Finally! Israel Plans On Reopening To Vaccinated Tourists On July 1st!

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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A few weeks ago I wrote that Israel was hoping to reopen in July.

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri confirmed today that Israel is moving forward with that plan as the current system is causing undue hardship.

A new streamlined process for people vaccinated with vaccines recognized by Israel (including all 3 vaccine options in the US) will be announced in the coming days and will go into effect on July 1st. There will likely be exclusions for countries that are currently experiencing a high transmission rate of COVID-19.


As the COVID-19 vaccine is only approved for those 12 or older, this seems to mean that kids will still be locked out, but we’ll have to wait and see what exactly the new rules will say.

Will you travel to Israel this summer? With lots of countries reopening for vaccinated passengers only, have you already or will you get the vaccine in order to travel again?

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It’s about time!!!

Vaccinated and ready!!


Deri is out of the interior ministry come Sunday, so maybr hold off on the planning for a few days.


Recovered is better than vaccinated (Fact). Not sure why everyone turns a blind eye to big Pharma making billions.


Leaving out the snarkiness… Some of us never had Covid and don’t want to get it, so we got the vaccine.


Hey Eli
Leaving out the snarkiness… Some of us had Covid and don’t want to get vaccine


It was a response to ‘Not sure why everyone turns a blind eye to big Pharma making billions’. Not ‘turning a blind eye’, but if you need antibodies, and you didn’t get Covid, you need to get the vaccine. Sorry it was over your head.


Why does someone that is young and healthy NEED antibodies? If you’re young and healthy your body will handle it if it has to. If your in the range of high risk then I understand. The emergency use approval from the FA was for the high risk.


Many young and healthy people suffer from both the virus and the long term effects, I personally know more than a few. For comparison, the vaccine I took was 1000x less painful than my COVID bout. And the FDA EUA was not for high risk, it is for anyone above the age of 12.


+1000 When will the “Scientist” recognize Natural Immunity? Something they’ve been preaching for Centuries!


That’s true only in some cases, not all. And how do you plan on proving you’re recovered? Do you expect them to do a blood test on thousands of tourists a day?

Ari Teitelbaum

Request it before going on the plane, just like now they require the permit.


”due to hardship” i guess includes the hardship for them to verify if you are really recovered…


Looks like some of you guys won’t be traveling for a longgg time.

Ed Weintrob

Possible (if verified by current test), but certainly not “Fact”


What type of proof will they require for the vax?


I hope they get rid of the antibody requirement to avoid quarantine. I was fully vaccinated and don’t have antibodies.


What do we think the chances are that kids under 12 will be allowed by YK/sukkot without bidud?


What about unvaccinated kids?


Does antibodies also help enter?


Questions TBD are: 1. Will there be a pre-approval process? 2. Will antibodies count? 3. What proof will be needed? 4. Will you need to test again when you arrive? 5. Will you need to take a negative PCR test before? 6. Will kids flying along require vaccination or not?

Berry Stahl

Tickets on July 1. I’m going.


ok to leave ny 30th to arrive the 1st??

Deal Guy

I believe in their own country the consider recovered the same as vaccinated?


what about kids under 4 years old?! one had antibodies one didnt. entry and isolation used to be separate things. does this clearance get rid of isolating requirements?


American kids that one of their parents is israeli citizen are still not allowed to enter Israel which is frustrating.


I’d like to remain anonymous but B”H my unvaccinated children ages 7 and 10 are being allowed in. We received our Ishur 2 weeks ago, through the 1st degree relationship plan.


You may want to double check this… it may be that the granted ishur is predicated on the positive and negative results u will need to produce upon departure and arrival in accordance with their requirements

reb yid

But they will need to quarantine.


for 1st degree reletivie children are alowed without vaccinn


I have many 1st degree family abroad, but I will not inject long lasting highly potent and obscure chemicals into my body if the long term side affects are 100% unknown and questionable. The risk is too great.


I have antibodies, no reason to vaccinate, all real studies have shown that


ברוך שהחיינו וקיימנו והגיענו לזמן הזה!


Just came back from Israel this week. I had an 11 month baby with me and had issues to get him back to NY due to the 14 days period so I contacted the health department and made them crazy that I need to be back in NY for my other kids and that the its humanitarian reason and to my Mazal and Hashem help they released it to me. Just sent to Dan The document I received. it was taking 2-3 days.


What is to be gained with this if you need to prove you have antibodies to get out of quarantine?
Why ask for a vaccination card if that doesn’t help you get out of quarantine unless you have antibodies?


Agreed. No one seems to be talking about this. Either ask proof of vaccination or a positive antibody test.
Requiring both is nonsensical.
If someone tests positive for antibodies, then who cares if they were vaccinated or not?
And if you’re not going to let in someone who was vaccinated but negative for antibodies (silly, if you ask me), then proof of vaccination is useless.

chaim reich

I don’t believe J&J is approved here in Israel.


