Gilt: Uber Manhattan Unlimited Commute Cards On Sale From Just $39!

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Update: There is now a 20% off Gilt City code that drops the price on these!

Gilt: Uber Manhattan Unlimited Commute Cards On Sale From $49

If you’ve never had a Gilt account you can save $20 off $50 by signing up with this link.

Use the following code for 20% off ($25 max discount): GETCITY20

Options include (Prices after 20% off):
Two-Week Unlimited Commute Card (July): $39.20
Two-Week Unlimited Commute Card (August): $39.20
Four-Week Unlimited Commute Card (July): $63.20
Four-Week Unlimited Commute Card (August): $63.20
Eight-Week Unlimited Commute Card (July): $134

-Activate July cards no later than July 29.
-Activate August cards no earlier than August 1 and no later than August 31.
-2, 4 or 8 weeks begin when activated.
-Valid for new and existing Uber riders
-Includes two weeks of unlimited uberPOOL commuting trips in Manhattan. Trips must begin and end in Manhattan below 125th Street.
–Valid Monday–Friday from 7–10 AM and 5–8 PM

If you don’t activate the card by the deadline you can obtain a full refund of the purchase price by contacting Gilt City’s customer service.

Uber Pool is Uber’s least expensive option as it allows 2 different Uber riders to share a ride in the same direction. But it’s hard to argue with a price-point that’s less than the subway.

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Just came back from a trip to NYC and it took 45min in an UberX to get from Noe Dui to Penn Station. IOW, not necessarily does Uber beat subways…


Uberpool changed in NYC and it is possible that you share the ride with as many people as the car can hold, meaning they can pick up another two people after you, drop off one and go pick up another one.
I imagine many people will take advantage of this promotion resulting in more rides which will make travel times insane.
Also, it’s $5 to cancel a ride a ride if you’re not happy with it (you have 30 seconds in some markets).
I personally stopped using uberpool since their policy changed and I currently use UberX and Juno for my daily commute.


Yeah mileagejunkies right. I’ve had some nightmare pool rides, where they keep picking up more people like the bus. Or the people who want to chat. Or the rude woman that tried to bribe me to get out. But other than that and the ubers that drive by then cancel after making me wait….it’s ok. A lot of times you ride alone. Most times in fact


You can get $20 off if a friend refers you to gilt