[Israel Expected To Abolish List Of Red Countries, Allow Vaccinated Tourists Again] 4 Weeks After Partially Reopening, Israel Closes The Doors To Non-Citizens Yet Again

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Update, 1/6: Delta and United announced that they will delay their flights from Tel Aviv to JFK/Newark tonight until after midnight so that Israelis can fly to the US without special permission. The list of red countries is expected to be abolished at midnight Israel time.

Update, 1/6: Israel’s health ministry is recommending that the list of red countries be abolished. This is expected to get government approval shortly, which would mean that effective this Sunday, anyone who is fully vaccinated or received a booster within the past 6 months can enter Israel without the need to request special permission to entry. Entrants will still have to home quarantine for 24 hours or until they get negative PCR results after landing, whichever comes first.

Update, 1/3: A DDF member who was triple vaccinated in Israel shares his harrowing experience with a quarantine hotel on Erev Shabbos after being told that he would be released the day before. Test results are taking longer than they used to…

Update, 12/28: The discrimination against non-citizens continues. Chaim V’Chessed reports that Israel is now sending some foreigners, who were vaccinated 3 times in Israel with a green pass, to government quarantine hotels. 

Update, 12/28: Israel has extended the ban on foreigners yet again, this time through at least 11:59pm Israel time on January 3rd.

Update, 12/28: Chaim V’Chessed reports that Israel has flip-flopped twice this week and will once again require foreign nationals coming from red countries, who have received a special exemption to enter Israel, and that don’t have Israeli proof of vaccination or recovery, to go to a government quarantine hotel for a full 7 days.

Apparently Israel is doing this due to forged foreign vaccine certificates. Why can’t Israel just require a verified digital vaccine option or require an antibody test upon landing to prove vaccination or recovery? Nobody knows…

Update, 12/22: Air Canada has cancelled all flights to Israel through 2/28. El Al has reduced flights to the US through March.

Update, 12/21: Delta has moved from 2-3 daily flights between JFK and Tel Aviv to 1 daily flight from January 12th through October 29th.

Chaim V’Chessed reports that Israelis, permanent residents, and dual citizens must affirm that they won’t travel to a red country unless they receive permission to do so.

Israelis and residents who are vaccinated/recovered do return from a red country will have to consent to be tracked by phone in order to quarantine at home. Quarantine will be 14 days, which can be shortened to 7 with negative tests on days a and 7. Non-vaccinated/recovered Israelis and residents will have to quarantine in a designated hotel at their own expense until they get negative test results, before they can consent to tracking and finish quarantine at home. 

While visa holders can’t enter Israel from a red country, student visa holders who traveled to a red country before it turned red can return. If they traveled there after it turned red, they need to wait until the country is no longer red.

Update, 12/19: Chaim V’Chessed reports that Israel will add the US, Canada, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Morocco, Portugal, Switzerland and Turkey to the list of red countries on Tuesday at 11:59pm Israel time.

Israelis can’t travel to red countries without special permission and those returning from there will need to go into a quarantine hotel until they test negative. Afterward, they will be allowed to complete their quarantine from their home only if nobody else will be in the home for the duration of the quarantine.

Don’t cancel your flights before the date of your flight. Many airlines will be cancelling their flights and giving full refunds to people who haven’t yet cancelled their flights. In response to the UK turning red last week, British Airways is cancelling all flights to Israel through at least January 9th.

If a country doesn’t allow you to travel and an airline won’t provide a refund, you can file a DOT complaint here to have them intervene on your behalf.

Update, 12/15: Israel has extended the ban on foreigners for a 3rd time, this time through at least December 29th. Birthright trips will be allowed starting December 19th.

In the meantime, MK Kahana is asking that diaspora Jews be exempted from foreigner bans. That comes after Intelligence Minister Elazar Stern and MK Rothman asked for a similar exemption.

It’s ridiculous that it has taken so long, but hopefully more ministers will lobby for diaspora Jews, who are eligible for the law of return and many of whom have family in Israel, to have the same entry requirements as Israelis…

Update, 12/15: Israel will add the UAE, France, Norway, Spain, Ireland, Finland, and Sweden to the list of red countries on Sunday at 11:59pm Israel time. The UAE is the first Abraham Accords country to be added to the new red country list. The list will continue to be updated on a daily basis.

Update, 12/12: While Israel hosts foreigners for a flag football championship and a Miss Universe contest, the country will be tightening their borders for non-privileged foreigners.

The UK and Denmark will be added to Israel’s list of red countries (together with most of Africa besides for Egypt, Morocco, and Sudan) on Thursday at 11:59pm Israel time. Israel will be updating the red list on a daily basis and Belgium and other European countries are expected to be added to it. 

Meanwhile, Israeli Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman recommends that travel agents and tour guides should change professions and Transportation Minister Merav Michaeli says that it’s legitimate to sacrifice the tourism industry. Clearly, Israel’s policies won’t be changing anytime soon and nobody besides for MK Rothman seems to understand that this isn’t just about sacrificing tourist dollars, but about sacrificing the very relationship with diaspora Jews and losing hearts and minds with the continued closure. 

There’s still no word on why diaspora Jews can’t be subject to the same reentry rules as Israelis.

Update, 12/9: Despite having fewer than 100 serious COVID cases and indications that Omicron is not leading to severe infections, The Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, and Ynet report that Israel will extend their airport restrictions for at least another 10 days from Sunday, which would mean until December 22.

Chaim V’Chessed points out that the exact details are still not hammered out, and committee approval is still needed for the latest decisions.

Prime Minister Bennett also reportedly wanted to add a lockdown for the unvaccinated as has been done in Europe, but health ministry officials voted against that, though enforcement of Green Pass requirements will be ramped up with immediate fines for violations. The Prime Minister also requested for a full shutdown of Ben Gurion airport, though that was rejected as well.

