SIZZLING HOT!!! HURRY!!! Get Lifetime Fairmont President’s Club Platinum Status With A Free Night In A Suite In Any Fairmont EVERY YEAR, PLUS A Night In The Presidential Suite At The Fairmont San Francisco For Just $2,000 From Living Social!!!

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Update 3: All packages are now sold out! Congrats to everyone who got one!

Update 2: The $2,000 package is now SOLD OUT!!! You can still purchase the $10,000 penthouse package with the free Maserati rental, Tiffany’s China for 4, and much more…

Update: I have contacted Fairmont President’s Club and the San Fransisco hotel’s sales staff. They both confirmed that as a lifetime Platinum member you will get the same benefits as a regular Platinum member every single year, so you will get the free night and free suite certificates just like if you earned the status the hard way by staying in Fairmont hotels for 30 night every year!
You also do not need to use the free Presidential Suite in San Fransisco in order to get the lifetime Platinum status!

Sign up for a new Living Social account with this link and you’ll get $5 off your first purchase!

Then click on this link to purchase the Fairmont Lifetime Platinum Status+Free Presidential Suite Offer

Although the deal says it’s $10,000, just click buy now and you will be able to select the $2,000 package!
“Both Packages Include Health Club and Group Exercise Classes, Wi-Fi, and Permanent Platinum Status to The Fairmont’s President’s Club Program

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This offer is for lifetime top-tier Platinum status in the Fairmont President’s Club program!

Here is a list of all of the exclusive Fairmont properties worldwide, including The Plaza New York, The Fairmont Kea Lani Maui, The Fairmont Orchid Hawaii, The Fairmont Banff Springs, The Fairmont Chateau Whistler, The Savoy London, and many more!

Platinum status gets you a free night certificate good at any Fairmont property every year with no minimum stay required!!! Seemingly (at least as far as I understand) with lifetime Platinum status you will get a free night every single year!  When you normally earn Platinum status (through staying 10 times or 30 nights in Fairmont hotels) you definitely get a free night certificate with your yearly Platinum credentials package.

When your Platinum status is activated you will get your free night certificate in your welcome package good through 02/28/12!

The other benefits that Platinum gets you are also amazing:
-2 confirmed suite upgrade certificates every year (valid for up to 5 nights)
-2 confirmed room upgrade certificates every year (valid for up to 5 nights)
(Upgrade certificates can be used together with free night certificates and all certificates are transferable to family members!)
-Complimentary access to BMW courtesy vehicles and bikes in Canadian hotels and resorts.
-Complimentary access to Lexus courtesy vehicles in U.S. Hotels and Resorts.
-$100 dining or spa certificate every year
-Free internet access and local calls every stay
-1,000 airline miles per stay
-Guaranteed early check-in and check-out
-Personalized welcome amenity every stay

Now that’s just for the Platinum status. The main part of the deal (which is basically just gravy!) is a free night in a presidential suite in San Francisco good through 12/31/11.


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Can’t figure out if I should pull the trigger


Dan you usually do a much better job summarizing the deal. If I understand correctly you are basically saying that for $2,000 you can buy lifetime platinum status from fairmont, correct?


For 2000$ hmmm can we statas. Match to spg and get plat for life in spg?


so there hotels include the plaza in NYC? You get one night in the Plaza every year for the rest of your life? (If it is NYC you choose)


Assuming Fairmont gives liftime member the same benefits as regular members (free night and free suite certs that you can even use on free nights) then this is a no-brainer!!!

And much, much more!




How do the suite upgrades work. Can I book the cheapest room rate that I can find on the hotels site and then use the suite upgrade on that?

Or is it like airfare upgrades where only certain fares are eligible for upgrade


wow…that allot of cash


why do you say “seemingly”? Is there any way to verify this before buying? A free night every year for life is definitely a make or break it part of getting this.


Yes, suite upgrades should work with any publicly available rate.
They even work with the free night!

