[Lyft Matches] Uber Drops Mask Requirements, Removes Front Seat Ban

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Update: Lyft has now announced that they will also drop mask requirements and will allow riders in the front seat once again.

25 months of COVID protocols are being rolled back after Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle vacated the CDC transportation mask mandate yesterday. That was welcome news for the majority of the country that has fatigued of COVID protocols and in my opinion, a win for the Biden administration which finally found an off-ramp for those protocols while maintaining cover if a new variant does cause damage down the line.

Uber announced this morning that effective immediately, riders and drivers no longer have to wear a mask.

Uber also announced that riders can once again sit in the front seat, though the company requests that the front seat only be utilized when the back seats are full.

That follows announcements from Amtrak and every US airline that they would immediately drop mask requirements as well, causing celebrations in the sky.

For now, Lyft still has mask requirements in place. It would be interesting to watch the experiment if Lyft decided to keep that requirement as a point of differentiation, but as with the airlines, my assumption is that the market will force them to match Uber.

What do you think of Uber dropping mask requirements? Will Lyft drop them as well?

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For a long time already I always ask the uber drivers if they mind if I dont wear a mask and 90% of the time they didnt mind at all. Sometimes they even removed theirs as well.


Same for me


Just give Lyft a few minutes 🙂


Well said

The heart wants what it wants

Lyft tends to be cheaper many times, I’ll continue using them.

Hate Lyft

Could be, but they are not reliable. I once ordered Lyft from Newark and only after 15 minutes I got a message that no one was available


Had a similar experience, and recently Lyft has been more expensive for me every time.


I’ve had that in EWR with both Lyft and Uber.

I love kleenex

You have to try again

Uber Pool

I wonder how long it will take to bring Uber Pool back? That was the real money saver!


Barely remember what that was


That should hopefully bring down prices for Uber in general. Would be even nicer to see Via come back to NYC.


Masks Now Optional While Riding or Driving with Lyft


But it still says that you need to ware a mask, I don’t get it