Finally! E-ZPass Now Works Throughout Florida!

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Goodbye to the Sunpass conundrum.

E-ZPass now works throughout the state of Florida. You can bring your E-ZPass transponder with you on your next trip to Miami and avoid paying usurious rental car toll fees or getting a Sunpass.

While existing E-ZPass transponders will work in Florida, Sunpass users will need to upgrade to Sunpass Pro in order to use their transponder for E-ZPass tolls.


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How will you be able to use your ezpass in your rental car without being charged twice?


If affixed properly they will only charge yours. The rental car platepass is only used as a backup


and i literally bought a sunpass LAST WEEK…


What’s South Carolina’s problem??


Maybe no tolled roads?


Which toll roads have you traveled on in SC?


Is the rate charged for sunpass cheaper?


The question is do we need to add the rental car license plate to the account or not?


To be on the safe side, I would.


To be on the safe side, I would not lest one forget to remove it.

CDC info

You can set the license plate to expire when your rental does


EZ Pass side or on Sunpass?

IL Yid

Will my Ipass from IL work in Fl now as well?


Does it give the same discount on certain Florida roads that SunPass gives?


amazing timing, im moving there next month!

CDC info

Me too


and to think i got my uni pass 3 month ago


I believe uni pass will work in Florida. Read the link posted.


Am I the only one that is being charged $1 monthly for my ez pass?


I don’t get charged $1/month for my NY E-ZPass but I do for my NJ one.

I have both NY and NJ since NJ one doesn’t get E-ZPass discount for NY only bridges (Verrazzano, Whitestone, etc) but NY E-ZPass doesn’t offer discount for NJ Turnpike.

(Live in NJ but sometimes go into NYC)

the nate

this may be a dumb question but if we are flying from new york to miami with ezpass in our bags will it get charged when we fly over a toll?


Of course, but only if the plane slows down to less than 45MPH before passing the toll booth


You don’t have to worry about it from the plane but you can keep it in the RFID blocking bag (silver bag) and it’ll block all toll charges.


Are you talking about flying 35,000 feet (~6.6 miles) being charged a toll from the ground? No, it’s not possible. You could be even 35 feet away from the toll galley, and it won’t charge the expats (as in, driving on the opposite flow of the roadway, not exiting the expressway, etc)


If we have ezpass. Can we totally get rid of the sunpass


Great news! Thanks!


If I have ezpass & sunpass will I get charged twice?


You can be charged twice and not able to get a refund. Be sure to place one of the tags in a silver envelope or better yet, leave it home.


This must be Moshiach’s times …


Literally stole the words from my mouth!:)

Mr. Knowitall

Yuch! Keep that NY garbage up in NY!


Thanks! Going there on Thursday and now I can just take my EZPass like a civilized person!


This will make my daily commute from NYC to Boca so much easier. Thanks!


Remember that ez pass doesn’t have suction cups like surpass so will have to either hold up for toll or rig something up.


How do people usually keep ezpass on the window in NY?


Velcro strips that NY ez pass sends along with the tags

Carl B Maltzman

Does that apply only to Florida State roads, but not local roads that charge a toll?


come to my driveway, we take it all, any form of payment, even credit cards.


If you have a regular sunpass you need to get the PRO for it to work in NY

Epstein Didnt Kill himself

Sunpass conundrum?
It costs $4.95 and available at hundreds of supermarkets and gas stations and takes about 30 seconds to setup online.