Returning Israelis will continue to have to quarantine for 3 days if vaccinated/recovered or 7 days otherwise. Israelis coming from red countries will have to remain in a quarantine hotel until they test negative.

People that test positive for the Omicron variant will also have to quarantine for 14 days instead of 10 days and will need to be asymptomatic for the final 3 days of quarantine.

Earlier today, the Prime Minister promised diaspora Jews that he will reopen borders as soon as possible. No word if he also said “Read my lips. No new taxes.”

Update, 12/2: While Israel remains closed to foreign nationals, Israir trolls the Prime Minister’s family for going vacation abroad. That comes after Israel forced South Africans to fly home on Shabbos after they tried to pay a shiva call to a terror victim’s family, despite leaving South Africa before restrictions were enacted. Is there any sanity left in the holy land? 

Update, 12/2: Israel will start enforcing airport entry requirements once again.

Update, 11/29: American Airlines tried denying boarding to all Americans on their final restrictions-free flight, until DansDeals, Chaikel Travel, Chaim V’Chessed, and Amudim got involved.

Update, 11/28: El Al confirms to me that Israel will allow tourists to board flights departing from the USA until 7:59am Israel time tomorrow, or 12:59am ET. [Chaim V’Chessed now also confirms that flights tonight will be eligible for tourists.]

Flights are still available to purchase from JFK, Los Angeles, Newark, Miami, San Francisco, and Toronto to Tel Aviv today.

Book seats now while you can!

Update, 11/28: Chaim V’Chessed reports that vaccinated/recovered student visa holders and all A1-A5 and B1-B3 visa holders will be exempt from the new ban.

Israel’s Ministry of Health says that vaccinated tourists can board flights that depart by 11:59pm Israel time today, or 4:59pm ET.

However one source of mine tell me that will soon be extended to allow flights from the USA to depart until 7:59am Israel time tomorrow, or 12:59am ET. You can grab currently available flights for tonight on Priceline now and they will be fully refundable until departure time, while we wait for confirmation that tourists will be able to board flights tonight.

In the meantime:

  • El Al has moved up their Los Angeles to Tel Aviv departure time today from 2pm to 1:55pm so that the flight departs before 11:59pm Israel time.
  • El Al has a 12pm departure from Miami to Tel Aviv today.
  • United’s flight 84 departure from Newark at 4:10pm is sold out and now has 9 people booked on later flights who are standing by for a seat. You can book tomorrow’s flight 84 and try to standby and refund if you don’t clear standby. Standby passengers are processed at the gate according to their United elite status, their fare class, and whether they are a United credit card holder.
  • Air Canada has a 4:50pm departure from Toronto to Tel Aviv. You can still purchase tickets from cities like NYC to catch this flight:


Originally posted on 11/27:

Earlier this month Israel reopened to tourists who have been fully vaccinated or received a booster within the past 6 months. The country had been closed to most foreign nationals since March 2020.

They were set to loosen rules again, allowing antigen tests and groups that didn’t have booster shots.

But in response to the COVID-19 Omicron variant that can potentially evade immunity, Israel will close their doors to foreign nationals at 11:59pm Sunday evening for at least 2 weeks.

It’s unclear what will happen to foreign nationals who are en-route or reach Israel after that time, but there are decent odds that you will be sent back home. If you want to go to Israel from the US, you’ll want to try and catch a flight tonight.

Israel detected their first cases of the variant among vaccinated citizens who returned from Malawi.

Israel will also resume Shin Bet tracking of infected people and will require Israelis returning from select African countries to enter a quarantine hotel upon returning to Israel.

Israelis returning home from other countries will have to home quarantine for 3 days followed by a negative COVID test if they are vaccinated and 7 days followed by a negative COVID test if they are not vaccinated.

Did you have plans to visit Israel?

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Was supposed to go after Chanuka

Just remember Hashem runs the world.


what is Shin Bet tracking?


They’re tracking any confirmed Omicron cases.


It’s unclear what will happen to foreign nationals who are en-route or reach Israel after that time…
When will we know?!


We will know Monday morning at 12:00 AM.


I’m flying tomorrow at 4 pm hopefully I can get in


the MOH updated that if you take off before midnight Israel time you will be allowed in

Harold Biller

Yes, but in February. I hope we can miss a resurgence

not going :(

I did 🙁
Booked for Dec 12 to see my kids and grandkids havent seen since long before Covid started. And my 6 months vaccine time ends in Jan and I didnt really want to take a booster. So so sad 🙁 🙁 🙁


There is no reason in the world to not get the booster if you already got the first 2…


Unless you had a bad reaction

mark n

There absolutely is. If you believe the booster helps then you should wait for the new booster which they are working on.


Yup…booked for later this month a few months ago, my 9 year old got fully vaccinated just to go on the trip a week later. They’re going to literally crush their tourism industry by being impulsive like this. It’s so foolish.


On the Omicron note

I have little desire to travel and quarantine, much less spending that many hours masked in Airports and planes.

Such odd science that US citizens can still Transit to/from ZA and the other 7 countries US without quarantine.

So just non-citizens are vectors for Omicron?

Delta and UA are maintaining non-stop flights and UA said this past Friday that on 12.1 it will resume non-stop to Cape Town, despite Omicron


mark nissel

I would bet anything that within a week this will change. The US is always last. When the whole world required pcr tests to fly into a country the usa didn’t. Then post vaccine when the whole world Said vaccine is enough the usa started requiring pcr tests…


What about if you have an Israeli passport but live in the states? Does it apply too?


Still have time Quarantine in an approved hotel. 🙁


You’re always allowed in to Israel as a citizen even if you’re not a resident

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the Gander


d waldo

no your good tey cant say no to israeli reidence


As an Israeli citizen, even a non-resident, you can get in. What is once again unclear is the status of your non-Israeli spouse (in my case). We went two weeks ago and had no real problems once all the paper work was completed. Due to return on December 14, the two of us, and I’m waiting for word. Right now, bidud is 3 days for citizen, 10 for non-citizen. Pending on the length of your visit this could be the deciding factor. But I strongly advise waiting as long as possible to do anything, it is crazy fluid as you know. Hope we meet in Jerusalem!


