Hong Kong Is Reopening Today! Well, Sort Of…

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Hong Kong has been mostly closed to tourists since the beginning of 2020.

As China removes some of it’s most onerous zero-COVID restrictions, Hong Kong is doing so as well. But the Hong Kong that I’ve visited and loved in the past doesn’t exist anymore. China used COVID as an excuse to eliminate democracy in Hong Kong and I’m sure that if I do return to the city, it won’t be the same as I remember it.

At any rate, as of an hour ago, Hong Kong has eliminated the amber health code that blocked tourists from entering restaurants and other venues that had been off limits. Electronic tracking wristbands for people who test positive for COVID are also eliminated.

Tourists entering Hong Kong will be tested upon arrival and given a blue code to move around the city if they test negative. If you test positive you will be given a red code and will be forced into isolation for 5 days.

You will still have to take a PCR upon arrival, a PCR on their 3rd day, and a rapid test daily for 5 days and will need to isolate if you test positive. A vaccine pass is still required for entry to restaurants and other venues. Masks remain required both indoors and outdoors.

Clearly there’s a long way to go until tourists will feel comfortable returning to Hong Kong.

Will you fly to Hong Kong anytime soon?

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8 Comments On "Hong Kong Is Reopening Today! Well, Sort Of…"

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Not a chance. Only when there is no testing required or any mandatory quarantines. So sad. Was such a great city.


Do you need a vaccine card?

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Dr. Seuss

The more that you read, the more things you will know.


Restrictions or not I wouldn’t go there with the current political situation


What happens if you spend less than 48 hours there? Does the plane ticket have to show a minimum of five days?


I would have to be paid a considerable sum of money to return to Hong Kong under these absurd rules.

Besides, I can’t say I’m super interested in going. I think it would just make me sad. Like you, I remember when it was a different place. The West sold them out. Maybe they had to, but that doesn’t make it any better.


Not sure which part of this I’d call “reopening”.