Not at all compared to what you’re getting.

Basically Fairmont gives Platinum members a free night and all those other benefits every year. That should also apply to lifetime Platinum members.

Will they try to weasel out of giving those benefits to Platinum members every year? I don’t think there’s any any to know that for sure. Other programs, like Hyatt, that give lifetime status, do give lifetime diamond benefits, including the confirmed suite certificates every year. I’s assuming Fairmont has to as well, or else it would be false advertising in my opinion! After all the main benefits of Platinum are those certificates that come every year…what else would we be paying for?

This is a once in a lifetime deal…sometimes you just need to gamble and hope it pays off! At the very minimum you will get a free night and suite certificate to use this year anywhere in addition to the free presidential suite in S.F. and Platinum stats for the rest of your life. Not too much downside there.

Or the upside could be a free night in a suite every year, and that’s quite an upside!!!


I’m not getting this. How’s is it a no brainer if it costs 2 grand? I mean, you’re getting your money’s worth but isn’t it a lot of money to just spend on hotels?


Where does it say anything about the Lifetime Membership?


For a free night in some of the most expensive hotels in the world every year for life? Seriously?

Click on the deal and then look under “Escape Kit”
“-A One-Night Stay for Two in the Presidential Suite ($2,000)
-Or, a One-Night Stay for Four in the Penthouse ($10,000)
Both Packages Include Health Club and Group Exercise Classes, Wi-Fi, and Permanent Platinum Status to The Fairmont’s President’s Club Program.”


do you have a link to a list of all the fairmont and partner hotels?


@yaakov: what I meant to ask was if these benefits (free room cert, upgrades etc.) apply at Swissotels or Raffles hotels which seem to be partner hotels with fairmont.


@Dan: It seems like this is intentional. I confirmed with the sales department at the San Fran hotel. Lifetime membership it is. Question is how good is that? I can imagine that there are 364 blackout dates a year to redeem the free night.


lifetime membership to the health club….does that mean one could go the the plaza new york all year round health club even when not staying there


@Moshe: here is a full list of black out dates
does not seem too bad at all.


The hotel sales staff is saying you will get all the benefits of a regular platinum member every year, so it looks like this is golden!!!

Not bad at all, just a couple days for the whole year are blacked out for most places!


@jas from FT
Are any properties excluded from using a suite upgrade certificate?

Suite upgrade certificates cannot be used at the following properties:

Fairmont Tremblant
The Fairmont Vancouver Airport
The Fairmont Royal Pavilion
The Plaza
Kenauk at Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello


Do you actually have to use your stay at the SF fairmont to get the plat status or do you think it will come regardless with the voucher purchase? I don’t plan on making it to SF any time soon and I’m thinking of doing it just for the plat…. and maybe gift the night in SF….


I confirmed with the hotel that you do not have to use the stay to get Platinum status!
You will get the Platinum status when the deal closes and the SF hotel is good for the rest of the year if you want to use it or gift it.

too rich for my blood

2g? don’t think i can do it. i’d rather buy a timeshare


@too rich for my blood:
Enjoy those maintenance fees and the high prices!

This is a free night in a suite this year and every year with no fees. And all the other benefits of Platinum as well for life!


Will they pick you up at the airport in the car for free?


@too rich for my blood: Timeshare! Are you mad? That must be the worst “investment” possible! That’s worse than a pyramid!


I don’t know it’s a lot of cash. Can you split it with other people? Or can only the person who’s name the membership is under use it?



The certificates are transferable to family.


What does “access to courtesy (BMW/Lexus) vehicles” mean? free shuttle? driver? rental?


family meaning someone with teh same last name? how does it work? they send you the cert every year?


I’m assuming that it means they will chauffeur you to where you want to go for free.
Anyone have any experience with it?

