Hyatt Will Launch ATONA Luxury Ryokans In Japan

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This is pretty exciting news! Hyatt will launch ATONA, a new brand of luxury Ryokans in Japan.

Ryokans are traditional Japanese inns that can run the gamut from no-frills to luxury. They’re typically in rural areas and include hot spring baths, Japanese meals with Sake, and traditional futon beds.

They’re generally geared towards Japanese visitors, though of course westerners can visit as well if they can get past the language and cultural barriers. There is certainly a learning curve to finding good ones as well.

I have been to Japan on 3 wonderful trips, and had 3 very memorable Shabbos experiences with Chabad in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Kobe.  It’s one of my favorite countries to visit. Be sure to plan for a Shabbos with Chabad and to attend a wild Japanese baseball game, in addition to all the other activities in the beautiful country.

I have stayed at the Park Hyatt Tokyo and the Park Hyatt Kyoto and have been blown away at the incredible hospitality at those hotels. That’s saying something in a country famed for politeness and warm hospitality!

Park Hyatt Kyoto:

Park Hyatt Kyoto, May 2023 ©DansDeals


Hyatt is working with Kyoto-based developer Kiraku to open 3 ATONA locations in 2026 in Hakone, Yufu, and Yakushima. Rates are expected to range from $800-$1,300 per night and they will likely be priced as category 7 or 8 hotels when using Chase or Hyatt points, around 30K-40K points per night. These hotels will be fully integrated into the Hyatt program.

The Hyatt ATONA Ryokans will attempt to strike the right balance between modern and traditional, and will allow guests to choose if they want futon or western mattresses, and Japanese or western cuisine and drinks. In addition to a traditional communal hot springs, guest rooms will each have their own hot spring bath.

If successful, ATONA will open more locations in Japan, and could open in other countries as well.

If you’re a first time visitor, you may want to stick to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, and Hiroshima, which will keep you occupied for weeks. But I still have to make it up north to Hokkaido, go to a Sumo match, and stay in a ryokan, so maybe next time?

Will you stay in a Hyatt ryokan?

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It’s been years since I’ve stayed at a ryokan, but I still remember it. Very interesting, but also uncomfortable. We slept on tatami mats, and the breakfast served in our room was bizarre (and largely inedible) to our Western tastebuds. I’m sure a Hyatt ryokan would be FAR more “accessible,” and Japan has, in general, continued to become more Westernized. I’d be interested in possibly spending 15 to 20,000 points on a Hyatt ryokan, but if we’re talking about 35K or more, I think I’d rather spend those points on a more familiar high-end experience.


No way, would I spending that amount of money or points for a Hyatt ryokan. I stayed in one in 2019. We enjoyed it, but would not do it again. Sleeping on the floor is too much like camping.