[Breakfast And More Lunch Items Added!] Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Adds Yet Another Kosher Dining Option!

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar, Nassau, Bahamas. January 2020 ©DansDeals
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Update 6/30: One thing that has been missing from the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar was a kosher breakfast option.

They already had dinner covered with one of the best kosher restaurants in the world, at Cinko. 

But as of today, there are now kosher breakfast options at Knosh!

The menu is a soft launch and they have plans to expand it.

AVOCADO TOAST $21 fried eggs + Feta cheese + dill + arugula + confit tomatoes + baguette toast
Lox Bagel $24 Smoked salmon + whipped cream cheese + dill + capers + tomato + everything bagel
Breakfast Sandwich $22 Butter creamy eggs + cheddar + spicy mayo + chives + brioche
Acai & Berries $18 Greek yogurt + wild berries + banana + house granola + coconut + mint
Breakfast Flatbread $23 fried eggs + roasted wild mushrooms + smoked gouda + mozzarella + truffle cream confit tomatoes + chives
Market Fruit $18 Honey + lemon + fresh mint



You can view the full menu here.


The lunch menu has also added a Margherita Pizza and Mac & Cheese option!


Check out a full review of this hotel on Instagram here.

I wrote about our trip to the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar in the Bahamas in January 2020, but boy have things there changed since COVID!

The Baha Mar resort has since opened a water park and last December it opened a kosher Asian-Latin fusion restaurant, Cinko Asian Latino Grill. The menu can be found here and reviews have been very positive. Kids under 5 eat free at Cinko.

The glatt kosher/pas yisroel restaurant is under the supervision of Chabad of the Bahamas with a mashgiach temidi. You do not need to stay at Baha Mar to eat at the restaurant, but reservations are needed.

Cinko is open on Sundays through Thursdays from 6-10pm and offers Friday night eat-in Shabbos meals and Shabbos day to go meals, which you can reserve here.

The Baha Mar is the only Hyatt in the world with a full time kosher restaurant.

Premade cholov yisroel/pas yisroel kosher breakfast and lunch are available from 7am-3pm daily from the Baha Mar’s Cafe Madeleine or all day from in-room dining, the menu for that can be found here.

And now the Baha Mar has opened a full time kosher food truck on the resort’s beachfront, called Knosh. You can find their menu here. Knosh is open on Sundays through Fridays from 11am-6pm and is cholov yisroel/pas yisroel.

You can also order premade kosher salads and sandwiches any time, including on Motzei Shabbos, via in-room dining.

During the summer months through mid-September, Chabad of the Bahamas has Shabbos minyanim in the Baha Mar. Those are held in Cinko restaurant, with Mincha/Kabalas Shabbos at 7:45pm, Shacharis at 9:30am, and Mincha/Maariv/Havdalah at 7:40pm. After mid-September the minyan shifts back to Chabad of the Bahamas, which is a 12 minute walk from the Baha Mar.

Other hotels on the Baha Mar campus include the SLS and Rosewood.

It’s pretty incredible to see this level of catering for kosher observant travelers. Hopefully other hotels take notice and offer similar services!

Have you stayed at the Baha Mar since the kosher restaurants opened? What did you think of them and your stay? Will you plan a future visit?

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I stayed there in the winter, restaurant was delicious! Excited for the food truck, will definitely go back!


It seems like during peak season you can only reserve a week out 🙁


Aside from the Kosher food, how does this hotel match up with The Coral @ Atlantis?


Nicely written.

Thanks for some good vocation ideas.


I stayed at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar this past winter with my wife (the first week of January) right after Cinko Asian Latino Grill opened it’s doors, we really enjoyed the restaurant in every way, the food was amazing!
It was great to go away on vacation to a caribbean island and have a kosher restaurant at your hotel, with room service as an option as well.
Looking forward on going back again 🙂


Do Hyatt elites get free kosher breakfast at this hotel?




I’m unsure exactly what levels there are- but I and a friend with some sort of status got free breakfasts


No. The free breakfast for globalists is at a different restaurant


Eating kosher food but in such a pritizus environment? Does that not seem ironic contradictory?