Many husbands have different last name’s than their wife’s…

They say that you will get the certs for free every year!


it is 1 free night a year every year – is there any other way to get free nights otherwise how is it worth it. Dan it’s just you and your wife now but when you have a family and are going for 3 nights on your 1 a year vacation you don’t want to move hotels or pay $400 for the other 2 – I’m really not getting how this is worth it.


Should we have a FPC membership number BEFORE we get on this or will one be automatically generated?


whats the story with the spa is that just when you checkin?
now lifetime means what in legal language? till theyre bought out? or chapter 11?


2 questions –
1 – does the free night certificate work in the Plaza

2 – living social says on their terms and conditions that if the merchant does not honor the certificate, then it will refund your purchase through credits to the site – does that mean that if Fairmont doesn’t honor these the best we can get is $2,000 credit to Living Social?

(What if my voucher isn’t honored before it expires?

The merchant is obligated to honor the voucher through the applicable expiration. If that doesn’t happen, then contact us at and we will refund the amount you paid for your voucher in the form of a credit for future purchases (what we call “deal bucks”). Follow the directions at


Sign up for more than 1 of these and get free vacations every year?
Or just enjoy the free night in a suite and pay up for more nights (you can pay the lowest rate and still stay in the suite) or switch hotels…

You can signup afterwards for an account.

Lifetime means either your lifetime or the lifetime of Fairmont President’s Club.

The free night does work at the Plaza NYC!
Buy it on an AMEX if you can. Their chargeback protection is second to none, they will always refund all of your money if you do not get what was promised.


This is a lot of money, so I’m a little wary…what happens if Fairmont changes their rules, or even closes down?


I am in, I have not told my wife yet, she will kill me for blowing $2k just like this:-) But for one night in a Fairmont for every year while I am alive (I am 43) or for the life of the FPC program (hmm, going out on a limb here!) should be very worth it…so help me God:-)


Did anyone confirm withe the hotel if it’s really one free night EVERY year? All it shows under the benefits is ” Complimentary night certificate 1 ” Does it say explicitly?


Yes, I confirmed with Fairmont that it is an annual certificate.


One question. Did Dan buy this?


I did.


getting very close to buying it
just need a little push to knock me over the top


I’m really considering this, im wondering though if we can sell coupons that we cant use.. like the upgrades or the free night in san fran. its transferable to family, arent we all related?


I dont know… $2000 is a lot to spend on a one night get away once a year…


Sold out of the $2,000 package?


also, would you recommend putting this on starwood or plat amex for “security” purposes?




Ya snooze, ya lose!




Dan, Just wondering if starwoods would match them with their elite status match? What do you think?


You can keep trying the link…people still might cancel!

I don’t know.


Dan or anyone, do you know the logistics for this now. Never did deal before. We wait for an email from them with a coupon that we print and then schedule our Presidential stay at the SF property? Where does the Platinum status deal come in? Probably way too early but if someone knows pls post here.


Just hang tight. They’ll email you more info.
The deal doesn’t officially end until March 1st (even though it’s sold out) so it may take a week or so for more info to come.

Congrats on getting in before the buzzer!


did you get an answer to your question?


Dan, Another benefit is using this to upgrade to SPG Platnium and other hotels programs as a status match? Am I correct?

Wish I had an extra 2K lying around 🙁

dont bother

just spoke to district manager at hotel because as i was purchasing it sold out, so i got an email confirm but no actual confirmation #. he told me living social totly messed up the deal, it was for one year plat not lifetime and they are pulling the whole thing $10,000 also. oh well



You mentioned earl@Dan:

You mentioned that Hyatt has a similar program. How much does a lifetime membership to that program cost?


Hyatt requires you have been a Hyatt member for 10 years and to earn 1,000,000 base Hyatt points.


I am the proud owner of this promo, but…..

What will taxes be on the hotel room? 10% Sales Tax on 2000?

So you kind of still have to pay?


Too late 🙁


The 10k deal is now sold out now as well.