Then you are allowed to enter the promised land.


Was booked for the 12/2 that ain’t happening! Can anyone help get me out on the 11 pm tonight from EWR on United??!!


Was supposed to leave on Tuesday at 5pm


Any help finding a fight to get in there before the deadline tomorrow night?


And here we go once again…. when will pple wake up and realize that neither the vaccine nor the booster is working against all strains….insane


No one EVER ever said they will work against all possible strains, they are testing that now. With current strains they offer strong protection against hospitalization and death.


I can’t believe you still believe in this garbage!


Exactly!!! The bs is so real….


Scroll to Rates for vaccinated and unvaccinated:
(Its called ‘science’, which is also useful for getting planes to fly from one place to another….)


from NY/NJ


Was supposed to leave Monday night


Do you think AA will refund Basic Economy tickets? Their official policy is no refunds, no changes.

d waldo

no way


If they don’t allow you to board they will rebook you for free.
I called them later after returning home & they did not ask me for proof, they just rebooked me.


Unless Africa is completely caught off by international travel any “stopping flights“ is likely to be ineffective. Hope this is just a scare and Israel reopens soon


*blocked off


Glad I didn’t get tickets for the Jerusalem Marathon yet… (March). Hopefully it’ll open up again, otherwise I need to find another event the end of March.


I have an flight tom at 4pm what are my odds


are you taking the chance and going on that flight?


I am on a united flight 4pm also


I’m gonna take the risk it’s in God’s hands so I trust that


With special permit my wife is israeli

Michele Shapiro

I have tickets on TAP Portugal air from Newark to Tel Aviv that I booked with Chase travel points for 11/30 but they are telling me I can’t get my points refunded to my account but can only get travel credit which I obviously don’t want. What can I do to get my points refunded to my account?


Wait and see if the airline cancels your flight.


has to do also with chanuka starting tomorrow. before every yom tov they close up shop…

Had enough

Eye for an eye. If secular Israel has sealed its doors to fellow Jews, we should return the favor and ban all fish dibs from entering the US.


I’m flying tomorrow at 12 PM will the EL AL agents at check-in know if I will be able to get in?


If they think ppl won’t be allowed in they won’t check you in


Any idea if I can get refunded with chase Sapphire Reserve trip protection instead of Elal issuing a voucher that won’t get used ?


It’s a problem
Chase is managed by a third party
Who didn’t want to refund
DOT is better
Need dan to pressure chase to manage protection directly
Their third party company will exhaust you and will not refund
Had 2 incidents w them dragged a year w no refund


BH I lucked out bought tickets in July United business for November 2 for under $2000 was there came back got to spend time with my granddaughter on seminary. Glad I went.


do u know if I have a green pass already.. I applied on Friday if I will be able to fly on Sunday or they won’t allow me. has anyone checked in?


Your green pass is issued prior to it being activated. It is activated upon completion of a negative Covid test at the airport in Israel. Took about 3 hours for mine to clear two weeks ago.

Sir Drew

What a bunch of lunatics.


I had a flight for the 29th going with UNITED to TLV and I changed it to the 28th on the 4:05 pm flight. I did the entering permits and it was working with no issue. lets hope it will be fine.


Are you also taking the chance if flying? I’m on that flight and trying to decide if I should risk it


B”H my parents arrived this past Thursday after nearly 2 years of waiting and will be here for 3 weeks. Ironically, last time they were here was mid-late February 2020 – just when the world realized that the doodoo had hit the fan.

d waldo

a bunch of liers they did it over chanukah cause they hate frum jews all of these guys




the MOH updated that if you take off before midnight Israel time you will be allowed in



How do you know that before midnight Israel time, and not US time?


Will United allow us to light menorah on the plane? There’s no other option…


Any clue if I will make it if I have a 6pm flight tonight (Sunday) from JFK? Arrives at 11am Monday


Have tickets for end of December, really hope this craziness is lifted by then..


To confirm, if I take an 11:30pm flight tonight with a stopover in Istanbul, arriving in TLV Monday 7:25pm. Will I be okay?? I’m vaccinated, non citizen.


I have a flight Monday night with American, any hope on them pushing back the date one more day Dan?


Chaim vChessed says have to board by 11:59pm EST.


I have no stories to tell of canceled travel plans because I have not made any since February 2020. Friends and family have pressed their luck and managed trips between variants and surges.

President Trump banned travel from China on January 31, 2020. This ban was only for non-U.S. citizens who had been in China within the last 14 days and were not the immediate family member of U.S. citizens or/and permanent residents. Still, he has since bragged about this early move, while others pointed out that it didn’t go far enough. But it shows that travel bans are not political; regardless of persuasion, there was widespread American support.

The Israeli government is doing what Trump did, but doing it better. Meanwhile, the Kenyans and Qataris are allowing flights from South Africa, and most of the world is allowing flights from Nairobi and Doha. That is why I got my booster shot weeks ago, and always wear a mask in public.

Some Fellow

You’re crazy…..
You guys are going to be wearing masks during the flu season for the next hundred years…….


Did any vaccinated people with the new variant die or get seriously ill? If not, what’s the big deal.


Variant? Try scariest! Yes, the vaccinated should wear their masks and all the protective gear as they mutate and spread the scaricantesi. Did you note the omicron was found in the fully vaccinated. People…read real news not mainstream media. And please read rfk jr book on fauci and gates. I think it will open the eyes of those who are clueless to what is happening!