I don’t believe it’s for sale…
I think only Tenuvah is…


spot on!


just came back from Israel . We were busy our whole trip to get out of bidud. Even with the right documentation in the airport my husband who is vaccinated and did antibody test there got stopped on the way out. So go figure.


Does anyone know if my 9 week old would be able to come to Israel with me if I’m vaccinated?

The Science

The Cleveland Clinic study posted above, (if you take time to read it, or the summary here states clearly that natural immunity is BETTER protection than the vaccine. It also lasts much longer.

It also does not matter if you still have antibodies or not, as this study explains (it also explains natural immunity lasts forever)

This entire vaccine thing is a political scam helping the pharmaceuticals make big money. Even if the vaccine would be needed, here in the U.S. and in Israel, we have reached way past what is required for heard immunity.

Even though it is true that people seem to have become infected with Covid a second time, those cases are extremely rare. and the reinfection is never dangerous. There is a better chance to get hit by lightning. However, a higher percent of people got Covid after the shots. (see above studies)

Besides the stories we read on line about people who died “coincidently” shortly after receiving the vaccine, I personally know a lady who lost her child in pregnancy. Another friend of mine, a man in his upper thirties, recently told me he lost peripheral vision in one eye about a week after getting vaccinated. His doctor told him he has six other patients this happened to. These cases are not reported to the government because there is no way to prove for sure it was caused by the vaccine. (That’s what the doctor said.) Throughout the pandemic, every single person who died was considered a Covid death. (That is why the death rate went down for all other causes of death.) But now we need to prove the damage came from the vaccine in order to report it.

These are cases I personally know first hand. I know of people who died shortly after vaccinating, some famous Rabbis from Israel.

It seems that those who already have antibodies get effected most from the vaccine. It is unnecessary over-kill.

Even if it is what we call a “miyut hamotzuy” who get harmed from the vaccine, there is no reason, besides political, to vaccinate if you already recovered from Covid. Even if it would add a tiny layer of protection (which it doesn’t), the risks certainly outweigh the benefits. Especially for those in the age bracket which Covid was rarely dangerous for anyway.


Maybe you know who can help me. I got scammed into a fake permit and got banned for 5 years to Israel.
Would you know who would be able to help me settle this?


What about recovered?

Batsheva Fink

If I book a ticket and then they don’t end up allowing vaccinated travelers in, will I be able to get my money back? Will travel insurance help?

Leyla Contreras

Is it ok if my flight is on June 30 from US and the plane arrives on July 1 , is it ok.


Anyone has experience getting the serological test results in the Tel Aviv area on an expedited basis ie to be able to get out of quarantine ASAP?


Asaf harofeh floss the serology test with quick results. Many ppl stop on the way home from the airport and out of bidud soon after. Operating hours
Sunday to Thursday from 7:30-15:00 call 08-9542168

The cost of a serological examination is 150 ₪

Serological examination and PCR testing at a cost of 300 ₪

The tests take place in an assignation “Check and Go” complex with direction from the entrance to an orderly parking lot.

It is only possible to make an appointment for children 6 years of age or older.

Receiving test results between 24 and 48 hours.

Mark davidson

Its sadly hilarious watching people book and rebook 20 times to go to Israel. The cruise industry is the same
I get that Jews are eager to go but seriously how many times does it take to learn the lesson to just wait . Half the worlds land mass is open to travel with a simple pcr test. Enjoy your life while allowing crazy countries to make crazy rules. There is literally no country whose rules make less sense than Israel. Their population is at herd immunity and yet no matter proof of antibodies also need vaccination plus serology etc etc. Just plain overkill and ridiculousness.


I had my vaccines and I have my tickets for 7/5. Waiting for the go ahead.

Devori Kramer

Is July 1st opening for individual tourists or just groups?


What about needing to get an entrance certificate from the Israeli Embassy, along with proof of birth certificates of kids you are visiting, proof of citizenship or residency, an antibodies test when you arrive and Covid tests before you travel and when you land in ISrael?

Fuzzy Wuzzy, was he?

Great news! It was really a gamble buying a summer ticket…uh, so I passed. Boo. But at least itś an option now if I can find a good deal. And just in time…bears are being spotted in our neighborhood, and Im not in Monsey.

Mendy K

Now that the country is opening 7/1 for vaccinated tourists, does that mean the special dispensation allowed till now for parents or first tier relatives (siblings) of the choson/kallah is history if they are NOT vaccinated?

Nancy Benji

Do we still have to get permission from the consulate? Please let me know I am traveling in August. Thanks!

Nancy Benji

Nancy Benji
Do we still have to get permission from the consulate? Please let me know I am traveling in August. Thanks!


Under the law of return all Jews should have the right to enter like isreali citizens without a vaccine


Does anyone know if EL AL still requires a face mask during the whole flight? Is it any different in Business Class?


Let’s say Israel will open on July 1 if vaccinated does anyone know if one vaccine is enough if not what should I take and do I have to take it now? (Maybe they require to wait even after the second shot)