Assuming this is like all other Groupon/Living Social deals, there’s no additional sales tax to pay.


tyler, its not sold out, they pulled it. its been at 112 sold for a while. the wording was an error. they were supposed to only offer 1 yr and they wrote lifetime.


The lifetime wording is very clear and reps in the hotel and at Fairmont President’s Club confirmed it as well.
How could that be an error?


I see what you mean now about the tax clause.. I suspect that’s just “standard wording” and not truly applicable here, though who knows.

Mistake or not, are they going to honor it?

PS – Got one 🙂


@Dan This was a crazy hot deal. I hope you are the first to tell us if it shows up again!


dan, i spoke to some guy Benjamin Shih at the fairmount, he was the west coast regional manager and he basically told me they were in a frenzy dealing with this… and that they told living social 1 year and lving social worded it wrong. he was working with some guy in DC who he couldnt reach ect. im just repeating info he told me. thats why they cut the deal completely. he offered me the one night at 50% off.. as if i am paying $2000 for one night in a hotel. i dont know if they will honor it or not. my guess would be yes with only 112 sold!


All I know is that they had better honor it as promised of they will have an awful lot of bad press (and lawsuits?) on their hands over a matter of 112 people!


@Dan: Actually their T&C state that if a merchant does not fulfill any obligations, LivingSocial will offer a refund in credits that can be used for future purchases. 🙁 You can’t really sue them if they offer you a refund.

I wonder if lifetime Platinum ever existed in the first place?


Perhaps, but I will personally see to it that the mainstream media cover the story to give Living Social and Fairmont more bad publicity that if can possibly be worth to just placate 112 of us who put down a lot of money in good faith.


I also called to confirm with the Fairmont Platinum Presidents Club reservation line, the San Francisco Fairmont (a supervisor) and Social Living all of whom confirmed the deal. I had the same confirmations you had Dan.


Good to hear.
I also got names of the employees, they’re posted on the DansDeals Forums.

Let’s hope they do the right thing!


@Dan Do you know if lifetime Plat even existed in the first place? I did a search and couldn’t find anything.

Also- it seems like the wording on the offer has changed slightly. Now it only mentions “lifetime” once at the end of the description.


No, they never offered it before. That’s why some people think it may have been offered by mistake.

I don’t believe the wording has changed on the page.. in the bullets, it says “*Permanent* Platinum Status”, not lifetime, though they should be synonymous.


It still says:
“Both Packages Include Health Club and Group Exercise Classes, Wi-Fi, and Permanent Platinum Status to The Fairmont’s President’s Club Program”
“Your stay—whether in The Penthouse or Presidential Suite—includes an automatic upgrade to The Fairmont President’s Club Platinum Level membership, so you can enjoy presidential perks like room or suite upgrades and food-and-beverage certificates at The Fairmont for a lifetime.”


I bought this today. Living social offers a 5 day cash refund policy. Lets see how the bookings go when we get the actual certificate codes tomorrow. I confirmed lifetime platinum with LS and Fairmont central reservations and have e names.

If hotel balks at lifetime platinum, if you don’t want go through with the deal, you have 5 days with LS to get your money back. If they balk, Amex should back you up on this for the refund.

Does anyone know what the normal price of the presidential suite is?


Another interesting twist is that the Fairmont SF doesn’t have a room called the “Presidential Suite”. I called the front desk asking about that specific room, and they weren’t sure what I meant!


You have the option of a couple of different suites besides for the Penthouse. There is no presidential suite.

SFO Local

If anyone bought but isn’t going to stay I will be happy to occupy for you…

I might even fork over a few bucks…




Printed the Presidential Suite voucher this morning. Says to call for one night reservation. Also notes that this is a “one-time offer” that expires on 12/31/11, “tax and gratuity are not included”, and that the “value must be used in one visit”.

No mention of “permanent” or “lifetime” benefits.


Dan, any updates? Lifetime status? Tick Tock…

Between DD, FT, MP; we need to make them stick to their guns.