Last December RFK Jr’s niece Kerry Kennedy Meltzer, an internal medicine resident physician at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center, published an opinion essay in The New York Times. “As a doctor, and as a member of the Kennedy family, I feel I must use whatever small platform I have to state a few things unequivocally. I love my uncle Bobby. I admire him for many reasons, chief among them his decades-long fight for a cleaner environment. But when it comes to vaccines, he is wrong.”

You can trust someone with a law degree. I’ll trust an M.D.


Actually, the title given to the lowest grade graduate in medical school is DR. I trust someone that spends his time gathering information and has no financial incentive to say certain things.
I am a licensed health care provider and I respect people like RFK and consider their opinions.


Effective immediately, only Israeli citizens and residents are allowed to enter Israel. All other passengers will be denied entry unless they have specific entry approval or visas of type (A1-A5 / B1/B3/B4). Additionally, passengers must quarantine for 3 days upon arrival and take a PCR test once quarantine is complete. For more information on travel restrictions, please visit united.com/importantnotices. If you are unable to meet these requirements and need to rebook your travel, you can check your options on the United app under the My United section or at https://fly.united.com/vZxXKt Confirmation Number:… just received this text from United.


Israeli citizne x3 vaccinated need 24 hr and one pcr in israel or 2 pcr and 3 days min?
may leave israel before 14 days?

How about Spouse of isreali ? 3 days? 14 days stay requried before turn around?


extenson anotehr day please??????????????


any idea if they are planning to reopen when the two weeks are up?


From the JPost story:

“According to Hebrew media, the prime minister has been pushing to impose specific restrictions on the unvaccinated, asking to examine the possibility of a lockdown only for individuals who are not inoculated, banning them from traveling abroad, and approving a vaccine mandate. In addition, the Green Pass system might start being applied also to malls.”

With policies like that, I’m not visiting even if they do open to non-citizens.
Who knows what they might decide to do the next day?
Put infected people in camps like Australia?


Free Eretz Yisroel!!
Boycott the Fascist Israeli regime!!!


Time to start the poll again, Dan! When will Israel open up?


Seems like BDS has won after all. No tourist for 2 years!




Time for the US to block Israelis. They came and go as they please and have the chutzpah to lock us out.


You know that Israelis require visas to enter the US, yes?
A costly and time consuming process.

Whereas US citizens (pre-Covid) were able to come and go to Israel as they please.

Some Fellow

“No word if he also said “Read my lips. No new taxes.””
Kol hakavod Dan!
Nice sense of humour! At least you got me smiling through this crazy news. The Israeli government is acting irrational and insensible.
I just hope that it’s ending soon enough so we can all laugh together in Yerushalaim!!
“Az yimalai schok peenee…..”

Orrin d

I hope we can agree to civilly disagree: Israel is being rational in an irrational and unpredictable world. Other countries have shut their borders entirely. Israel cannot permit predictable existential threats…..namely a infection and collapse of it’s
armed services nor an overwhelming of it’s healthcare system…… which has fewer intensive care beds ( etc) per capita than in the USA.

As much as you desire to enter and visit, someone on your plane could bring a newer mutation or a falsified vaccination card ( it’s happened among kipa wearing people!!)

Israel is listening to it’s healthcare scientists….. and that’s why changes are made in days and weeks, not months.

Please don’t call Israeli leaders fascists….. you may disagree with their decisions, but please don’t incur the wrath upon yourself by demeaning others. These political leaders were elected by the population in a democratic process to make the informed and difficult decisions so that the lay public didn’t have to.
And please leave the politicians’ families out of all discussions. Private matters should remain private matters. Those with families know that spouses sometimes make demands that must be met, but may not be ‘politically correct.’ Give it a rest.
This is a time for prayer, not derision.

mark n

This also on same day the study which announced that natural immunity gains ZERO benefit from vaccine… it’s so ridiculous already. Anyone who had covid once isn’t dying from it the second time. Let people live.

Orrin d

I just lost a friend who had covid months ago, recovered and got Delta and died.

Do you read ( and understand) medical journals? Your local public library probably has the New England Journal of Medicine, a weekly publication. Johns Hopkins has an up to date website.
Making major and influential statements is not ideal.


Quite sure you left out the one factor that killed your friend…got Delta…after getting vaxxed…amirite?


Lol. Spot on


Israel is taking steps to protect its citizens and that is to be commended. I am really disappointed to see the tantrums people are throwing here about Israel closing its doors as your playground while the government takes reasonable — if imperfect– steps to preserve life.

I live in Israel

I don’t know whrer you live, but certanly not in Israel, because nobody here believes that the goverment wants our good with thease laws.


I am Israeli as well, I disagree
I recommend you move into Putin land you may like it better
Such lack of hakaras hatov

I live in Israel

Hakaras hatov for what??


Add to that
If a soldier is enrolling in the army then his unvaccinated foreign parents can come to israel even from a red country , but if you are marrying off your child and you are unvaccinated then you cannot come


B”H I made Aliyah before this mess started.


So if i’m booked on an EL AL flight for tonight, what’s my best option to get a refund? i booked it with chase travel rewards.
Id rather a refund in cash or points, vs a voucher for elal.
Anyone managed to get a full refund when they are at fault for banning US citizens from entering Israel?


Can someone please start working on this ridiculous double standard? let it be a 2-way street and get the US closed for Israelies. We will have them open up right away. Where are our elected officials and askanim?


The only way to get over this is to have the American government close its border to people from Israel. When they threatened to make the Us a red country and the US threatened it will do the same to Israel they shelved it right away. Why would Israeli people be allowed into the US at all times when they had extremely high positive rates. They were not denied entry into the US for a day since the beginning of Covid. We have to get our elected officials to block Israelis from entering the US and everything will get open for us.


100 percent agree. If the us shut its door to Israeli citizens watch how quickly this ends


Baloney. The Israeli Govt would thank them for taking away one place to travel to w/o them putting it on the Red list.


