SMOKING HOT! HURRY! Save 99%, Up To $250 Off Priceline Hotels Express Deals Worldwide!

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Update: This code is now working on hotels worldwide!

HURRY! Save 99%, Up To $250 Off Priceline Hotels Express Deals In London

Select Express deals, sign-in to a Priceline account and use code: GLOBAL25

You should receive 99% off the base rate, before taxes.

With Express Deals you can choose the location, star rating, and room type, and the hotel is revealed after purchase.

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Mia Flyer

which hotels do you see 99% off


@lso working in Miami for significant discounts


also working for nyc




“Reedemption Limit Reached.” thanks for wasting time.

Common Sense

My pleasure! Bon Voyage!


These deals don’t last. Hence the word “HURRY!”

Living in a Bomb Cyclone in #nmi

Ungrateful much? Gotta hurry when it says HURRY! Sheesh.


Just got an error code: “Redemption Limit Reached” when applying the code in the Priceline App.


Dead. Was working worldwide the whole time, not anymore.

Liam K. Nuj

“Reedemption Limit Reached” (yes, “reedemption”)

Na nach

Yes it’s limited

Liam K. Nuj

Yes, a large company like Priceline misspelled the word “redemption”


Dan could you book it for me?……………..I’m joking


Careful, I’m in the middle of complaints because they sold me a room in London advertised with “The rate displayed saves you at least 16% versus the published price of a 4-star East London – Islington – Hoxton & Shoreditch area hotel for the same travel dates.”… The resulting hotel for the same dates is bookable at almost the exact same price, even on Priceline! lol.. The claim is the booking is non-refundable.. probably going to have to report this as fraud..


Isn’t that your fault if you didn’t realize it’s a non-refundable? I think you have a losing claim.


You sacrifice the ability to know the brand ahead of time and and cancellability when you book one of these rates. You expect that if you make that sacrifice you get a discount. It is a trade-off. OP is saying that after the fact he looked and it wasn’t discounted. So he had to deal with a mystery hotel and he is locked in, and he didn’t benefit from it. So false advertising.


It may suck, but it’s not false advertising. Please try reading the terms and conditions (otherwise known as the ‘small print’). It reads that there are no guarantees that lower rates may be found elsewhere. “Up to” 50% off (emphasis on “up to”). Rates fluctuate, you are agreeing to locking in the rate. I mean, you have the option to shop around and price it out. You agree to a given rate, it’s contractual.


I did read the fine print and did see it was non refundable, and I had no issue with that. I had been looking for a hotel in London for the last couple weeks for a business trip and they aren’t cheap where I need to be, so I thought this was a blessing! But when the hotel was revealed I was like what? That’s not a deal! So yes this is false advertising, I can show screenshots but this was “the fine print” for my reservation deal: “The rate displayed saves you at least 16% versus the published price of a 4-star
East London – Islington – Hoxton & Shoreditch area hotel for the same travel dates”.

Not only is the exact reservation available on Priceline for the same price, not as an express deal, but it’s even available from the hotel for less. I would definitely not expect a savings greater than 16%, but I would expect an average savings of at least 16%. It says “at least”, there’s no getting around that.

Fwiw I was given an email to contest that the express deal was not a deal from an agent, so will see how that goes.


I think that what you might be missing is that they’re only committing to save you at least 16% versus the published price of “A” 4-star East London . . . hotel. That is, so long as the price you paid is at least 16% less than the published price for ANY 4-star hotel for that area and dates, they’re in the clear.

Either way, have fun fighting with Priceline, they literally built a business around haggling with penny pinchers . . .


Yeah you certainly aren’t going to get any where with Priceline… But I have used that service several times and felt the discount wasn’t as advertised and the hotel class was not comparable to their examples. I would love to know how many people continue to book this way. I have mostly given up on it.


I’ve never done it before.. so I guess buyers

But re: “taxes and fees making it more expensive” — that I would even understand, if they came back and said sorry, we don’t take those into consideration; but even excluding the taxes and fees, the nightly rate was only discounted by less than 2%, not “at least 16%”, so they’re hard pressed to prove what part of the price is supposed to be the discount?

honestly, I smell a class action lawsuit here lol..


Josh, I already told you that you likely have no case. Have you read the terms and conditions (or Policy and Procedures) I told you about? Also, by purchasing you are agreeing to their policy. You have the right for their full and unredacted copy of their P&P, and you have the option to decline purchase. Since you’ve purchased it, and “clicked” on that “agree” button, you likely have no case.


I’ll be sure not to ask you to represent me lol..

* Savings claim based on Express Deals® bookings compared to Priceline’s lowest retail rate for same itinerary. Express Deals® travel provider shown after booking.


Yeah, they’re really scammy when it comes to express deals. Sometimes they’ll save you a few bucks over a regular booking, but the “taxes and fees” will actually make it more expensive!


Snagged this one. Want to express my thanks to @NTorch and @Dan! Thank you so much!


Wow, this is exciting! Just saw this post because I like taking my time to read all the past posts, too. Hmmmm….where should I travel to? I need a few days to think about it, then I’ll come back. Let me just write down the code…G as in goof-off, L as in loser, O as in “oh, well…”

Joey K

Curious if they’re honoring the bookings people made! I could’ve used it but saw the post too late.


I was able to book a $250 hotel room for $50 (they still seem to charge fees/taxes on full amount). Has not been cancelled yet.