Master Roundup Of How To Get Car Rental Elite Status For Free, Now With More Deals Added!

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Having upper or top-tier rental car status like Avis President’s Club, Avis Chairman’s Club, Hertz President’s Circle, Hertz Platinum, National Executive, or National Executive Elite makes renting a car a lot better than the chore it can be without status.

Here are some ways to get rental car status.

Status from credit cards:


Status match from hotel, airline, or car programs:

You can match from 40 airline, car, and hotel program to National Executive and Executive Elite. In most cases, matches will be approved within several hours and will take effect in about a week.

Sample matches to Executive:

  • Avis Plus
  • Enterprise Gold
  • Hertz Five Star
  • Sixt Gold
  • Choice Gold
  • Hilton Silver
  • Hyatt Discoverist
  • Marriott Silver
  • Post what other status matches to Executive!

Sample matches to Executive Elite:

  • AA Platinum or higher
  • Delta Gold or higher
  • United Gold or higher
  • Avis President’s Club or higher
  • Enterprise Platinum
  • Hertz President’s Circle or higher
  • Sixt Platinum or higher
  • Best Western Gold or higher
  • Choice Platinum or higher
  • Hilton Gold or higher
  • Hyatt Explorist or higher
  • IHG Gold or higher
  • Marriott Gold or higher
  • Post what other status matches to Executive Elite!

Sample matches to Sixt Gold:

  • Accor Silver or Gold
  • Marriott Silver
  • AA Gold
  • Delta Silver
  • El Al Silver/Gold
  • Flying Blue Silver/Gold
  • Miles & More Gold
  • Singapore Silver

Sample matches to Sixt Platinum:

  • Accor Platinum
  • Marriott Gold or higher
  • AA Platinum or higher
  • Delta Gold or higher
  • El Al Platinum or higher
  • Flying Blue Platinum
  • Miles & More Senator or Platinum
  • Singapore Gold or higher

Sample matches to Sixt Diamond:


Status match between brands:

Collect them all folks!

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Can you match car rental status to get a better hotel status


I tried to match from national to hertz pc and they responded that I can only do so once every 5 years.
Anyone else experience this?

Lord Dima

Same just a couple weeks ago. Then I remembered I could get Hertz PC with AmEx Platinum. That went through in a day.


i had this issue then i just used this link to match , got it in 10 days

P Katz

Also had this issue see post below
Anyone to help out how to get it matched? HOCA? But it’s email..
Was thinking if opening a new account on Hertz on a different email would help, (Maybe they will match DOB and/or license num?)


Thanks Dan. Anyone matching from Hertz Platinum?

Peanut butter chocolate flavor

If everyone is elite, then no one is elite


The people who read and act on dans tips are a very small percentage of people who rent cars


I remember when you had to message JJ for this info lol


When was that?

nsx at FlyerTalk

Venture X loses Hertz President’s Club at the end of 2024.


Do these sttuses get u cheaper prices?


In most cases (at least major airports in the US) you can book an intermediate car and automatically get an upgrade. With Avis you get 2 classes above your booking class, and in Hertz & National you can take any car off the lot, as long as its not in the reserved lot. Also you don’t need to wait in line you can just book, choose a car and drive off.


To be fair, anyone can sign up for hertz gold service and skip the counter after their first rental.


Yes! Even though I did not want an SUV from Hertz, sometimes these are priced significantly lower than the intermediate car you may want…. on my last trip I booked the lower price offered for SUV knowing that I would get my pick from President’s Circle and walked away with the Toyota Camry

Lord Dima

They get you better cars at a price of cheaper car ‍♂️


Dan, I would appreciate a post (Or link to an old post) on the benefits of car rental status, and some tips on how to use your status to get better deals/upgrades


anyone know if any airlines match my EL AL Matmid status?
thank you in advance


Check out statusmatcher


if i have avis pc and hertz pc would i be able to match with any airlines ?


Can you match Hilton silver > National Executive > Avis Preferred Plus > Hertz Presidents Circle & Enterprise Gold?




How can I get rid of the underage fee from Avis/ budget, enterprice and national?


Grow up?


@Jc, just did this – join AAA, then the fee is waived on Hertz. Not sure on those you mentioned though


That’s only once your 20 no?


Does status count if you book through Costco, where the prices are generally cheaper and you get second driver at no extra charge?


is there a way to get a car for 26 hours for the price of one day, meaning with a two hour grace period


Status should get you a grace period when returning.

P Katz

I recently tried to match my national executive status with Hertz to get president circle status, they replied that I’m ineligible to do status match (see below) anyone with this experience? Anything to do?

Dear P Katz,

Thank you for your email. We apologize for the delay in our response.

Our records indicate that you were able to take advantage of the status match within the past five years. I regret to inform you that you are already ineligible for the status match upgrade. We hope you will understand our position in this instance.