This idea had been suggested since the start of covid over and over again. I wish it would be done but I just don’t see it happening…


What an absolute travesty. This is why I don’t live in Israel. It’s not a free country and is more like a country if Bernie Sanders were president.


When the employees of the interior ministry are making thousands of dollars granting permits for people that pay huge sums of money, they have no reason to bring back normalcy. They tried it for a month, and saw how much they miss the extra cash. So they pushed for continuing the closure. Trust me, it’s all about the money. Yes, it’s insane.


The interior ministry does not get any extra money for processing more visas. In fact, they are pretty poorly paid. Any other baseless theories you’d like to propose?


I didn’t say the “ministry”. I said the “employees of the ministry”. I’m not sure where your from, but in Brooklyn NY, you can find people that for $1500-$2000, they “get you in”. How do you think they do it? I know for a fact that they share some of that money with employees of the ministry. I wish it was a wild idea, and I know it sounds ridiculous, but sadly, it’s true.


And this is part of the reason they have to deny access to everyone.
Wouldn’t it be nice if Israel could do the right thing and properly vet people for entry. Wouldn’t it be nice if they didn’t have to deal with same people who are ok with cheating the system while they complain about it?
From where I sit, yes the average person applying for entry poses more risk to the average Israeli’s health than the Miss Universe contestants. If people will bribe their way in, they seem less trustworthy about vaccination status, covid tests, quarantine.etc. I really wish that wasn’t true


You are seriously naïve

They\'re almost finished...

… Transferring wealth from the poor and middle class to the ultra wealthy. When it ends, that’s when they’ll open up.


I am glad The Finance Minister Liberman didn’t suggest to throw the travel agents in to מזבלה together with the חרדים

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the Gander

I unfortunately made aliyah a few years ago. Huge mistake.
Another huge mistake was paying for a 2 year course to get licensed as a tour guide by this incompetent and corrupt country.
I love Eretz Yisroel, but the government is a group of Erev Rav.
And if anyone thinks that employees of the Interior Ministry aren’t making big money off the closures, I have a bridge to sell you.
Actually, forget the bridge. I can sell you a visa to enter Israel right now.
Sorry it’s a little high, but I gotta pay 2 different people.
And the dollar ain’t what it used to be.


I haven’t even made the trip because I have no patience for the Israeli’s, but I know the name of 3 Interior Ministry employees who are willing to provide me permits for a fee. I know many who’ve used them. It’s all a scam. Sadly. Nothing new here.


Names and contact info? Desperately trying to go in for a family wedding!


So true. While Loshon Hara about Eretz Yisroel is, of course, 100% forbidden, when the speech is L’Toeles, its simply not Loshon Hara.
So many people are simply not aware of the facts that:
a) The state was mostly founded by those who were trying to assimilate the Jewish people or at least did not give a hoot about Judaism.
b) The state does not currently give preference to those really building the land with Torah and Chessed [especially raising the next generation of lovers of Hashem, Torah and Israel], the Orthodox and Chareidi population, but rather treats them as second class citizens.
c) Many in the Knesset [maybe not in Israel, but it’s parliament] would like to see the Orthodox turn more secular and would like to repeal many of the status-quo laws that were carefully set up by even secular governments over the last 72 years.

Besides these things, there’s also huge culture shocks, parnassa worries, chinuch issues, and plenty of other reasons NOT to make Aliya. Please make Aliya; but make sure its the Ratzon Hashem (have an honest discussion with your Rabbi, friends, relatives, kids, parents, and spouse) before you do!


Just wondering if this is a scheme to try and get as many as possible to become citizens.


I was thinking the same


What Israel has done to Jews outside of Israel these past two years is unforgivable, all the while Israelis are traveling to the USA everyday. NOT ONE ISRAELI should be allowed entry into the USA until Israel opens its borders to American citizens. Enough is enough


Wake me up when this happens


Where do you get the covid test on the third day?


Meanwhile the UK seems to display “trusting science” in removing the former blocked a d redlisted African countries and others from the redlist as of this morning at 4AM.

Wow a spark of sanity

Reported in the Financial times:

“Sajid Javid, health secretary, told the House of Commons that hotel quarantine for travellers arriving in England from the red list countries would cease from 4am on Wednesday.

“Now that there is community transmission of Omicron in the UK and Omicron has spread so widely across the world, the travel red list is now less effective in slowing the incursion of Omicron from abroad,” he said.

Those with knowledge of the discussions said that ministers had concluded it was “pointless” maintaining the red list that will restrict travel over the Christmas period given the new variant was spreading so rapidly. The decision was backed up by public health advice, officials said”.


So interesting that Americans are no danger to Israeli citizens when they come to visit the U.S. but the minute we get on a plane to Israel we are a danger to them? It’s simply BULL and I agree with all the comments above- I love all my Israeli family but if we can’t go there then they shouldn’t be able to come here – AND I want to confirm if I pay $2500 then I can go visit my 90+ year old mother kah who I haven’t seen in 2 yrs ( I have a booked ticket but can’t use it ) if I don’t pay the $2500 then there is no entry

orrin d

Please strongly consider aiding Yad L’Olim, an organization run by Rabbi (and former MK) Dov Lipman. This organization has helped hundreds to enter Israel during these difficult times. He’s on the side of Olim and their families. He has a small team that influences the power brokers in Israels to open the airport back open for non-citizens. He is human, and can only do so much with his small staff when thousands of us are trying to enter. He needs funds to hire more people to be on phones and to walk the halls of the Knesset.

(I am receiving no compensation for this endorsement.)

Please help him to help us!



Please do NOT donate to Dov Lipman. He cannot be trusted as just a few years ago he joined the party of Yair Lapid, who with Naftali Bennet and Avigdor Leiberman passed legislation against the Orthodox and Chareidi community.