Then don’t go. Keep your self righteous comments to yourself.


Shutting someone down because you feel guilty won’t make it less of a problem. I, for one, would like to understand if this is an issue or not. Have they taken care of koshering the food only or is the environment one that someone who keeps strictly kosher would feel is acceptable?


When I try try adding children to my reservation on hyatts website it shows not available for award booking. Do you know if I book just for 2 adults if I will have issues when arriving with 2 small kids? Thanks


Dan can you please respond?


$18 for a bagel and cream cheese…

Voice of Reason

Your point? Most hotels charge goyim similar prices for treif


Stayed here wen it was 8000 pts a night.


Stayed last winter at the baha mar service is incredible. the Cinko restaurant was fantastic, especially the fish dishes which were extremely fresh and the sushi if it’s the same chef had some of the best kosher sushi period.


Needs some work on the meat dishes. Need to add the hamburger and fries for everyone.


I was there in May. I have never seen a restaurant like Cinko anywhere in the world


Here now. The Cinko restaurant is incredible. Food truck has interesting menu options but it’s amazing being able to have fresh hot kosher food at the pool and beach!


Packed minyanim for mincha maariv as well as shacharis daily! Go to chabad bahamas website and join the minyanim chat before you come down…


Knosh closed and moved to a new location 2 min away(took over some trief place) and that place took over kosher spot.

In regards to “Premade cholov yisroel/pas yisroel kosher breakfast and lunch are available from 7am-3pm daily from the Baha Mar’s Cafe Madeleine or all day from in-room dining, the menu for that can be found here.”
The mashigiach from Cinko said its no longer kosher and you shouldn’t buy anything that’s sold un-packaged. They have some cereal cups and alike. But no fresh food or the sort is kosher.


Hi Dan – Whats the best value to book at Baha Mar? Transfer Chase Points to Hyatt? Thanks as always for your advice!


What would be nice is if they offered that $95 breakfast credit for each Globalist member to use at knosh or a kosher option. Not having it only at regatta Cafe which is not kosher. Nor do they let you bring out any of the food.

Tried on the 2nd Day there to push for some credit to use at other shops. But wasnt too successful, though the manager called me back but by that time I was on my way out.


Will globaliats/GOH get free breakfast from knosh?


Will the breakfast be included for elite status




The prices are insulting.


can’t wait until they have separate swimming hours and a separate beach 🙂


+1 – Maybe chabad can have influence on this


I was thinking about going to the Maldives for our 10 year anniversary from the UK but to be honest this seems like it might be just as nice and more convenient as SS/SK Jews


Big Thank you to Chabad of the Bahamas for making all this Kosher food available


Bring a few boxes of Entenmans. You’ll save about $100 on a few danishes.

CLE Rocks

Too bad it is not an “all inclusive”. I’m waiting for Hyatt Ziva to offer a kosher options (I know Cancun chabad was working on it).


Now that they have breakfast have they expanded the hours of knosh?


Eligible for globalist free breakfast? 🙂


“The Baha Mar is the only Hyatt in the world with a full time kosher restaurant.”
Aren’t there Hyatts in Israel with full-time kosher restaurants??


There are 2 Hyatt properties in Israel. One in East Jerusalem and one in Tel Aviv. I don’t know if either of them even claim to have a kosher restaurant, but neither locality is known for having much kosher food


@dan did you refer to Cinko as one of the best restaurants in the world ?!?! Hope it was your editor, it good for being in the Bahamas


I cannot believe I’m seeing a single bagel with lox for 24$


“One of the best kosher restaurants in the world”…? Love you Dan but cmon.




Station 9 in Jerusalem has the best kosher rice/noodle dishes in the world (used to be Mehadrin, not sure now). Asiatiko is not just the best restaurant now in Miami, I’d crown it as the best all-around kosher Asian restaurant in the world. Folks living in major cities where you buy endless amount of kosher aged meats at every supermarket…steaks isnt exciting anymore…


@dan if I book two rooms with points is there a chance they will upgrade it to a suite? Worst case scenario do you know if they would give me a problem having joining rooms