At this point it does seem like someone made a major mistake here.

I just heard back from “Ana” in the sales dept.
She said corporate is meeting as we speak to decide what to do. Nothing is decided right now, but a final decision will be made today and they will get back to me. She promised to call me back by this afternoon.

I asked her to pass along that there any many influential bloggers who will have a field day if Fairmont backs out of the promised deal and she said they are well aware of that.



I got the 10,000 one hoping I can downgrade if anyone wants it let me know .
Dan do you have any tips for me how to get it downgraded ?


i spoke to ana b4 i spoke to ben (her supervisor) she was very nice and did call me back when promised.


We invite all of our guests to follow here for updates 😉


I am going to create a “Purchased” mailing list:
to tally and email list who here bought.

1. Email me: amrivlin @ gmail dot com
2. DD or FT or MP
3. Handle (AMRivlin on FT and MP)
4. Twitter presence if any (@AMRivlin is me)
5. If you want your name on a mailing list. (Yes or No)
6. If you were in a Conga Line
7. If you paid 10k let me know that too


talking to corporate office in toronto, doesnt seem to me like they are having any meeting or know whats going on. i wonder if SF is just stalling…. (i should be a private detective)


Dan, any updates from your contacts?


I called Living Social. They said that all vouchers print with just the main name of the deal, they don’t list every extra. Living Social said it absolutely includes the advertised lifetime status. Offer + acceptance = contract. It’s that simple. I’m not nervous.

Fairmont President’s Club Lifetime Platinum Elite for $2,000. Too good to be true? Apparently not! - Loyalty Traveler

[…] was the option to refer three people and get the deal for free. Before long members of Dan’s Deals, FlyerTalk and Milepoint were creating referral groups whereby the cost of 4 people buying the deal […]


…And Kudos to The Fairmont (specifically Ben) for their handling of the matter. I expected no less from the chain (I have been a former Premier member). Customer service is paramount to them and they handled this with the class with which the brand is synonomous.


i want the one for 2 thousand if we can downgrade it..


If anyone wants to sell their package, I will pay you.


Quick question – if there is no presidential suite, why does a regular suite cost $2,000 (or $4,000 as this is 50% off). I mean I understand why this is an amazing deal given the lifetime membership, but why does the base part of the deal make sense – especially if they are now saying that it was not supposed to include the lifetime. Thanks.


Hi. I just stayed at Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort in Aventura, FL for 4 nights. The starting rates were $509 per night. I got a promotion for the first 2 nights $169 and the 2nd 2 nights for $299 each plus have been upgraded to the golfview rooms. The hotel and rooms are very nice and the staff are very friendly. They added $60 each night on top of the rates ($30 parking, no self parking and $30 resort fee, $15/pp). Even it is a nice luxury place I would not spend $509++ per night. As for the free Lexus ride (within 5 miles), my hotel did not have one, but they did have 2 BMW bikes that we used.


mo you can prob. sell on ebay.



By “presidential” suite they really mean either the Diplomat Suite or the Fairmont Suite. Both are way nicer than a regular suite (they are larger, decorated uniquely, and include use of a lexus).

These two suites supposedly normally retail for 3-4,000, hence the savings.


I am also nearby to SFO and will happily fulfill your free night in a suite for you if you can’t make it out to the west coast. freebemine [at] gmail [dot] com.

Tzvi Tauby

Anyone who bought this deal that would like to donate the night in SF Fairmont to a very worthy orginization called iVolunteer-WE match young profetionals who visit Holocaust survivors in their homes on a wekly basis. Please see our website I will give you a tax reciept for the full retail value of $4000( or more). you can email me and we can work out a deal.This wold greatly benefit our annual fundaraiser. Thank you.


@Andrew: I am also interested in buying, if anybody is interested in selling let me know.
@Andrew- do you know if anyone on your list is looking to sell?



What is the state of this in 2022? What kinds of benefits are you getting as lifetime platinum? Just curious!