Dan, why was this comment allowed? Rabbi Lipman is doing amazing work.

orrin d

Neither Rabbi Lipman, nor anyone in his team, ever asked me about my political affiliation, color of my kippa, length of my tzitzis, coat or peyos, style of hat, religious background, etc. It is true that politics makes strange bedfellows, but this organization appears to be non-political. Please reconsider your remarks and rid yourself of your anger….it will surely devour you.


My comment was simply that he should not be entrusted with our money because he has a terrible past. In fact, he actually dresses like a Chareidi (which actually makes it worse) so i’m not sure what the issue of kippa color etc. is all about.
He may or may not be helping Jews in the US but any anger that you assume to be is because of millions of Jews in Israel that he hurt, financially and spiritually.


And it’s not like we don’t have Amudim and Chaim V’chessed who have greater focus on helping chareidi olim….


I don’t understand how he’s now accepted by the orthodox community after stabbing them in the back and serving Lapid’s anti-religious agenda.
Maybe he’s just another proof why one shouldn’t make aliyah: you’re used when they need you and then thrown out…

Dan\'s the Man

There are reports now that Birthright can come in.. I have no problems with Birthright being allowed in but people shouldn’t have to go through so much trouble to go for a relatives simcha.


The situation is that the State of Israel has found that organized groups have an incentive to follow rules and not create a scandal. Not so for many of us.


This will be week to week which will extends for months. I was lucky and went for Thanksgiving and Chanukah. I was hoping to go again the end of December. Obviously, that’s not happening. The amazing thing is that 99% of the places that I went into, aside from museums, never asked to see my Tav Yarok. Even when they did, they never looked to match it to my passport number. A joke!


what are the current exemptions? first degree relatives can still apply for entry?


I am Israeli citizen but my wife is not.
We live in the US.
Is she eligible to get a special approval to enter Israel?
Thank you.




Chadashot 12 is reporting that Israel is considering adding the USA among other counties to the red list.

Source please

Hi. @dan what is the source of the ban being extended till at lease December 29?


Any suggestions on what to do about my ticket (booked on United)? Purchased on amex platinum card.


Isreal is the most stupid country in the world now they show world how stupid they are
Until they will not realize Hashem is the boss
Relax relax The asking everyone for negative Covid test vaccination what more can be done JUST open up the Damn border


Sorry, you are relying on people being honest and doing the right thing. Bad move.
When Covid first started there was an American Woman that visited Israel, didn’t want to waste her vacation so while having Covid knowingly travelled all over Yerushalayim including the tram line.
People can be selfish and bad. There are so many ways to assure a negative test.


Don’t see how they can allow diaspora Jews in without causing an uprising from Christians and Muslims. The Christians are already raging about Jewish birthright groups coming in, but not Christians celebrating Xmas.


when did they get rid of the 1st degree relative exemption you sued to be able to apply if you had a first degree relative in Israel?


Dan is Dec 29 date official? Have a flight after Dec 22 should I ccancel? Sibling lives in ey


Meanwhile in South Africa, it sounds like the new variant is burning itsekf out after spreading like a wildfire. Hospitalization are dropping despite postive tests results has exploded

Bloomberg reporting the Capital area Pretoria cases are now dropping.



Hi all, maybe someone can answer?
I booked about 10 months ago a RT United flight to Israel for Yeshivah week. I don’t believe that will happen now. Has anyone gotten a full refund for their tickets without a voucher? If so, was it just trying different agents until someone allowed it? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks


Any idea if A Dual Israeli/American citizen can travel from israel to turkey and then to NYC ? not returning back to israel any time soon?

A mirrer

They changed the rules to allow for home quarantine directly after landing from red countries if you install the tracking app
See here for details


If I have an AA voucher which requires me to book by 12/31/21 and fly by 6/30/22, can I book a flight for this week or next and then have AA cancel and refund the money?


yes. sure!

Enough is enough

For once I’m a bit happier now that the us will be added because we as us citizens had almost no chance to go to Israel and the Israelis came freely when they wanted to and especially those buggers who didn’t stop ringing my bell at 12 at night for tzdaka don’t let them in unless we can go to Israel


What an attitude! Those are poor broken people who have tzaros. Hopefully you should never have what they are going through!


Disgusting sodomite.


How does this development affect those with student exemptions? My kid was supposed come in for New Years and not want them to be unable to get back to Israel.


mystery of health says that the rule is red countries student visa holders will not be let in to Israel.


Mystery indeed


if I leave from Israel on Wednesday should I also wait to cancel my flight till the day of flying. I’m a us citizen not an Israeli so technically I could fly out but wouldn’t be able to return. does anybody know if a a2 visa could get approved for a Special exception to enter back Israel

Elchonon Weissman

Can dual Citizens leave Israel even if it’s a red country?


Dan, can you make an article specifying to which country a non-vaccinated / vaccinated US citizen can currently visit.


I’m happy to see the precautions they’re taking!


your also happy how they are separating families for no reason? for a variant thats mild??? you must not have family

Vaccinated Israeli

I according to misrad habriut, vaccinated Israelis returning from red countries do not need to quarantine in a hotel. They can do the full 7 days at home.


Is it a bad idea to book now a flight from TLV to the us for a student? Or doesn’t matter.


Have a delta Dec 23 flight purchased with Amex 125 offer x2. When would delta cancel? What happens to my Amex offer?


Should be fine if it wasn’t on the Same billing month, and your account isn’t audited at any point. As long as you don’t make it a habit amex let these things slide


What abt students that are here now? Will they be able to return?


“Matzav.com has learned that thanks to intense lobbying by the Igud, led by Rabbi Nechemiah Malinowitz, anyone who is in a country from before it turned red will be able to return to Eretz Yisroel provided that they have a valid student visa.

“No permit will be needed,” Rabbi Malinowitz tells Matzav.com. “But again, this applies only to those who left Eretz Yisroel before their country turned red.”


