Earn Marriott Points When You Use Uber Or Uber Eats, Plus Earn 1,000 Bonus Points!

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Update, 2/17/22: If you didn’t take advantage of this offer, it is alive again but is now offering 1,000 points for linking your Uber and Marriott accounts.

Update, 5/30/21: The 2,000 point bonus for making your first eligible purchase after linking your Marriott account ends tomorrow!

Update, 5/10/21: My 2,000 point bonus for earning points with this partnership has posted! You can still earn the bonus by linking your account and making an eligible transaction by 5/31.

You can now earn Marriott points when you use Uber or Uber Eats.

You can click on settings in the Uber App or account in the Uber Eats app and then scroll down to Marriott Bonvoy to link your account. I wasn’t able to login and link my account yet, but hopefully that will start working soon. I will update this post when it starts working.

If you make 1 points earning transaction by 5/31 you’ll also get 2,000 bonus points!

  • Earn 6 points per dollar for $25+ Uber Eats orders delivered to any Marriott hotel.
  • Earn 2 points per dollar for all $25+ Uber Eats orders.
  • Earn 3 points per dollar on all UberXL, Uber Comfort, Uber SUV, and Uber Black rides.

Plus of course you’ll still earn points on your credit card and this will work with Uber gift cards.

This is valid in the US only.

I value Marriott points at about 0.65 cents each, so this is like getting 3.9% back on Uber Eats delivered to Marriott hotels, 1.3% back on Uber Eats, and 1.95% back on premium Uber rides.

Earning points will also extend the expiration of all of your Marriott points by another 24 months.

This makes Uber somewhat more competitive with Lyft, which offers stackable bonus Hilton points and Delta miles.

Back in the good old days you used to be able to earn 1 Starpoint (worth 3 Marriott points) for each dollar spend on all Uber rides. It’s nice to see this Marriott partnership return, even if it’s not as lucrative as it once was.

Don’t forget that AMEX Consumer Platinum Cards get $15 ($35 in December) in monthly Uber credits and AMEX Consumer Gold Cards get $10 in monthly Uber credits.

You can also enroll in Uber Eats Pass for free for 12 months if you have an AMEX Consumer Gold Card, an AMEX Consumer Platinum Card, or an AMEX Consumer Green Card.

Chase Sapphire Reserve® cardholders get a free year of Lyft Pink and Grubhub+ membership, and earn 10 points per dollar on Lyft rides through 3/31/22. Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, Freedom FlexFreedom UnlimitedInk Business Preferred® Credit CardInk Cash, and Ink Unlimited cardholders earn 5 points per dollar on Lyft rides through 3/31/22.

Will earning Marriott points make you more likely to use Uber?

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Doesn’t the Marriott Bonvoy get 2 points per dollar on all purchases? Why is ordering uber eats any better than any other purchase?


Same issue. Page gets stuck at marriott login


Had that issue. I reset my password and it worked.




Same here


Can I link my wife’s Marriott account number to my Uber account, or do the names have to match?


So this basically useless for all those who use standard uber X?


The Marriott Bonvoy also gets $10 monthly credits.


Anyone else having trouble logging into the Bonvoy account on the Uber app?


Log in still not working…


Big deal.


Dan, will Marriott points earned this way via Uber be considered “activity” to prevent Marriott points from expiring?


I don’t see the option to link at all . I’m on android on uber eats


I can’t see how this is better than getting Uber Gift Cards at around 20% off when they have them. That’s cash right back in your pocket


Linked without any problem.


Just linked. Worked right away.


FYI, linking works now.


still cant link


linked now

CLE Rocks

Can you bonvoy points for Uber eats pick-up orders as well? Also, is this more value then 10X Sapphire points on door dash?


If you have a $30 ride and use the $15 Amex credit, is that still considered a charge over $25 to be eligible?

M.r .

Dan if I make a uber eats transaction for $25 before promos does it qualify ? Also does tax count to be part of the $25?


Where does it say on uber about the 2000 point bonus ?
Don’t see it on the original email nor after linking accounts .


Is there any way to do this without an app (no smartphone)? (website?)

varun agarwal

why am i not seeing Marriott option in both Uber and Uber Eats app :(. I searched everywhere in settings.


Can I order Uber eats gift card to qualify for this?


@dan a) are you sure there’s a 25$ min spend to earn points with Uber Eats? Appears from their email that that is only for the limited time 2000point bonus..
B) Also it seems that the 6pts per dollar is on Uber eats while Staying at a hotel- would seem that Uber eats pickup would be included no? (And that your hotel reservation would need to have your linked Marriott account number in the reservation to trigger the 6x points)
Do the terms say differently than the email seems to say?
Also you should note that these point bonuses are in the U.S ONLY. Thanks

Shape joe

I think when you book Uber under business, then you don’t get those Marriott points


Mine did not post yet…


Assuming has to do when the qualifying charge was made. I made purchase Apr 28 and bonus posted May 10

shmoe joe

can i add my wifes bonvoy account to get another 2k?


Oops. Forgot to use this, and I have no plans to use Uber today or tomorrow. (And I stupidly used Lyft out of habit a week and a half ago.)

If I use Ubereats to preorder a delivery later in the week, will that qualify?

Netanel Levy

Got the Uber eat points (spent $30) credited to my account on 5/13 but i didnt get the 2K bonus.
any idea who to call or what i may have done wrong ?

Deal Guy

If I did a uber x ride for $7, was I supposed to earn Marriott points, and then trigger the 2000 points?


“Earn 3 points per dollar on all UberXL, Uber Comfort, Uber SUV, and Uber Black rides.”

Not UberX, it seems.


Do you still get Uber points if you do this?


I previously linked my Marriott account but never got the 1000 point bonus. If I unlink and then link again would I be eligible for the 1000 points?


When I click the link to link my accounts it doesn’t mention anything about getting 1000 bonus points . Is this offer still alive ?