Ends Today! Enroll In CLEAR By 1/31 To Beat A Massive Price Increase

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Update: Today is your final chance to lock in $109-$119/year CLEAR membership via a United or Delta account discount.

Originally posted on 1/15:

CLEAR recently raised their rates to $189 per year, but anyone with a pulse could open a CLEAR account with a mileage number from United or Delta for $119 per year. Delta and United credit cardholders and elites pay $109 per year while top-tier elites get CLEAR for free.

Those numbers will increase substantially.

If you have a United or Delta mileage number, the cost will soon be $179 per year, a whopping 50% price increase. CLEAR for Delta and United credit cardholders and elites will soon cost $149 per year, while top-tier elites will still get CLEAR for free.

It’s unclear when the new price will go into effect, so if you don’t have CLEAR yet, you’ll want to signup now before the increase.

A CLEAR member can add up to 3 adults for just $60 each. Kids under 18 can go with their parents for free without a membership or biometrics required.

The AMEX Platinum Card, AMEX Business Platinum Card, and AMEX Green Consumer Card come with a $189 annual credit for CLEAR.

If you signup now, you can pay $179 for 2 adults ($119 for the primary member and $60 for an additional member), which will be fully reimbursed by those cards. After this change it will cost $209 ($20 after AMEX credit) for 2 adults if you have a Delta or United card or status or $239 ($50 after AMEX credit) for 2 adults without a Delta or United card or status.

Kids under 18 can use the CLEAR line for free when traveling with adults who have CLEAR.

CLEAR allows you to skip to the front of the security line. If you have PreCheck you can skip to the front of the PreCheck line and if you don’t have PreCheck you can skip to the front of the regular line.

You don’t need to take out your ID either, your fingerprint or eye act as your ID.

The dependability that skipping the line gives you is simply amazing. It means I can leave my house 55 minutes before a flight and know that I won’t miss my flight out of CLE. When I’m with my family I’ll leave plenty of time and enjoy the airport lounge and the shorter CLEAR line, but if I’m solo, the less wasted time in the airport is always a win.

CLEAR also allows you to skip the line at non-airport locations, such as sporting events.

Here is a list of all CLEAR locations.

Do you enjoy having CLEAR?

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Harley Kesselman

What if you already have clear? Can you re-up now for another year before the increase takes effect? Thanks!!!

Nuch a Yid

Dan, I have the same question.
If not due for renewal yet, can we pay sooner to extend membership?


Looking for the same answer

Texas Totty

Anyone have a response to this?

Texas Totty

If you have a credit card or status, it’s probably worth letting your membership renew for effectively $20 for a full new year after that. And who knows? Maybe Amex will raise the credit by then to reflect the increase.


You can cancel and re-enroll. CLEAR will credit the pro-rate period back but it’s unCLEAR if it goes back onto your AMEX card (if you use that Platinum credit) or how it would apply. You should be able to lock in the price for another year but it will change your renewal date if you re-enroll. If trying to use the $189 AMEX platinum benefit it is calendar year based regardless of the price or renewal date. One play might be to change the credit card to something besides the AMEX or card you don’t want the canceled pro-rate credit to go to and then when you re-enroll use the AMEX or other card of choice. This is theory of course. Also unCLEAR if you have to rescan if you do a new renewal.


You can just call Clear and ask them to charge your AMEX Plat card now


On the last part I can confirm. You do NOT have to rescan if reactivating an account.


Love Clear.

Billy ray bob

While I despise your gratuitous use of the term “game changer” it’s true in this case. Love clear, easily worth 2-3 times the current price if you fly even a few times a year.


How do I pay $179 for 2 adults?


The CLEAR line in CVG takes longer than the PreCheck line..
And whenever the CLEAR line is empty, so is the PreCheck line..


Save in ewr. Worthwhile but definitely haven’t seen the flightsaving benefits yet


Yes, same at CMH. Also traveling with our 5 year old a few months ago, Clear easily took 10 mins longer than pre-check, due to the operator spending a ridiculous amount of time checking our daughter’s details.

Texas Totty

It’s forever in EWR also. I wonder of they’re raising the price so fewer people have it and the lines will shorten.


Been hit or miss for me, but still faster than the standard line almost always.