Belaaz news is reporting that igud just told them that government just said that returning student visa holders WILL need a permit. Nothing is final (That’s why no updates from Dan…)


What about if you’re an american citizen AND israeli citizen, living in America. Will you be able to fly there and back? Israeli citizens can fly to israel, but what about flying home to america from israel?


My great grandmother lives in Israel and suffered a medical emergency. It took my grandmother (who is vaccinated) about a week to get a permit to go visit her sick mother. My dad wants to go as well to visit his sick grandmother but he is not able to get a permit. So so crazy. I thought we learnt from not letting children say goodbye to dying parents in nursing homes… I hope and pray that she has a full recovery but if she doesn’t I will forever blame the state of Israel for denying my family the right to say goodbye to their family matriarch.


Maybe enter a beauty contest


At this point, you’ve got to wait for Omicron to run its course and pretty much infect everyone. Israel should be open by Spring.


Is It realistic that delta or United will halt flights?


I have Delta flights for tomorrow, 12/22. Is it likely it will be cancelled? What are my best options at this point? Rebook or take a travel voucher?


dont travel to that state untill mashiach rids it from the zionist who hate jewish values as we can see….models vs family….

Orrin d

Interesting perspective piece by Rabbi Dov Fischer in today’s Jerusalem Post.


Very well written. 100% accurate.



Add to that
If a soldier is enrolling in the army then his unvaccinated foreign parents can come to israel even from a red country , but if you are marrying off your child and you are unvaccinated then you cannot come
Of course this he leaves out

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the Gander

Fischer’s article is narisheh pablum.
Israel uses its connections and the loyalty of Diaspora Jews at every turn, for money, political and financial connections, for spying and for world sympathy.
In addition, they make many many decisions only because of what the outside world will say or think.
Unfortunately mostly what the Goyim will think.
Don’t tell me that suddenly their “brothers” overseas are not their problem, nor do they need to consider them.
Total garbage!

Not to mention that they encourage, cajole and beg Western Jews to make aliya, even though they are still very connected in all ways to their lives back home.
They have a huge responsibility to care for these Jews and to allow them to maintain their connections with their home countries.


is there a chance that Delta will re add these canceled flights if israel opens again??


Did ELAL reduce daily flights from TLV to JFK ?



In all likelihood Delta will not cancel the 355 JFK to Tlv on 12/23- the 12/22 flights took off this afternoon
I know your advocating for me not to cancel – but when should I hold off to?

After the flight takes off? and then file a DOT complaint?

or do it before on 12/23-
Apologies but need your advice.




So I have a flight on Jan 1st with ELAL when do I cancel ?


MK Nachman Shai joins Matan Kahana and Elazar Stern to voice their concern on diaspora jews maybe maybe someone will start listening there


I think there should be an online petition drive to the Israeli government to let in diaspora Jews


Do you think with ELAL we can play the same game of chicken (waiting to see who cancels first) or there’s no chance with them actually refunding the ticket? They changed my ticket today from EWR to JFK for this Wednesday (a few hours later as well.


Dan, I have been wanting to say this for years. “You rock beyond!” Thank you for all that you do & all the travel you make assessable to so many people. you are using your talents the way one should. Thank you!!

Joe Gee

How much in advance are the airlines cancelling flights? Delta keeps showing all flights as on time but then sometimes they cancel. Is this a game of chicken?

How long before the flight can someone change their flight?


Israel might reopen very soon for travelers from red countries, but not sure if the US will be part of that?
Does anyone know more confirmed rules about that?


Keep up the great work of hishtadlus to save lives!!!


Would an expired tav yarok help avoid the hotel? TY was from recovery which was confirmed in Israel through antibody testing, but more than 6 months ago. Received vax in US

Liam K. Nuj

An antibody test will show antibodies, which could be from vaccine or from a prior exposure to the virus. It could be from last week, it could be from 18 months ago. Right or wrong, very few countries, if any, rely solely on antibodies.


How does someone who got vaccinated in the USA and has a written CDC vaccination card get a verified digital vaccine option?


The initial ban for foreigners entering Israel from NON RED COUNTRIES was only extended till 12/29. When will it be lifted?


Dan, I live in Canada and had a flight booked Dec 12 on Air Canada. I couldn’t go, as foreigners were not allowed in then. But the flight went. I was told that I could only get a voucher (or money back with a large penalty). I see you say to complain to DOT to get money back when you aren’t allowed in… is there a similar process in Canada? Assuming DOT is not relevant to an AC flight to/from Canada? Thank you


Why do some of our people constantly forget documents and make this problem worse?? Sadly, usually our more “pious” folks


I am not from the pios guys. But personally it all depends what is important for you in life. If god os important then u will put emphasis on pious bit if the government is important then you will put emphasis on documentation




Are you saying that to avoid the mandatory quarantine (if and when the borders reopen) a clear membership+vaccine passport would work?


Are you eligible for a refund if you can’t enter Israel?


If they try sending you to a hotel just wait around in the airport a few min till the rule changes back, but you’ll have to move quick once that happens.

Jack Levo

Dan, is there anyway to extend Matmid points that are expiring soon, and if not, what are my options? Thank you


The flip flopping government is again acting like a communist government. I understand they have a problem, and need to deal with it. But they have shut down for nearly 2 years, and still have those positive numbers. It doesn’t work!!!!! Don’t they get it? Enough with closures. Open up for vaccinated people, or for people with antibodies. But enough is enough. Every Israeli meshulach (who I feel bad for), was able to come and go for almost the whole time. Whatever we bring to Israel, he does too. On top of that, they change the rules from one second to the next, without warning. This has significant consequences to some, and they couldn’t care less.

It’s hi time the USA disallows Israeli’s from entering the USA until they stop with this political or another agenda driven (maybe black market permits) non sense.


The black market permits have brought millions of dollars to Israel’s economy.


What if we fly to Egypt and cross the border by car. Do they have all this craziness by border patrol as well?