Your continued business as a Hertz Gold member is appreciated.

Gold Data Entry


Am I reading correct? Marriott gold status will get matched to National Executive Elite?


Before I let my sapphire reserve go, I signed up for national then matched to Hertz which worked because I rent from Hertz for work


hi Dan i can’t get the link to work for amex platinum card to hertz


Does Amex platinum give Hertz status for additional card holder also?


i rented once from hertz and on my account it says i have hertz 5 star anyone knows why??


Does any of these statuses help with rentals in Israel?


It for me. I think it’s only US Mexico and Canada


Can you ever get good value redeeming points for rentals?


Worth mentioning,

You could also get Sixt platinum status with any world elite master card like the chase freedom flex through the master card concierge.


If I have Avis status will it help when booking a car with budget (which is picked up at Avis counter)?


Dan could you add to this post on how to get great rental rates?


World Elite Mastercard to Avis Presidents Club upgrade does not appear to apply to US residents. US not on the list of countries in the application to upgrade a current account.


I found the same thing, and actually came here to post about it. Hoping there’s a workaround.


if i have hertz president circle, national executive elite can i status match to hotels? if so which? Thanks.




Could Amex platinum free AU officially use Amex CDP?
If yes how could they prove if asked for proof upon pickup?


If I match to National using my Hertz (from my AMEX Platinum) how long does it last? Is there a limit to how many times I can do it (like once in 5 years) or something like that?


Hey Dan
I have an American Express platinum card if I book a rental through a third party company will I still get the free upgrades from the car rental company?


I have a Venture X card and haven’t enrolled in the free Hertz status because it’s only good for a year. So I’m saving it for whenever I go on a trip that I’ll need a rental car.

I don’t like these transient benefits, where I keep the annual fee in perpetuity after enjoying one good year. Is there a card that gives you the rental status benefits for as long as you hold the card?


I don’t have it anymore but iirc Amex Platinum used to give Hertz status every year.


I don’t doubt it, and thank you for the tip. For all of your really good tips, really.

I’ll just share my impression of the “premium” card space, since I’m kind of a newbie to it. I took the Venture X over the Amex Platinum and the Sapphire Reserve because I could clearly see and understand the value proposition. I would pay $395, and get in fair exchange a $300 recurring travel credit plus a $100 recurring annual “miles” allotment. Setting aside any of the other card bene’s, it was clear that this card, if you do even one trip a year, pays for itself. And it gives you the free lounge access and Global Entry that make travel easier. But like the sign-up bonus, much of the rest of Capital One’s benefits that you pay for in perpetuity last only fleetingly. Witness the soon to close window of Uber benefits on Capital One’s related Savor/Savor One cards, which it only makes sense to obtain if you are going to direct your spending to Capital One with a Venture X in your wallet. With Capital One, you sign up and then the benefits start dropping like flies. In retrospect, not such a great choice. But I didn’t really understand that as I made the choice.

The Chase Sapphire Reserve costs a lot more at $550. And it only gives you a certain payback of $300 in travel credits (which are more “flexible” than Capital One’s credits good only for their own travel Web site, but still in strict math you’re out $250 if you realize only the annual credit as your benefit). But had I been sophisticated enough to understand the math, I might’ve realized that concentrating my spending on this card might’ve more than made up for the value differential to Venture X because of the extra percentage the miles/points are worth from Chase. And, unlike Capital One, Chase’s benefits like elite rental status don’t disappear after a short introductory period.

Amex Platinum, which I am pressured to apply for every time I log on to the app or site to find out my balance on my free, ancient Blue Sky card, with the Platinum 80,000 or 125,000 point bonus depending on the day, would be a stupid move for me. I don’t and will never work out at Excessive (I mean, Equinox), where the 50 lb dumbbells weigh the same 50lbs as LA Fitness’ weights but cost only an eighth the price at low-rent LA Fitness. I would have to really, really want to go into a Centurion lounge to fork over the $700 or so that card demands in exchange for discounts on things I could never afford and that are simply not a part of my lifestyle. When I was in the long line at the woefully undersized bank-agnostic Cancun airport lounge behind people waving around their Amex Platinum cards, I was struck by the fact that these people were, perhaps only in my own imagination, wasting a vacation’s worth of a small fortune on annual Amex fees because they probably hadn’t done the math but were lured in by the mystique of prestige.

sam s

sixt platinum can get u national executive elite?

Azriel Ciment

I reached out to Mastercard World Elite services and they told me that they do not have status matching with Hertz to get President’s Circle. Anyone able to help?

Lord Dima

Avis President Club match from World Elite Mastercard seems to be messed up. The link in the post redirects to another link, which has another link for existing members and that link does not provide USA as the region choice. Avis IT strikes again. Worked fine a couple months ago.