Coronavirus News: Argentina Requiring 2 Week Home Quarantine For US Visitors, Israel Bans Gatherings Over 100 People, Warriors Will Play Without Fans

SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 Coronavirus under microscope. Credit: NIAID-RML
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As coronavirus is officially labeled a pandemic and disrupts daily life and travel, I’ll share stories that may affect DansDeals readers. 

-Argentina announced today that visitors coming from China, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Japan, South Korea and the United States will be subject to a mandatory 2 week home quarantine.

Peru and Colombia are requiring a 2 week home quarantine for visitors from China, Italy, Spain and France.

There aren’t many details available on this yet, but if you don’t have a method of quarantining at home, you may be denied entry into the country and sent back home.

Israel has banned indoor events and gatherings that are greater than 100 people. That will likely affect many shuls and events there.

-The Golden State Warriors will play without fans after San Francisco banned events with more than 1,000 people. Expect more sports teams to ban fans from attending in the coming days.

-You can discuss coronavirus and how it’s affecting your life on the dedicated COVID-19 board on DDF here.

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The belzer rabbi just had a Purim tish and there where a lot more then 100 people there…


We’re a stiff-necked people


Mashke is a disinfectant..

Corona Shmarona

Belz chassidim must be above the law then. Or this law was just put into effect today


Fake news


This is not unique to belz. There are many shuls all over Israel who have minyanim of over 100 people every Shabbos. So I guess they’ll need to break it up, wonder if they will.


Shuls are already breaking up. Mine announced 5 minyanim for Shabbat and you are asked to preregister so they know each will be small

Texas Totty

My shul also had a break-up. In fact, they broke up already 6 months ago.


חסידים שאני


Does this mean if you have a USA PASSPORT they might not let you into Argentina? Or you have to be traveling from USA ?

ps: I am in Brazil, I’ll be coming from São Paulo to Argentina, direct. Any help, would be appreciated.


Call the immigration office


Some of the banned countries are part of Schengen. This means that anyone from Italy can just drive over to Switzerland/Austria and take a flight out of there… Same for France. Geneva is a short drive from many parts of France… Does this work with the honor system by asking everyone if theyve been to those countries? Or am i missing something?


Italy is on complete lockdown


Doesnt answer my question


Saw somewhere that Gov of Ohio suggested that there shouldn’t be any gatherings indoor over 1000 people. Wondering if maybe the Cavs will start playing without fans. Just not sure if they usually have more than 1000 people per game….
If they would be so generous like the GSW to refund the full price I paid for my tix would be great


Just arrived home from 2 weeks in Argentina on Friday 3/6…they announced the first virus case the next day. Feeling lucky.


Seattle Mariners are still figuring out what to do about their home opener. Washington banned all public gatherings.
@CAVS, the Cavs are out of town most of the next two weeks.
The bigger issue is the Blue Jackets who are in playoff contention.


Blue Jackets already announced that they are not having fans at any games for the rest of the regular season. They did not say how they will be refunding season ticket holders. They will be refunding single game tickets bought on TM.


Here’s an interesting thought, if you have elderly loved ones, put them on a plane to Israel. The CDC has more or less said they are giving up on containment and are moving to mitigation. They are predicting that millions will get it over the next year or two. Their good news is that 80% of people will have mild symptoms and the virus is taking its biggest toll on the elderly or sick. This is hardly comforting for those with elderly or feeble parents. So put them on a plane to Israel. They will be in quarantine for two weeks and then they will be in a country that is taking this seriously and is doing its best to contain the virus.


Very smart and novel idea.


What is with all of these sports teams playing without fans? The weather is not bad, so if it gets too hot they could just take off their socks, so who needs fans?


Just wondering! Does this mean that the Knesset can’t meet because it’s made up of 120 seats (indoors)? So no government for now…




no government now anyway


Having a flight to Argentina in May with United. Thinking what to do….