Fly to Aman alot closer

Tzurchei Amcha

I recently tested positive for Covid and i live in the US. Does anyone know of anyway possible means to have my PCR results made digitally verifiable for the purpose of entering Eretz Yisroel ?

Benji Gross

I live in Israel, so believe me, I understand how frustrating their bureaucracies are. But “antibody tests” ?! You can’t be serious. Do you actually expect travelers to roll up their sleeves and have their blood drawn at Ben Gurion airport?! Ripping Israeli policies is one thing. But making ridiculous suggestions doesn’t make you sound any smarter than they are.


I don’t think tourism will be what it used to be for a while because when rules change on a whim I think many will opt not to book tickets.


What’s considered fully vaccinated currently for Israel? 2 vaccines plus booster or 2 vaccines plus 2 boosters? Also, has anything changed in regards to having recovered?


all good questions, dan, any answers on these? thanks!


@Dan Do grandparents for an expected birth still need to go through the whole permit application process, or can they just arrive as tourists? Is it still helpful to have a digitally verifiable vaccine passport through Clear? Thank you for all your updates!


Im wondering the same… Im not vaccinated but recently recovered and took the monoclonal treatment. Do I also need vaccine?

sol con

i have a flight booked on 01/12 i have a vaccine card do i need an app for it or is the paper good? and is there any way children under 5 will be allowed in?


@dan don’t the 2 vaccines expire after 6 months?


After they expire, you need a booster!!!!


Does anyone know if anybody who just recovered from Covid can enter without a vaccine card?
I am referring to a US Covid test not digital


According to Yad L’Olim, 10% of those entering Israel when tested at the airport are positive and end up requiring 10 days quarantine which Israel is very strict about!!!!


That’s great news, thanks Dan for the update! Have two questions that can’t seem to find a clear answer:

1) If I get a booster today (1/6), can I arrive on 1/20 and be considered fully vaccinated? Or does arrival date have to be 1/21 or later?

2) My son (Israeli citizen) left Israel a week ago back to the US and was required to declare that he will not return for 30 days. With the lifting of the red country status, will Israel still enforce that 30 day restriction on returning to Israel from the US?

Thanks to anyone who can help!


I think people will still be hesitant to make tickets considering Israel changes the rules every day or so it seems.

Also – If they require a pcr test upon arrival, anyone who recently had covid is at risk for testing positive (and thus needing a full quarantine) since those tests can show a positive result weeks (or even months) after recovery.


what does full vaccinated mean? what if one had their second dose more than 6 months ago? does booster mean you have to wait 2 weeks after booster shot?

Steve Richter

Just received my booster on 1/5. What’s the earliest date I can enter. Thanks


Why do people with natural immunity need a vaccine???


How are vaccinated people getting omicron, if so why is there a vaccine requirement at all???


What if I just recovered from Covid? Would I be permitted entry?


Anyone know if they will also start allowing taking the train from Ben Gurion? When they closed the borders in late November they stopped allowing it, and no one is allowed to board at the airport.


so if fully vaccinated what else is required just PCR test upon arrival in Israle? no blood test?

what about PRC test in the USA before boarding plane to Israel?


booster within 6 months or having been vaccinated within 6 months? or if im vaccinated it doesnt have to be 6 months it could be longer?


Will Israel allow people to enter if they only had one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine? In other words if I get the J&J today can I enter on the 21st?


I have the same question.


Are children aged 12 allowed to enter?


Will Delta restore all the flights they canceled??

Love Israel

I am booked on a United flight this motzei Shabbos leaving Newark at 11 and arriving in Israel at 4. The rules are supposed to change over at 5 on Sunday. Does anyone have information if this will be a problem? Should I change my flight to leave Sunday?


I wonder if this new appeal has anything to do with this new letter from the Agudath:

Agudath Israel Urges Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to Ease Travel Restrictions

pessie novick

do i need to be 2 weeks after a booster. thinking about going next shobbos but my last shot was 6 and half months ago?


@ Dan
Do you think airlines are already aware of the new laws?
I have a flight on motzei Shabbos EWR-TLV

sol con

which antigen test is good for traveling to israel?


I have a flight tomorrow 1/9 with United. I heard that United is not letting foreigners on their Motzei Shabbos flight tonight. I’ve been unsuccessful getting the entry statement saying that I’m allowed in.
Has anyone been successful getting an entry statement saying they’re allowed in?
I’m vaccinated and boosted within last 6 months but the entry statement is saying “Boarding permitted only to holders of special permits, residents, and visa holders (type A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, B1, | למטוס בעלייה מתאים
.B3, B4), conditional on presenting appropriate documentation”
What am I doing wrong?


Update: I tried again this morning and now the entry statement is saying “You may board the flight to Israel | .לישראל לטיסה לעלות לך מותר :Passenger status | נוסע סט”

Echsoif La’aretz

I recently tested positive for Covid and i live in the US. Does anyone know of anyway possible means to have my PCR results made digitally verifiable for the purpose of entering Eretz Yisroel ?


I have been wondering the same thing for a while, it’s a shame that israel will not recognize recovery status from the US.
The only solution I can think of is to have a tele-health appointment with a Dr in Switzerland, Belgium etc and have them enter you into the digital system based on seeing your PCR. I am not suggesting doing something unethical, after all they will only enter you in the system after verifying your PCR is legit. Hey everyone is doing tele health appointments these days so why can’t it be with a Dr in Europe?
The problem with this is that there is
no way to know if Israel will let you in with that, especially because your passport shows no travel to those other countries. Will they be okay with “I had a tele health appointment with my doctor in Switzerland”?
Has anyone had success with this?


Chaim VChessed just confirmed to me that babies under a year can travel but are expected to quarantine for 7 days and then get a negative covid test after that. upon which they can leave quarantine.
That means that you can’t be in Israel for less than minimum 7-8 days.