Enterprise $9.99/Day Weekend Special Is Back!

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Enterprise $9.99 Weekend Special Linky

Valid for pickup at neighborhood locations on Friday or Saturday and for return on Monday through 09/21.

Unfortunately this can’t be combined with the always competitive Chabad rate at Enterprise so if you’re under 25 like me the special won’t help you much…

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I have rented many times using both the Chabad corporate and the weekend special. You just have to book it online.


So anyone can use the chabad corporate? Does anyone have an update on the zipcar deal? their site says it has an annual fee of 50 dollars? Anyone know if zipcar goes from city to city?


no one in brooklyn takes the promotion


I don’t see any way to get the $9.99 rate with the Chabad corp number.


it works!

make a enterprise plus account and add the chabad corporate and then you pay only an extra 10 dollars per day underage fee, so it comes out to 19.99 per day which is still a great deal.


as usual, NYC locations are not participating. they usually don’t participate in any promotions. not even the 50% weekends (which is otherwise pretty much chain-wide)


@gozalim There is a location in Staten Island that is participating + Enterprise has the free pickup


@shmuel: Zip car is not a rental company, it’s car sharing. Think of it like this: you live in a Apt. building and everyone chips in for a car for equal use, if you don’t put it back when you are finished no one will find it. So no u cant just leave it in another city, but you can drive there if you like.

Nesanel feldman

I work for budget rent-a-car so i know the system!! just looking out for your fellow lubavitches***

be careful of the fine print bc it is not unlimited mileage, only 300 free miles and .20 cent thereafter just a FYI!!!


if I rent it for the weekend at 9.99 then I keep the car for longer will the rate stay the same at 9.99 a day?



to Sam… No, that will not work. Wishful thinking I’m afraid! After renting a car for the weekend, the price will change to the normal daily rate. However… I have in the past by actually calling enterprise, got the weekend rate from Thursday through Monday… with early pick up Wednesday too ( they start the charges the following day!)!!


Do you know if the 9.99 rate is on right now and can I rent in Brooklyn (Flatbush)


They will go as low as 17.95, I just booked one 6/10/10