Were You On The First Nonstop Commercial Passenger Flight From Saudi Arabia To Israel?

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Air Seychelles flight 22, an A320neo with 128 passengers onboard, departed yesterday from Mahe, in the Seychelles, at 5:19pm local time and was scheduled to land in Tel Aviv at 10:50pm.

It ran into technical issues, which forced a diversion to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where it landed at 8:43pm local time.


Of course, Israel has no diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia and typically, Israelis aren’t allowed to land there.

But in this era of the Abraham Accords, things still worked out OK.

Passenger Sharon Licht-Patren shared that the captain updated the passengers that they were in touch with the Israeli government and were working on approval to allow the passengers off the plane.

Once that was secured, “they received us very nicely. Everyone smiled and went out of their way to help, accompanying us to the hotel and arranging for rooms for everyone.”

The passengers didn’t have to take Mohammed Saud up on his offer,



The Air Seychelles plane is still stuck in Jeddah, so the airline sent a plane from Dubai to Jeddah this morning to pick up the stranded passengers:


The million dollar question was, would the replacement plane be forced to stop in Cairo or Amman to avoid flying nonstop to Israel?


That plane departed Jeddah at 11:42am and flew nonstop to Tel Aviv, arriving at 1:28pm local time.


Prime Minister Netanyahu thanked the Saudi authorities for their help:


Were any DansDeals readers on the flight? I’d love to hear more details of the unplanned stop!

Will we soon see regularly scheduled flights between Israel and Saudi Arabia?

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Oh yes!! Hashem has His plans. Even though it may have seemed premature according to man’s plans.


Here is to: “Is it safe to fly Saudia?”…


When Trump returns to the White House in 2025, the list of countries on the Accord will continue to expand. We just have to wait about a year and half from now.

Glorious Gabe

Only place Trump is going to is jail.


Remember the
Russia Russia Russia

Walls keeps on closing


Funny how you want to throw your political opponent in jail for no real reason other than your hate for him, yet you criticize other nations for doing the same things. It’s hilarious!


I cant seem to recall you or anyone on the right make this point when lock her up was the theme of every political rally


Ye but no one actually indicted her. Bad comparison


In the US there are a lot of laws but there are some simple ones against rape, intentionally lying on legal or federal forms, unauthorized access and storage to classified documents, inciting violence, taking funds designated for veterans fund, misuse of federal funds and authority, intimidating public officers for personal benefit, undermining people’s right to vote and ect. Once it is determined that sufficient evidence exists and gathered to support the allegations, a trial is formed and the individual (s) are then judged by their actions and evidence by a judge or group of peers that have been selected from the public and have been reviewed against impartiality by both prosecutor and defense. It is then determined by a certain burden of proof depending on the crime. It is then determined that sufficient proof exists or does not exist that the person committed the crimes beyond the doubt required. There’s other checks and balances but the overall goal is not one person is above the law or can abuse power without consequences.

Reb yid

“Israelis aren’t allowed to land there.”
Sometimes they are. Like the recent video game soccer tournament:


Was the flight officially registered as JED-TLV ?? Or JED-Unknown?

Jack out of the Box

It’s like those unmarked Emirati airplanes which landed in TLV delivering Covid relief just ahead of the Abraham Accords.


Yeah. Israeli agent planted the technical issue to see how the Saudis (and the world) will respond.


By the look of the aircraft, I think landing in Saudi Arabia would be the least of one’s fear


Saudi Arabia funded 9-11
Saudi Arabia dismembered Jamal Khashoogi while he was still alive. They are an evil country


What’s your point?


Usa is not any better bc they do the same just very quietly in other ways


In the same way you could say an country is good or evil by specifying two actions and label the whole population of the country or government in the opinion of the narrative.

Eli Weiss

I wasn’t on that flight but I did fly on that weekly flight from Tel Aviv to the Seychelles a few weeks ago. It was my first air Seychelles flight and it was very pleasant they even had kosher food.


I wasn’t on thr flight but I did spend almost a week in riyaddh and jedda this year. I had a great time there and felt safe foe thr most part. They are very interested in having more tourists. Its just a matter of time until the skies are open.


I wasn’t on the flight and i didn’t spend time in Jedda and i didn’t fly air seichel.


Thanks for letting us know! Great report, Moe!


That’s awesome!!