[Update: Reportedly Pushed Off To Next Wednesday] Effective Friday, The US Will Be Added Back Onto Israel’s List Of High Risk Countries

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Update: Israel’s channel 13 reports that the changes have been pushed off from Friday to next Wednesday.

Israel’s list of high risk countries will expand on Friday to include the US and other countries.

If you are flying to Israel, you will want to arrive before Friday when the new rules go into effect.

The exact rules are still up in the air, but changes are being made on the fly and everything is subject to change.

Electronic monitoring has been approved for use on those subject to quarantine.

Israelis must quarantine for 7-14 days upon return even if they are vaccinated or recovered.

Visa holders should still be allowed to enter with quarantine.

Foreign nationals who have been in a high risk country in the past 2 weeks who do enter the country may be subject to a 14 day quarantine in a quarantine hotel upon arrival.

A potential workaround to all of this is to fly to a non-high risk country such as Canada or Switzerland, spend 2 weeks there, and then fly to Israel. However with the COVID-19 delta strain spreading rapidly across the globe, it’s only a matter of time before most or all countries in the world are considered high risk.

Per YNet, high risk countries will include “Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Iceland, Eswatini, Argentina, United States, Botswana, Bulgaria, Belarus, UK, Georgia, Guatemala, Germany, South Africa, India, Netherlands, Honduras, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Turkey, Tanzania, Greece, Mongolia, Myanmar (Burma), Malawi, Egypt, Mexico, Namibia, Spain, Scotland, Fiji, Czech Republic, France, Cuba, Colombia, Kyrgyzstan, Cambodia, Cyprus, Rwanda, Russia, Tunisia.”

Will you be expediting your travel based on this development? If you fly to Israel, please share your experience in the comments below!

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Israel are allowed to travel without an issue to high risk countries. Its only the highest risk or red countries that they can’t travel to and travel from those countries is banned for non citizens. The US isn’t being put on that list


If you were scheduled to fly to Israel after August 6th and now want to cancel due to the imposition of this mandatory quarantine will the airlines allow you to cancel your ticket and issue refunds? I guess this will be determined by individual carriers but any insights will be appreciated.

Dan\'s the Man

Most airlines have free changes for international flights


Just updated it to Tuesday at midnight

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the Gander

The Israeli government is ridiculous. They are not enforcing the current rules AT ALL, but they are busy making new ones and inconveniencing tens of thousands of travelers.


With the electronic monitoring it will be much easier for them to start enforcing (read: fining) the rules.

Moishie Hersko

Wow, you do like pain. “Next Wednesday”, indeed.

Chaim Fried

The US was not put on the highest level list that would ban Israelis to travel there as you described.
Its one level lower




I heard now that the effective date of the quarantine requirement has been postponed until August 11th.


How would this impact someone flying in from Israel next week?


While I’m concerned about Delta, I personally don’t believe we will see an outbreak like last March due to amount of people vaxxed and unfortunately many with co morbidity already died. It already peaked in some countries for example the UK


Would a vaccinated U.S. citizen visiting using a first-degree family approval still have to quarantine the full 14 days, or would they also be able to exit quarantine after 7 days only?


If you have permission to enter Israel and can show two negative covid tests, one upon entry and one 7 days later, you do not need to quarantine the full 14 days.


What does this mean for students? Who does “some visa holders” refer to?


you cant say israel is doing this for no reason without having to be an infectious disease expert israel cares about its people and that is why their still closed, everyone complaining on all the news outlets and travel websites need to acknowledge that cuomo doesnt care about new yorkers israel cares about its citizens

Israel doesn\'t care

They don’t being to care about their citizens. We can have this argument ad nauseum but whatever they are going to do will not help. Only G-d can help. Once they and everyone else realizes that we’ll all be in a better place.


Learned a new country Eswatani, who knew?


RH and YK will be interesting. Do you think people who are supposedly required to quarantine will quarantine? Who will be checking up? Will be a disaster as everyone will exit quarantine and will go to shul!


Supposedly a lockdown is coming for RH and YK……

Aryeh Sonnenberg

Yes, my guest just pushed their flight up one day becuase of this.


When they say that the new rules go into effect on Wednesday, exactly when does that go into effect?
If I fly from NY on Tuesday but don’t LAND in Israel until Wednesday will I be stuck in Quarantine?
What if I land at 530am on Wednesday?


If you flight out of America on Tuesday but don’t LAND in Israel until Wednesday will you be stuck in Quarantine?


On Sunday they may announce and postpone “Bidud” until Aug 15. So I was told just before Shabbos there