PRICE MISTAKE! HURRY! Rent A Compact Car From Hertz In London/Heathrow For Just $3+Tax A Day Via Orbitz!

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Update 2: Remember to give Hertz your mileage number when picking up the car!
Here are some participating programs:
AA-1 mile per dollar spent.
Airtran-1 Credit for 5+day rentals.
Cathay Pacific-500 Miles per rental.
Continental-500 Miles for 5+day rentals.
Delta-500 Miles for 5+day rentals.
Frontier-500 Miles for 5+day rentals.
United-500 Miles for 5+day rentals.
USAirways-500 Miles for 5+day rentals.

Update: I made a reservation on orbitz for 99 days (it doesn’t cost anything to reserve) and when I plug in my confirmation at it shows the $3 price(even though you can’t reserve it for $3 on and that I have a “VW Beetle – Fun Collection or Similar” rented for the period.

Orbitz Booking Linky
Minimum rental is 5 days, maximum rental is 99 days.
A 99 day rental comes out to about $600 including all taxes.
The car has manual transmission.
Works easily for all of the dates that I tried…

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Thank you!
Expedia has the same price. Any idea which one is more probable to stick to the price?

Asher O



Still alive, why do think it’s dead?

Expedia will almost NEVER stand by a price mistake, so Orbitz is the best bet…


dead on orbitz


It is still alive on orbitz.
Which dates are you trying that makes you think that its dead?


Going to England?


dan this is only for the uk what do i type in when it ses from wher


If I want to start earning miles with Cathay Pacific, what should I sign up for? Asia Miles?


“No Air Conditioning”


1a. you can add the chabad corporate # to this reservation and still get the same $3 rate

1b. does anyone know if that corp. helps for underage fee (21/23-25)? does $3.09 x 25 days =$197.76? (should be closer to $90)

3. any way to get auto. trans.?

4. any other locations?


this is amazing – thanks for the link. i also used the corporate #.
i just booked my ticket to England so that i can go drive my little beetle. i’ll be ther for 3 weeks.
don’t ask what i’m going to do there but Hey – deals like these don’t come around very often. and how can i ever pass it up? the price we pay for the good life…


There’s an easy way to get free upgrades from manual to automatic-just make it clear that you have never driven a manual before and that you will take out full insurance!


what is chabads corp. num.


hello Dan please put a genral update for rental car , cupon and corporate

thank you


KR – you are obviously kidding, no? i mean you don’t go to England just cuz ther’s a sale on beetles… i sure hope your kidding. the good life is enjoying what you have, not chasing greener grass.


i tried i think the link is dead