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Silvercar Launches Rewards Program; New Renters Can Pay Just $39 For 2 Days In An Audi!

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About Silvercar:
Silvercar is a new-age car rental company that has a fleet of the Audi A4, Q5 SUV, Q7 SUV, and A5 Cabriolet convertible.

Cars come with built-in GPS, satellite radio, bluetooth, leather seats, and even a free WiFi hotspot. Unlimited miles are included in every rental.

You can also request Peg Perego booster and convertible car seats at no additional charge!

You can rent from Silvercar as long as you are at least 22 years old with no underage fees.

Both AMEX and Chase cover the CDW insurance for an Audi A4, A5, Q5, or Q7, just select personal coverage when renting and write AMEX, Chase, etc.

The Chase Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card® Card will include primary insurance and earn 2 points per dollar. The Chase Sapphire Reserve® card will include primary insurance and earn 3 points per dollar, plus Silvercar rentals qualify for the $300 travel credit. No AMEX cards come with primary coverage, but you can add primary coverage for about $20/rental by calling AMEX and enrolling in primary car rental CDW coverage.

Silvercar Rewards:

Silvercar recently launched their own rewards program.

You can now earn 1 point per dollar spent on all rentals. When you make a rental it will say how many points you’ll earn.

You can view your points balance when you login to your account.

Points don’t expire as long as you have any activity every 5 years. Free rental days start at 516 points and you can redeem points for part of a rental during the rental process.

Signup offer:

Step 1: If you signup for a new account via my referral link here you and I will both get $25 after you complete your first rental.

Step 2: After clicking on signup and enrolling for an account you may need to click on this link and enter the following referral code in order to get the $25 after you complete a rental: DELEFF
If the code is there then $25 will sent to you via a Visa eGift card after your rental.

Promo codes (Limit of one promo code per rental!):

1. With this link you can get 1 day free on 2+ day rentals. You may need to type in the promo code: AUDIPBFREEDAY

For example:

  • A 2 day rental at Miami Airport from September 3-5 with this code will cost $64.19 for the A4, $96.29 for the Q5, $109.14 for the A5, or $105.93 for the Q7. If you are a new renter you’ll also get $25 back after the rental, dropping the cost of an A4 to $19.59/day, Q5 for $35.64/day, A5 for $42.07/day, or Q7 for $40.47/day.

2. With this link you can get 2 days free on 4+ day rentals. You may need to type in the promo code: AUDIPBFREEDAY2

For example:

  • A 4 day rental at Miami Airport from September 1-5 with this code will cost $125.17 for the A4, $189.37 for the Q5, $215.07 for the A5, or $208.65 for the Q7. If you are a new renter you’ll also get $25 back after the rental.

3. With this link you can save 20% off any rental. This code says that it’s intended for Visa Infinite cards like Chase Sapphire Reserve®, but many readers have confirmed that it worked for them with other cards like AMEX without issue. You may need to type in the 20% off promo code: VISAINF20

For example:

  • A 1 day rental at Fort Lauderdale Airport from September 4-5 with this code will cost $49.75 for the A4, $75.42 for the Q5, $85.71 for the A5, or $83.14 for the Q7 after tax. If you are a new renter you’ll also get $25 back after the rental.

Silvercar has 26 locations:

    • Austin/AUS
    • Boston/BOS
    • Charlotte/CLT
    • Chicago/ORD
    • Dallas/DAL
    • Denver/DEN
    • Fort Lauderdale/FLL
    • Las Vegas/LAS
    • Los Angeles/LAX
    • Miami/MIA
    • Miami South Beach-Mondrian Hotel (1100 West Ave)
    • Newark/EWR
    • NYC-Columbus Circle, Manhattan
    • NYC-650 W. 42nd St, Manhattan
    • NYC-Brooklyn-McCarren Hotel Williamsburg
    • NYC-Brooklyn Downtown (535 Carlton Ave)
    • Orange County/SNA
    • Orlando/MCO
    • Phoenix/PHX
    • Salt Lake City/SLC
    • San Diego/SAN
    • San Francisco/SFO
    • San Francisco-Union Square
    • Seattle/SEA
    • Tampa/TPA
    • Washington/IAD

Have you rented from Silvercar before?

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When booking a car, keep checking back as your travel date gets closer. 2 weeks ago I used the “Dan Instructions” to book a 4 day rental for a trip to Denver.

All costs are **AFTER** the 2 day free code, so double it for standard rental days
Aug 1: A4 & Q5, $50/day
Aug 10: A4/$37 Q5/50
Today: A4/$35, Q5 $40. Now I see they started dropping the prices on the higher models: A5 Cabrilolet $55, $Q7 $50. These were originally MUCH higher (I cant remember since I was focusing on lowest cost)

Right now on the A4 total 4 days with fees is $187. Subtract Dan’s $25 referral code and the first tine renter $25 gift card, net cost is $137. If the prices continue to drop I will probably up the ride.

So whenever you book, keep checking back


NYC locations
Cheapest option is the A4 at $163 a day before taxes….


Depends on week. This week is extremely expensive in NY. I rented a month ago from Brooklyn location for four days, I used the 2 day free code and my total after taxes for the A4 (with the S trim line) was $160. It’s a real awesome car for that price range.


Can two discounts be used for one reservation?


Just finished a $500 reservation..
Will the points post retroactively?


Regarding Insurance coverage, are Chase & Amex the same?
Did you you ever do an article on this subject?



I just completed my 2nd Silvercar reservation. Thank you, Dan! There really is no other way to rent a car.

My first rental was with the Q5. I wish I would have just taken the A4, but I was worried I would be transporting more people with bags. It drove nicely enough, but the suspension is firmer than I would like, and the handling is nothing like a sedan.

Just a few weeks ago, I rented an A5 convertible. It was a dream. Drives fast, handles like a beast, and a reasonably comfortable drive. German cars are known for their “firm, but soft” suspension. The A5 was no exception. Lots of fun to take down that top, though.

Thanks for the recommendation!


Can I ask you where you rented it and how much the cost was?


Thanks @Dan I knew you would get it straight!


If i have a Chase sapphire Preferred and have regular Geico auto insurance, i know they’ll cover the liability. Which one should i be puting down for my personal coverage?


How do I combine the free day and the 20% off


Visa Infinite card holders get 30% off in general. Chase Saphire Reserve is a Visa Infinite card.




I’ve used them several times in Florida, and I have been happy. But one thing they did recently ticked me off. For the first couple of years they wouldn’t charge you extra for using the Sunpass in the car. They would simply pass through the tolls accrued to you about a week after your rental. They now charge a $5 fee. While’s it’s inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, it’s a little annoying.


Just got A4 for $250 in Phoenix for four days


Thanks for those coupons – just switched my rental for next week to Silvercar


can you leave your vehicle with them during your rental?


can i use this promotion more than once?


Thanks for the discount codes. They still work and I got a nice savings on my PHX rental. I used your referral code too!