HURRY! Stay At The Tudor Hotel At The United Nations For Just $19.31/Night!

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From my inbox:

Thank you for a great deal at that Tudor Hotel — my wife did not believe the deal was legit until we were checked in and in the room.

We stayed there last Sunday night and it was a nice place!

I noticed at least another 5-10 Lubavitchers that I saw in the lobby, etc.

Yasher Koach!


Update 2: A kind reader has emailed me that he has room reservations for August 5th at the $19.31 rate available to the first responders!
Just send me an email and I’ll put you in contact with him.

Additionally, if anyone has an extra $19.31 reservation for July 29th, please let me know!

Deal Status: DEAD!

Originally posted on 06/04:
This 42nd street hotel, circa 1931, was a Crowne Plaza and is celebrating the return to its original name.

Rate is valid on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights in July and August, and is selling out quickly!

Step 1: Open IE.
Step 2: Go to
Step 3: Click “Make a reservation.”
Step 4: Click “Group, company or special rates”
Step 5: Choose dates and enter the following code in the promotion box: 1931

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Asher O

Only an hour after this deal was posted and I can only find availability for Sunday night. Most Sundays are available (though probably not for long).


hey dan
i am 18 yrs old and i would like to rent a car with insurance on it.
any suggestions


yeah i see there are some sunday nights available…
can i assume that i can make a reservation and cancel a day before if i decide not to take it (like hotels usually allow…) or do you think i’ll be charged the rate because its a ‘special’


it doesnt allow you to make a reservation with a child. i made a reservation – 2 adults and 0 children, even though i am planning to bring one baby. what is your suggestion?


Did this work for anyone? I’m trying to book for Aug 5 (1 night…) it’s giving me an error message ….

” Oops an error has occured..

Invalid User Operation.

Go back to correct the problem “

any ideas? please help… would love to get this!


Hendel-I wouldnt worry about the child.

Shel-Are you using IE?


Just booked a sunday night at the Tudor for $25 after taxes and nightly charge
–Anon– it says I can cancel up until the day before at 3PM.

Thanks dan!


Yes I was trying to book using IE (I’m on a Mac, you think that makes a difference?)

Anyway, I called up resrevations (I know, I know I shouldnt have…) but I’m glad I did… the woman said all rooms are booked already with those rates – my luck!


She lied to you-there are still $19 dates.


For what sunday night? I’m not able to get it then…


My husband was able to book it.

There goes the surprise!!! oh well.

Must’ve been my mac that wouldn’t let me do it!

Thanks for the link !

Keep the bargains coming!


I just got it for July 8 to July 9


“iy”h there will be a minyan marriv evrey sunday night and shachris every monday morning during july and aug at the tudor confrance room” j/k but hey you never know


Did you see the size of the rooms. There probably is no room for children :0)


dead deal


I checked every Saturday and Sunday night in July and August, to no avail! NO MORE! WAH! WAH!


Don’t use IE! Use Firefox ONLY. IE is great if you want your Windoze PC to sit on the internet and give away your passwords, download spyware and ruin your computing experience.


Open IE. You’ve GOT to be kidding, Dan. Yes- use IE if you want to have your web browser sit on the web and download spam. Please do that! You’ll give computer techs like me a lot of money when we come to fix your computer!


I have a booking for Aug 5th that I can’t use, and would love to swap it with someone for a later date.

Please let me know


i might have a reservation that i probably won’t keep…gotta check the date first…


Hey dan maybe you can post this in actaukl post a lot of us have rooms there can somone who stayd there share a review??


I’m trying to make a reservation for a Sat-Sun in August, but nothing seems to be available. Any ideas?


ive been to the hotel, using this discount code,, the price is actual what they say it is,, but it seems like a room for a single diplomat,, the room isnt the biggest and its only a full size bed not a king ,, but hey you cant beat the price for a decent hotel room near midtown,,, so enjoy


hey Dan how can i tell if they are all booked it seems i cant get a room