Save $5 Off Each Of Your Next 5 Uber Eats Orders, Get 5 $5 Items For Free With In-Store Pickup!

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Update: DEAD!

If you’re new to Uber you can signup via JJ’s referral link here.

Existing users can go to the promotions field under your profile in the Uber Eats app, and enter the following code for $5 off your next 5 Uber eats orders (Exp: 8/27 at 11:55pm PT): FIVEOFF5

In the Uber Eats app you can select to only view restaurants with pickup available:

The best part is that there are no fees and promotions apply to pickup orders as well!

You can use that code with pickup to get 5 orders of $5 for free (tax applies) from restaurants in your area!

Post what you will buy with this promotion!

HT: Nisan M.

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Awesome! Thank you.
NOTE: Pick-up was recently added as an option in the New York region with no additional fees.


Ubereats deposited this promo directly into my account. Since I’m in NJ it’s assumed to be valid in NJ.


likewise, im in NY and i got a notification that a ”change was applied” i had 10 coupons added…


Dan- can you pls provide some insight on how/why Uber is able to keep offering these discounts, along with “share your courier” free delivery fees, given they are losing money?


Does sharing a courier pose a halachic issue?


@Yitz. Why would it?


@Sam To gain market share.


Tried to use code, but when I pressed “apply,” it repeatedly said” Failed to apply promo code. Please try again.


Anyone know anywhere in Lakewood that offers pickup? I went through everything and only one offering pickup is Snaps, and it says promo not available for that order.

Eli - your 7th grade Rebbe

I also tried adding the promo code, but it says that I am not eligible for the offer.

Kosher Police

It seems like someone hinted at this issue. When ordering through ubereats or any delivery service I would highly recommend insisting the restaurant seal the package with a kosher symbol on the tape. Talk your LOR for further clarification


True. Also, not choosing to share a courier doesn’t mean the’ll never have someone else’s food in the car or bike at the same time. Tvias Ayin may help when there’s no seal but you MUST clarify with your LOR.


Why do by it working I’m in Miami


Any idea why Uber charges tax on kosher takeout orders in Ohio?


They shouldn’t.