Israel Health Declaration Form Can Now Be Filled Out Within 10 Days Of Flying To Israel

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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Israel has required a health declaration form to be filled out within 48 hours of entering the country since the beginning of the pandemic.

You can now fill out the form within 10 days of departure to Israel.

I filled out my form and am excited to finally be going back to the holy land with my family after a 3 year hiatus!

Despite being vaccinated, I didn’t bother filling out the vaccine form. Why should I bother entering the details and uploading proof when it isn’t required for entry?

I have no idea what the form is supposed to accomplish, other than bureaucratic policies are hard to dissolve. But at least Israel has gotten rid of entry testing, as have most western countries except for the US.

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Hi Dan. Thanks for all your constant updates. I haven’t flown international since before Covid and there have been so many changes. I am leaving to Israel in a week and a half. Would you mind clarifying- is this form all that is required now prior to my flight? Tia




What airline are you flying?
Just courious 🙂

Say what you want about ElAl (and got plenty) the actual flying experience with them is quite fun and always get a kick out of the good, the no-nonsense and the knee-jerk parts of the flight attendants.

הכי בבית…

Most other US airlines on that route have an older and ‘experienced’ crew who look like they can use a good vacation and learn how to enjoy life.


As someone who flies often back and forth from Israel to US for work on whatever airline, I find this completely true. I would go as far as to say the flight attendants on non-El Al flights look like they drew the short straw and are simply unhappy to be there and unaware of how to deal with Israelis.

That said, El Al is often significantly more expensive than United/Delta/American/Air Canada.


Safe trip! I hope the entry testing for the US is abolished before your return home.

Don’t forget to take along your emed tests in case that doesn’t pan out.


Hi Dan when do you think US will get rid of entry requirement?




the form accomplishes… Israel has easily compiled data/detail of all incoming travelers… before they depart, n/t to do w/corona…


Yup filled out the forms 2 days ago for travel in a a week. Didn’t know it’s someone new.


This Sunday its over for entry to the USA


What dates will u be in israel


Dan, if you enter (and they accept) our vaccination information info then you are not required to be quarantined in case of exposure to a known Covid case. They still do some kinds of contact tracing .


Hi! The form seems to ask for insurance certificate – what is that and where/how to get it? do regular health insurances generally cover? (We are checking there, too)


we did not buy insurance and were never asked for proof of it at TLV

Menachem Mendel

After I submit the form online, what happens next? Do they send something back? How do I connect it to United?