normal world the where vaccinated issue wouldn’t matter. Considering there are and have been documented cases of fraudulent documents Israel wants it in a form they have some control over. Blame the animals that travelled with false documents while having Covid and caused others to get Covid.

Sam Dorish

Does anyone have credible information if this includes those who recently tested positive for antibodies in Israel but were not vaccinated and do not have a positive/negative covid test?

Dan\'s the Man

Up until now Israel (and I think every other government health department around the world) has not allowed a positive antibody test so even if they do allow those that had covid recently it will most likely require showing positive pcr results followed by a negative result.


Yes, I know many people who have succeeded in getting a green passport and/or a teudat machlim based on antibodies. The number needs to be higher then 150 though.


Israel cN keep track of who was vaccinated there. Other countries you could present forged/fake documents


What about students that want to go after pesach for the first time? They won’t be allowed in?

Janice Levitan

Seems unlikely as they won’t have been vaccinated in Israel.


Is there a place to ask official questions to? Does sRabbiMalinowitz have an email or the igud have a place to ask questions? Do you need both vaccines or 1 shot is enough?


Does the same apply for children under the age of 2? Will they be allowed to re-enter even with vaccine/ recovered?

Janice Levitan

For those of you rushing to buy tickets home for your students, be aware that there was a follow up message reminding everyone that the 3000 people a day limit is still currently in place and there may not be flights available. It urged careful consideration.

And of course, the rules can change if cases start to go up…


The election is one more source of uncertainty to be weighed in handicapping the likelihood that standards will change between today’s announcements and the post-Pesach return period.

orrin d

fyi, see:
Rules for the entry of foreign nationals into Israel from 7 March to 5 April 21 at:
(This page was last updated on 11.03.2021 )


does this apply also to students who have Israeli antibodies?


Does this apply also to students who tested positive for Israeli antibodies?


if they would allow it you probably would have to get an ishur machlim from a dr.


“Israeli antibodies” lol… If you have more than 150 antibodies you should get an ishur machlim. Sometimes it comes automatically, sometimes you have to ask a dr to put it in the system. Once you have that you can get a tav yarok.


You only get a Tav Yarok but not an Ishur Machlim.
The question is if a Tav Yarok is enough


I’m not sure where you are coming from, but I got my ishur machlim and tav yarok from my antibody test. Did you try to get an ishur machlim?


me too


Did you get a ishur machlim from Misraad Habriut or from a Dr. saying that your recovered based on antibodies?


I actually got one just now, I generated it on the website of Misraad Habriut,
Thank you M for your reply it pushed me give it a try


i got one from misrad habriut based on meuhedet antibody test,if you had it done privately in a hospital b4 a certain date it wont work but now even from private testing it works
if you tried generating one on misrad habriut website b4 3/11 try again because a lot of people had problems that worked out after then


Any idea if Israeli Vaccination certificate is good enough without the green passport??

I got my vaccination certificate from meuchedet but the Health Ministry website is messed up and I can’t get my green passport.


Must be double vaccinated In Israel before you left
American docs not accepted
Unfortunately lots of חכמים frauded papers
Therefore Israel accept only Israeli Docs
If you were not there
Or were there but didn’t get papers –
You will not be allowed in

As a reminder , covid came in with students. From 770 who were sent back

We lost 6000 people !!

S Lam

Dan,a bit off topic, I’m booking tickets for mid July from tov-nyc, AndIi want to book with AA, do you think they will be flying by then??


Just kids without vaccination/recovery or even if the parents don’t have?
Not written very clearly


All – I am surprised no one posted the following: ‘My Rebbe gave me (US citizen) approval to fly to Israel for chizuk, will the government accept this for approval?’


we just came for pesach me and my wife have usa and israeli passports bh they let us in.
my sister inlaws only have usa passports and there husbands have israeli passports they put them in a room for 7 hours to send them back without getting permission to come here….bh with some phone calls they let them in.
advising everyone if you dont have an israeli passport dont try….


Did they have antibodies or vaccine?

Ely Chams

They dont take any paperwork for vaccine or antibodies from outsode israel


Does anyone have any knowledge of what exactly happens if we as non Israeli citizens just show up? I have flights for next week and I have a feeling that we may not be allowed in on paper but maybe we can get away with it? If anyone has any detailed info on what they would do with me at border patrol I’d love to hear. Will they let me in and “officially” make me quarantine? Will they make me fly back to the US?


A friend of mine thought she had the right paperwork, got all the way to the airport, and was turned back on the next flight out. So I don’t advise trying

Ely Chams

You will NOT be let in at all


Do you think that the country will begin opening to foreign nationals after that?
YES!! (Where’s the vote button?)


Hi, would anyone know how long a teudat machlim is valid for?


It says on the bottom…


does anyone know if i was a student and have a green pass but due to expiring passport wasnt able to get student visa if theres anything to be done?


Put in ur application and see whah happens…


I have a booked ticket on Turkish JFK-IST-TLV departing JFK on April 14, arriving IST on 4/15. I got an email from Turkish today telling me my connection from IST to TLV had been cancelled. It seems that in the week of 4/11 there are only 3 Turkish flights IST-TLV, so it seems the Israelis are continuing to severely limit incoming foreign airline flights.