I see you’re a fan of CL:EAR, but to me it seems like a complete waste of money for 99% of travellers. I get it for free — and was bribed by United with tens of thousands of miles to sign up for free — but I’d guess in my 50,000+ miles of flying within the USA the past year, it’s saved me maybe 2 minutes over “regular precheck.” Admittedly, my home airport doesn’t have CLEAR, but even if it did, I doubt I’d be willing to pay anything for it.


Would be a better product if it was 500$ per year


The first time you plan to use it you need to sign up and it’s a process, used it for the first time I went to Israel and I dont think it saved us any time… but after that you should be good


Does the Capital one venture x cover this?


Should we expect Amex to raise the credit to cover the increase?


2 weeks ago at EWR Clear line was 20 min. Pre check 1 minute. Too many people have clear. They need to stop giving it out for free…


Has the same last Tuesday.
In terminal B. 20 min


Last time clear raised the price Amex raised the credit. Why are we not expecting that again?


What’s the source of this news?

Dan Fan

If I sign up and pay for Clear now to lock in the rate, how long do I have to go to an airport to actually complete enrollment?


You probably have a year to do it, honestly… I just completed mine and I signed up / paid about five months ago.


Is it still going to cost $60 for additional?


Any current promos for signing up?


Do you have to be American to get CLEAR? Doesnt say either way on the website. Precheck and the other programs (except Nexus) you do need to be American, afaik.


FYI, they randomly chose Clear passenger to provide ID. It happened to my wife twice.


And a mosgiach should just trust, but not verify? D T, you likely have zero understanding of quality control et al…


drawback: paid membership good for ONE Year only. so ieven if platnium refund all, need to go to airport to activate, and no trips planeeded now. can get it free but no need if no travel, and maybe not amaing if travel 1-2 a year to Israel. 9works only when depart USA)


Anyone know if the clear credit for Amex Platinum cards would post after I closed the card if I change the membership right before I close it? According to Amex terms, the account cannot be canceled at the time of “credit fulfillment”, but does anyone have data points?


Saul, something I do on occasion (it’s hit or miss though…) is either buy something you plan on returning, or simply over-pay your bill right before you cancel (if it lets you–just do it for a few dollars). That will keep many accounts active even though technically they’re “closed.”


Correction: charge the membership

United + platinum

Hi have United and platinum cards with my clear membership under the platinum card. Is there a way to get my spouse’s clear membership covered by the other card?


fyi…at HPN clear is only available to use for a few designated daytime hours.


My wife’s passport is still under her maiden name but her license is married name. What name should clear be registered under?


Married name.


Not if she’s gonna use it to fly internationally! Then she would have to use the name on her passport. Either way make sure you book ticket with the name on the ID you are going to use.


clear makes it very easy to reactivate (renew) without confirming, so i was charged $189 and $60 for a family member.
a quick 1 minute call to clear fixed that and i was credited back $70
i explained that i am a united member and it should only be $119 plus $60 for both, and they credited it right away


If I sign up for the 2 month trial can I pay for the year right after and get 14 months?


Can’t you always get it right before your flight and cancel after your flight? (it’s pro rated so doesn’t really matter what the price is)


Anyone with .edu address can get for $60/year? Or do they verify some other way?


Tried to join but clear wants 189. How do I register through united? I have a pulse! Really I do? But don’t see how to register that way. Can you tell me what to do?


If you don’t plan to fly now but want to lock in the lower rate with united, then sign up just one person and the next time you fly add the additional and that additional will be prorated (no need to add the whole family now)


Does the $60 family member need to have the same legal address as the main member?




They told me difference in price will be charged after the fact if you sign up today.

I told the rep the effective date of price increase is Feb 1, and she said it’s bc people are cancelling and renewing at lower price.


If in college you can get 4 years for $60/year, they do verify with documents and email


Already $189 online on 1/31/2023


No-one on Chat or at their 800 number. So, I guess they lose my new membership.
Looks like their customer support is minimal.


TSA Pre just as good and much cheaper


If I’m already enrolled and renewal not until later this year, can i lock in rate?


Do you think the no-fee United Gateway card qualifies as a “United” card? I’m hoping it does.


Mine does

Seena Eisenman

I was just on chat with a CLEAR agent. I asked, “Is there anything I can do to lock in the current rate for another year?” She replied, “I’m sorry the price increase started today so you wouldn’t able to get the old rate.” So all the info here about taking action today is moot, is seems.


Clear is raising the price for family members to $70