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At 10AM they will be selling one day rental vouchers good for premium cars for $30.
They will also be selling one year of Avis Chairman status for $1,200.

Avis Chairman is as close as you can get to royalty while you travel. And it’s oh so much fun!
-When you reserve a midsize you are guaranteed a free upgrade to the best car on their lot. Caddy, Infiniti, Camaro SS, it’s yours.
-They’ll deliver and pickup your rental car wherever you want.
-You don’t have to refill the tank, you get charged below-market rates and just pay for whatever amount of gas you use.
-At most airports they’ll bring the car to the terminal if you ask them to, they’ll also always drive you back to your flight in the car instead of taking the shuttle.
-Anything you request will be in the car for you (newspaper, water, soda etc,)

Here is a fun flyertalk thread from the perspective of a non-Chairman with replies from several Avis managers.  Then again any thread that starts off “I had only heard rumors these people existed” when you’re one of those people makes for a good read.  🙂

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dan did you ever have soda waiting for you in the car? if yes, did you ever request it?


bought a day – and theyre not flying off the rack…

Avis Awd-corporate

Of course when making a reservation use code #192286. -for those age 25+ sometimes you can get rates cheaper than $30 a day!


can you buy more than 1 coupon?


is there a way of keeping that status after the year or will i be put back to presidents circle after the year?


Avis Awd-corporate what letter do u need with that code is it m192..


I’d love to buy this voucher, but I have a trip planned on May 27. Do you think the paper voucher will arrive in the mail by then? I’d hate to buy the voucher and then not be able to use it on this trip. :-/


Is the voucher any use if you’re planning a week-long rental?

What’s reservation code #192286?

Avis Awd-corporate

Sorry, that awd-corporate code is X192286. – corrected


i guess its only worth it if you going to use it for airport location


They only let you buy 1 at a time per credit card. For those in the NY area where a premium rental can easily be $120 a day, this is a pretty sweet deal.


I tried some sample dates with that corporate number in 2 different locations and the prices were TERRIBLE!!

15 pass

can anyone suggest where to rent a 15 passenger van for the month of July for an affordable price (for a Chabad House).


15 pax van

In which city are you looking for a 15 passenger van?


does anyone know wether using this coupon will cancel Credit Card CDW/LDW coverage?


from the t&c:
Rental reward coupons are valid at participating Avis locations in the U.S. (excluding the New York Metro area), Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


Dan bekitzur
do you have a shtik to get the CHAIRMAN CARD for cheaper 😉


Re:does anyone know whether using this coupon will cancel Credit Card CDW/LDW coverage?

As far as I know it will not. You still are required to pay the tax on the card and sometimes some fees.


you could use Z652297 get great rates and get the underage waived, if you need


if you read the terms and conditions :Rental reward coupons are valid at participating Avis locations in the U.S. “”””(excluding the New York Metro area)””””, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands


Is newark considered part of the metro area?


the policy of most credit cards is only to cover if you pay the full amount. i had this problem and went through alot of legal problems before i got my credit card to pay for a car damaged on a free day


newark is in nj


Is newark considered part of the metro area?



@zalmy24: is that a discount or something else etc. wat do i say will it work if im 23


yeah this awd works for 21 and up

moshe A,

I would never use avis.. horrible prices

chabad corporate 41m0174 at Enterprise, is by far the best service and best rates. they always manage to upgrade me. and always takes some money off at the end of the rental..

by FAR the best service, and price is enterprise chabad corporate..

i did my shopping.. all other corporates are b.s. bad rates and bad service.


If anyone got one of these and is willing to sell it please call or email me 5617166063 crogep@gmail.com thanks I really need one

la all the way

Zalmy24 do you need any id to use that code? did you try it?