Lyft Pink Now Includes Unlimited Bike Rides In Select Cities; Don’t Forget To Select Your Preferred Loyalty Partner

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Lyft Pink costs $199 per year, but Chase Sapphire Reserve® cardholders get it for free for a year if they enroll by 3/31/22. They also earn 10 points per dollar on Lyft through 3/31/22.

Lyft Pink offers 15% off all Lyft rides, free Grubhub+ or Seamless+ membership, bonus surprise offers and discounts, priority airport pickup, waived cancellation fees 3 times per month when you rebook a ride within 15 minutes, waived lost and found fees, and 3 free 30 minute scooter rides per month in Los Angeles, CA; San Diego, CA; Minneapolis, MN; Miami, FL; and Washington DC.

Previously, Lyft Pink offered 3 free bike rides per month, but annual memberships now include unlimited free 45 minute classic bike rides and discounted ebike rides booked in the app.

  • Free and discounted rides are available in:
    • New York City, via Citi Bike ($0.12/min for ebike)
    • San Francisco Bay Area, via Bay Wheels: ($0.15/min for ebike)
    • Santa Monica, CA: ($0.23/min for ebike)
    • Chicago, via Divvy: ($0.15/min for ebike)
    • Portland, via BIKETOWN: ($0.15/min for ebike)
    • Columbus, via CoGo: ($0.10/min for ebike)
    • Minneapolis, via Nice Ride: ($0.10/min for ebike)

In other news, Lyft no longer allows you to earn both Delta and Hilton points on rides. You can click here to go to the rewards section of the Lyft app to select if you want to earn 2 Delta miles per $1 on airport rides and $1 on other rides or 3 Hilton points per dollar on all rides. You can change back and forth on demand, so you may want to use Hilton for general rides and Delta for airport rides to maximize the rewards.

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I activated the promotion last year but the year is expiring soon. Will they credit another year if I renewed my Sapphire reserve & paid the annual fee? Or is the promotion only once per account for all eternity?


@Dan, which rewards earning would you suggest as more valuable/higher earning. As suggested above?
Also, in my lyft account it still says they are both connected. Am I not earning till I choose one?


Does anyone know of a way to ride one of these bikes without a smartphone?


Get a smartphone


What’s a smartphone got to do with biking? He wants to ride a bike, not stare at a screen all day.

I love kleenex



Right, stare at the phone while you ride for safety? Calling and texting can be done on a regular flip phone, which are still being manufactured and sold for a reason.


I believe there’s a key FOB option with a 1 time $10 fee for the key (aside from any other costs or membership fees):


Do you know if I can use citi bikes for a few people at once (in my family) using the lyft pink (from Sapphire Reserve)? And does it come out free, or 12 cents a minute?


You can only rent 1 bike at a time. Each user needs their own app even if you want to pay.


Best credit card to use for Lyft?


Ty. If you rent it from the citibike app, how do they know to apply the free discount if you’re a reserve member?

I love kleenex

What about a helmet


any way to get this for another year? seems like this is a one time offer. mine just expired


Try asking for a new cc#. My guess is it won’t work but let us know if it does!