Save 25% Off An Uber Helicopter Ride Between Manhattan And JFK!

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Uber is now offering helicopter service during the afternoon rush hour from lower Manhattan (south of Houston and select points higher with access to the West Side Highway) and JFK and from JFK to anywhere in Manhattan. Just search for travel between JFK and Manhattan in the Uber app to see pricing.

During the soft launch, it is only available from iOS devices.

Uber Rewards members can save 25% off their first ride taken by 11/3 with code: FIRSTCOPTER

Uber Copter pricing includes an Uber from your location to the Wall Street Helipad, the flight between Manhattan and JFK, and a waiting Uber from the helipad to your desired terminal.

You can only bring 1 full size carry-on (max 40 pounds) and 1 personal item per passenger.

The 25% off code will bring the cost of a flight for one passenger from JFK to Reserve Cut to just about even with an Uber Black ride, though Uber Copter pricing is per person:

It might not be practical often, but I’d sure like to try it once!

It’s been a few years since I got a free JetSmarter private jet flight from Cleveland to Teterboro and then a free helicopter transfer from Teterboro to Manhattan.

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Hopefully Uber will add Android support, more airports, and helipads soon.

Will you try out Uber Copter?


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The luggage limitation kills it

Chaim Marcus

$170 for 5 passengers?


Same q

Coffee Guy

That’s a major point that should’ve been mentioned. Copter charge is PER RIDER, whereas Black is for up to 4.

Coffee Guy

I see it has now been added.


So then they should call it CopterPool.


You also call regular flights PlanePool??


I actually thought this was some sort of advertisement for something potentially coming in the future! Wow


Says invalid code


So just to clarify, if I need to make some extra cash and I sign up to be an uber driver, I might show up on the first day of work and they’ll be like, “we’ll we have enough car drivers for now but we’ll need you for a copter run..”?
I don’t mind getting some hours under my belt as pilot, I just feel bad for the passengers…
They say take off is easy, it’s landing that takes a little more skill..

You know what they say...

… any landing you can walk/crawl/swim away from is a good landing.


You don’t “show up” anywhere as an Uber driver.
I believe You just pick up passengers in your own car ..

IPhone 4

Not showing up for me on IOS


Yawn…blade has been around for ages.


Price is per person, then why show 5 persons on the app?

melech basadeh

great dating idea for somone proposing in far rockaway or 5t instead of paying these ridiculously overpriced proposol setups. though i wander how it works instead of the car picking you up from a jfk terminal , can they pick you up from a parking lot at jfk instead? can you even get them even to come to far rockaway queens or 5t?if not and you only wanted to uber it the whole way how would it work you book the uber copter and book another uber to take you to the helipad ? or just book the uber copter call the driver part of the leg and ask him to come to your location to pay more? thank you reb dan for the post have a gevaldige shabbos shuva


JFK to Manhattan, nah
Williamsburg to Boro park, now ur talkin!

Grouchifier 1.0

Dan, how do I sign up to drive for Uber copter? Is it invite only?