Hyatt Will Gut Points+Cash Awards, Add New Premium Suite Award Options

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Update: Today is the last day to book stays under the current Points+Cash award chart.

The new Chase World of Hyatt credit card is an excellent card and now comes with 50,000 points in additional to annual free nights and promotions. You can read more about the new World of Hyatt card here.

Effective 11/1, Hyatt will gut their points+cash program. Instead of a fixed points+cash rate that allows for some amazing values, it will move to a fixed points rate+variable cash rate that will be 50% of the cost of a standard rate.

The points+cash program is capacity controlled, but it currently offers the opportunity for some great values.

For example a night at the category 6 Park Hyatt Vienna on 6/23/19 costs either:

  • 25K Hyatt points (Points can also be transferred from Chase)
  • 12.5K points+ €127 ($146) cash.
  • €476 ($547) for the member advance purchase rate
  • €504 ($579) for the member rate
  • €560 ($643) for the standard rate

The 25K points rate is a value of 2.19 cents per point (547/25,000) compared to the member advance purchase rate or a value of 2.32 cents per point (579/25,000) compared to the member rate.

The 12.5K points+cash rate is a value of 3.21 cents per point (547-146/12,500) compared to the member advance purchase rate or a value of 3.46 cents per point (579-146/12,500) compared to the member rate.

Starting on 11/1 the points+cash rate will be 12.5K points plus €280 ($321), which is 50% of the standard rate. That is a value of 1.8 cents per point (547-321/12,500) compared to the member advance purchase rate or a value of 2.06 cents per point (579-321/12,500) compared to the member rate.

In other words while currently the points+cash rate is the better deal in this example, starting on 11/1 the full points rate will be the better deal.


On the plus side, Hyatt is opening up the ability to redeem points for premium suites and they will eliminate the requirement to redeem for at least 3 nights when you want to use points for a suite.


Here is the unified award chart showing the current points+cash option and the new points+cash options starting on 11/1:

Hotel (Click on category for list of hotels)Standard Room AwardCurrent Points+Cash Standard RoomNew Points+Cash Standard RoomSuite Night AwardPoints+Cash SuitesPremium Suite Night AwardPoints+Cash Premium Suites
Category 1
5K2.5K+$502.5K+50% of standard room price8K4K+50% of suite price10K5K+50% of premium suite price
Category 2
8K4K+$554K+50% of standard room price13K6.5K+50% of suite price16K8K+50% of premium suite price
Category 3
12K6K+$756K+50% of standard room price20K10K+50% of suite price24K12K+50% of premium suite price
Category 4
15K7.5K+$1007.5K+50% of standard room price24K12K+50% of suite price30K15K+50% of premium suite price
Category 5
20K10K+$12510K+50% of standard room price32K16K+50% of suite price40K20K+50% of premium suite price
Category 6
25K12.5K+$15012.5K+50% of standard room price40K20K+50% of suite price50K25K+50% of premium suite price
Category 7
30K15K+$30015K+50% of standard room price48K24K+50% of suite price60K30K+50% of premium suite price

Hyatt remains an excellent value for hotel award nights, but the cash+points devaluation does sting. Overall the program is much stronger than its competition which has devalued more than it has. Hyatt is helped by a strong points currency and the ability to rack up between 1.5-5 points per dollar with Chase Ultimate Rewards cards.

You can instantly transfer points from Chase to Hyatt at a 1:1 ratio from cards like the Sapphire Preferred, Sapphire Reserve, and Ink Preferred.

You can signup for the Chase World of Hyatt credit card and get enough signup bonus points for 2 free nights at any Hyatt hotel or 1 free night in a premium suite at any Hyatt hotel.

Where will you book cash+points awards before 11/1?

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Dan what is considered a premium suite vs a regular suite? For example the Park Executive Suite would be considered what?


welp there goes some points saving redemptions i had planned


“The 12.5K points+cash rate is a value of 3.21 cents per point (547-146/12,500)”
When sitting on tons of miles and UR, do you still from time to time dish out cash if that’s the cheaper option? Wouldn’t you rather the entire cost of the stay to be covered by points/miles currency?
In the above scenario you can only get the value of 3.21 cpp if you dish out $146 cash.

Would you rather pay cash for an hotel stay if it gives you a better value than miles, or would you stay elsewhere?


do hotel points offered as a compensation or points earned thru social media extend expiration? ot there are like marriot points that exp does not get extended when you get points for social media?


I’m not crying over this one. Essentially C&P is an opportunity to buy Hyatt points at 1.2 – 2 cents per point. That’s all that’s going away


Yeah, I’ve never done Hyatt C&P and never planned on doing so. If you need more Hyatt points, go gin up some Chase points. It’s much cheaper that way.


are they still offering the 60k sign up bonus? My wife got an email back when we signed her up in september that she has to “register for this promotion by october 15” ?? I’m asking because I still wanna sign up for myself…


Just to clarify, the premium suite amount you list isn’t in addition to the standard room award amount, right ? In other words, the total point amount required for a 1 night non-premium stay at a category 3 hotel is 20,000 (and not 20,000 + 12,000), correct?


Will this also affect the free anniversary night or only points stay?


I assume this books into the lowest level premium suite?


Dan do you think that this is the beginning signs of a hyatt devaluation in the next 6 months?