Confirmed: Stay Twice At Any Hyatt And Earn 13,500 United Miles And A Free Night At Any Hyatt In The World!!!

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I spent 2 nights confirming that this promo actually works, and indeed it does! It did require a short phone call to Hyatt Gold Passport customer service to correct the postings to miles instead of points and to get the 500 point diamond amenity.

My total cost was $125 including tax for 2 nights at a Hyatt Place.  For that I got:

-A free night to use at any Hyatt in the world through 03/31/10 (And Hyatt has been generous in the past about extending that deadline).

-1,000 Hyatt points as a Diamond amenity.

-5,000 Hyatt points for reasons unbeknown to me.

-13,500 United miles.

That’s less than 1 penny a mile, and that’s besides for the Hyatt points and the free night at any Hyatt worldwide!

Plus the Hyatt Place rooms are really nice.  They’re spacious and come with up to 3 beds including the pull-out couch.  All Hyatt Place’s have free wi-fi and a nice desk to work at.

Here’s how to do it:

-Register for “The Next Big Thing” promotion and select free nights.

-Register for 2,500 bonus United miles with every 2 nights between 09/15 and 12/31. This promo is capped at 25,000 miles (20 nights) per member.

-Register for 5,000 bonus United miles with each stay by 10/31.  Yes I know it says it’s only for 1K’s. No I’m not a 1K. Yes it posted just fine for me. Use at your own risk!!!

-Find a cheap room at a Hyatt Place (Thursday-Sundays are cheapest)

-Upon checkin supply them with your United mileage number and request miles for the stay instead of points.

-You will get 500 base United miles for each stay.

-Yes all of these promotions really are stackable!!!

-If you have Diamond status you will also get 500 Hyatt points for each stay, although that will require a phone call to Hyatt to get it to post.

Not able to get Diamond status on the house? With the current double stays promotion it only takes 13 stays for you to earn Diamond the legit way!

Now you just need to figure out where to burn your free night with no blackout dates!  Here are some ideas…

Lowest Nightly Paid Rates (Before tax) for 12/29 at various Hyatt’s, converted into USD:

Note: Normally when you redeem free nights at Hyatt you pay no taxes and resort fees are waived.

Park Hyatt Sydney: $1,240

Park Hyatt Paris: $825

Park Hyatt Moscow: $800

Park Hyatt Milan: $650

Park Hyatt Tokyo: $620

Park Hyatt Dubai: $570

Park Hyatt Buenos Aires: $550

Hyatt Regency Maui: $485

Grand Hyatt Kauai: $465

HT: FT for the 5,000 point promo and to Levidess for the great HP rates!

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A cliche question but just want to make sure. Will 2 consecutive nights at the same property qualify or will it need to be 2 different “stays”. Thanks


If you stay consecutive nights at the same property it will all be considered 1 stay and you will not get any extra free night credits.



I have a question. How did you get 13,500 for the 2 stays? From what is written I see that you would get 2,500 for the 2 stays and then the 5,000 bonus as well. Can you explain in more detail or maybe I am just not seeing the overall picture. Thanks


The 5,000 bonus is for each stay=10,000
2,500 for every 2nd night=2,500
500 base miles for each stay=1,000

Non United

Where do I link my United account to my Hyatt? Does the points go into an account opened automatically?


Does anyone have a suggestion to check rates at multiple Hyaats across a geographic area over a long period of time (say, until the promotion expires).
Also, anyone know how to book a room (pay for it)and not physically check in and still get the credit?


@Non United:
You just register for the 2 United promos and give your United number at checkin.

I searched for Ohio from 11/01-11-30 and it gave me the average daily rate for each hotel. When you click on the detailed rates for a hotel it then gives the rates for each night.


Did miles post into your UA or Hyatt account? Are you 1k? Do you know if Goverment rate will earn miles (its better then 30% offat some locations)? Do they check Goverment ID?


I’m a total newbie to this… Is this deal worth doing for $150 just for the sake of the miles? For example- I have no need to stay at the hyatt anytime soon. But if I find a deal for a cheap room, then should I just show up and check in for the miles alone?

Is the stay still eligible if it were booked through Expedia?


forgot to mention that I’m in Montreal and there is only a Hyatt regency here- I looked it up and in general it is over $100/night…?


can I stay in any hyatt to get the promo or does it need to be a hyatt place?


i live in sydney, not really worth it for me:)


how did you get the room so cheap?


can i use the 30 percent off together with all the mileage offers?


I’m not 1K, the miles are listed on the Hyatt site, but it takes time to post to United.
All rates booked at qualify.

That depends on how you value your miles.
Only stays booked directly from Hyatt will qualify.

Any Hyatt.

Aggressive negotiations 😉



I am actually now in the Hyatt in Colorado I booked 3 rooms for 3 nights what’s my total points I should be getting for this 3×3 stay? I am a diamond member and signed up in all promotions you posted


If those 3 nights are consecutive nights it will only count as one stay. You may want to consider the possibility of switching your 2nd night to a different property to qualify for all nights.


Y Does it have to be switched to another property can’t he just check out and check in Again iow make each night a seperate reservation


@Eli1571: Checking out and checking back in is considered a back-to-back reservation which will not count as another stay.


Also, anyone know how to book a room (pay for it)and not physically check in and still get the credit?


Dan… $20 gift card if you stay at hyatt summerfield or place monday through thursday!


dan could i get the 500 miles per stay with aadvantage, and only get the bonus of 12,500 (per 2 night) with united?




How long did it take for the United miles to post to your account?

I went crazy on the Hyatt thing just like you just waiting for the United mileage to post.

And I am 1k



Dan, You say in your post that Hyatt has been generous about extending the deadline to use the free night. Just call the regular number?

BTW I successfully used the Costco 100 gift certificate and they refunded my prepaid rate.


Hi Dan! I booked 2 nights at a Hyatt using my two free nights .. Now say I sign up for all the promo’s, and then book another stay paying $ will I receive the points/miles?


Ha! ok .. No need to explain 🙂