Free Hertz #1 Gold Membership With Waived Underage Fees!

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Free Hertz #1 Gold Membership With Waived Underage Fees Linky

“In addition to waiving the $60 membership fee, You’ll also enjoy:

-Automatic discounts on our Standard and Leisure Rates.
-No additional fees related to your age*. This is a fee that is usually applied to each rental day for renters ages 21-24 years-old.
-Speed and Expedited Service at over 40 of the world’s busiest airports, there’s no stopping at any counters. And at over 1,000 locations around the world, simply go to the specially designated Gold counter, show your driver’s license and pick-up your keys.
-Provide your e-mail address too and you’ll receive special savings opportunities especially for our Gold members.
-Waiver of age differential fee and reduced rental rates are only available on rentals using CDP # 1826991. This CDP will automatically be included for new enrollees.”

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hey this link is messed up, its got a preprogrammed country of residence and i cant get the page to go through with london, israel or us. keeps saying “Preferred Mailing Address – The address given is not consistent with the country of residence originally stated at the start of enrollment. Please indicate your proper address or restart your enrollment. [NEX081]” ??


thanks dan butwhen i tried signing up its not working for the U.S. its saying Hertz Europe Limited, England, UK


Not sure what you guys are messing up on, but it works just fine for me.

I’d try again if I were you.


Thanks Dan! Signed up and it worked perfectly! There prices aren’t comperable to Enterprise chabad, but they have much more exciting cars.


im def not messing up for some reason its saying Hertz Europe Limited, England, UK,on the personal data page and when im putting in my info that i live in the US its saying that myPreferred Mailing Address is not consistent with the country of residence originally stated at the start of enrollment.


Are you in the UK now?

Levi L

Hey i did it earlier before seeing it on this website, you must have a family member who is gold memebr otherwise theyll charge you the 60 dollars. I had to call them to refund me…..


dose it also work for 18 year olds can it waive there under age fee?


I got a rebbe whos coming in from Israel for a week and needs a rental car from JFK on JUne 1st at 7am and returning the car to JFK on sun june 6 at 7pm. Need a full size car and only getting 400 including tax. Can anyone help me? Does anyone have Chabad enterprise corp number? Please email me at Thank you


I was waiting in a huge line at Dollar in SFO. I walked over to the no line Enterprise (which online was double the price with the Chabad corp) and asked them to match the (corporate) price of dollar and they did. Great idea that works when they are all next to each other.


Did it and it worked, I heard that people have been having problems using chabad enterprise on the west coast (they wont wave underage) anyone hear about this?


does anyone know who this corp code belongs to?


in most enterprize locations in the west coast they will honor the waiving of underage fee..just ask before


who CDP is that????

is there any fee?? cuz you got to enter a credit card?


hey, i tried but i am only 20, i have to at least 21. What is Chabad’s enterprise number? thanks


Bchlal, I was just in western canada, and I used the hertz chabad corporate. And it saved me like 30%. Better than the useless AAA codes.


the prices r waaaaaaaaaaay expensive with hertz u r better off paying underage fees with other companies than hertz without

“hertz chabad corporate”?




Can someone pleeeaassse help me with renting @ under 21.


Is there a chabad hertz acct: what’s the code?


This really is only for family members of hertz gold members try googling and you’ll see!
Anyone actually used this? (besides Levi L above)


I signed up for it. It seems to work fine, although the rates I’m able to pull up at Avis and Enterprise are more competitive in the markets Im renting in.

mendel 4e

Use the chabad corporate with enterprise its the cheapest and the best.. just got a s60 volvo in jfk for 44 dollors a day.. they are great and they love chabad.
code 41m0174 pin CHA for chabad.

i also used them in california and i got a infiniti for 32 bucks a day on the chabad coporate


mendel 4e

the hertz prices are in jfk $105 for a full size car.. and with enterprise chabad corporate its 41.00 im staying with enterprise.

Chaim Yankel

Heres a working Chabad Hertz corp
cdp# 41M0174
You can also get free membership in Gold #1 Club

Eli F

@ Chaim Yankel
ur saying the hertz code is the same as the enterprise code?


thanks dan i enrolled

dovid a.

Hertz is the most expensive code… why use it

Chabad Enterprise has been the best for the last 10 years… why go elsewhere
hertz is triple the price




can anyone confirm that you dont get charged 60$??? and when do you have to type in the cdp number??? during enrollment or can it be after???


Can anyone help me by giving me chabad’s corporate number?
please email to thanks

Eli F

Just to let the people who were having trouble doing this know that there a few hertz weba pages, some will say hertz europe, some hertz dellaware and then theres the plain hertz corporation. if u use any of the ones besides for the regualr hertz it wont work…to make sure ur on the right site and it works, click on the top right and click locastion USA and it should give u the correct site and it will all work.


im english, and using the english hertz site, and putting in my english permenent address. and its still giving me the error message of preffered mail address.


all sorted. just enter a israeli address.


Chabad corp is CDP# 1221692

For the fee-waived membership in the Gold #1 Card, with free upgrades, free rental day rewards & red carpet treatment, Step 1) Go to, Step 2) Enter company name: Chabad, Step 3) Enter CDP #1221692, Step 4) Enter pin #bapgold


Why doesnt anyone do the usaa membership which entitles you to free #1 club and also no underage fee from 18 y/o and is very cheap especially weekends and also unlimted miles (not on 1 ways) also use pc# 113761 to save $5/day (max $25) or theres anothr pc# that gives you $10 off plus 500 points which entitles you to 1 free day


All you need to do is call usaa @ 800-531-8722 tell them u want to become a member (dont worry you do NOT need to be us military they have checking accounts open to the generall public its only the other stuff like insurance and credit cards that are for military only) they might ask you why u want to become a member you can say bec i heard u have no atm fees on ur debit cards they will ask for ur ss#(they need it incase u want to open a bank account even if u dont want to u just wont open an account “yet”) and they will give you ur usaa member number which can be printed out online by logging in to ur accout and print the page when u see ur name and member number (u might need this at some hertz locations to prove ur usaa membership)


Btw the hertz pc# that gives u $10 off plus 500 points is 166095 (you can only use this pc# if ur a usaa member) any questions or comments please post im trying to compile a renters guide for bochrim (i really need to know about there might be sometype of liability insurance when u use the usaa cdp# but im not sure if anyone one knows pls post)


If there is another forum that is more recent pls post it there also pls let me know where there is another forum that has usaa hertz info