[Dead, Be Sure To Cancel If Not Needed] Book Most IHG Hotels Worldwide For Just 16K Points On 8/5/23!

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Update, 8/2/23: If you booked this but aren’t going to use it, don’t forget to cancel it. If you are already within the cancellation period, you can often change the dates to further out and then cancel it…

Originally posted on 8/21/22:

Update: DEAD! Don’t miss it if this becomes alive again. Sign up for deal notification alerts here!

Book Most IHG Hotels Worldwide For Just 16K Points On 8/5/23!

Last week, IHG had an award flash sale with massive discounts worldwide.

Now you can book most IHG hotels even cheaper, just 16K points. However this is only available for stays on Saturday, 8/5/23. If you include that date with other dates you’ll get the discount for that date, but note that you can’t book past 8/6/23 currently.

These sales have come and gone very quickly before and hotels have a limited number of award nights, so as long as the cancellation policy for your hotel looks good, book it now and figure out if it will work out later.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get any Six Senses hotels to price for 16K points.

If you have an IHG Traveler Card, IHG Premier Card or IHG Premier Business Card you’ll get every 4th night free. Grandfathered IHG Select cardholders also get 10% off award rates.

You can purchase IHG points here with a 75% purchase bonus, so points will cost as low as 0.57 cents each, though points don’t always post instantly. That’s just $228 for a 40K hotel night or $171 with a 4 night stay if you’re a cardholder. Some of these hotels can go for up to $800/night after tax, making this a bargain!

You can also transfer points from Chase, but that transfer also isn’t instant and isn’t a good value considering the price that points are sold for.

Will you book any stays for 16K points?

Which hotels will you book?

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Nothing in BOS pricing out at 16k




Nothing in NYC or Philly either


Booked a $800 Hotel for this rate
Free cancellation








Also note that 8/5 is Shabbos


Booked IC Tel Aviv!
If these sales keep up, I will be spending all of July and August 2023 at that hotel ;-D


booked a tlv as well!
can i gift them to someone if i am not going to be there?


I know its dead, but do IHG point allow booking premium rooms? rooms available with Marriott points are limited making bookings with kids (ie: suites) a huge hassle/impossibilty. sitting on several 100k of functionally worthless Marriott points and a couple of worthless FNAs.


Marriott Residence Inn have 2 room suites. If you book the basic room, you can ask the hotel directly to upgrade you. YMMV, but I just did this last week.

SY Bergman

Happy to speak to.you and purchase


I booked ic mauritius too!


I got NYC for the 16k points earlier today. Thanks Dan.


some hotels have actually gone up and STAYED up since the flash sale last week….


Thanks for the reminder (to cancel). Just snuck in before the cancellation deadline (IC NYC)(


Crazy, I needed exactly that day alone to go to Newport Jazz Festival and missed it 🙂 Prices for inns range like $900 for that day, no Marriott no IHG certificate availability.. Gonna have to drive back to New York, I guess..