$29.70 For Avis Premium Car Rental Certificates

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Update, 3:45pm: Sold Out!


$29.70 For Avis Premium Car Rental Certificates

I’ve been avoiding posting these Daily Getaway deals since they usually sell out in a split second, but surprisingly this one is still open.

With an AMEX card you’ll automatically get 10% off every deal, so you can purchase these Avis certs for $29.70 each and they’re good in the US and Canada for a Premium (Group G) car. These certs are not valid in NY metro and are not valid for one-way rentals. There are some blackout dates around holiday times.

The nice thing is that you won’t pay any percentage based taxes with these certs but you will pay any facility fees.

You can purchase up to 7 certs on a credit card and you can use up to 7 certs on a single rental.

The certs will expire 03/31/14.

Note that your credit card won’t cover the CDW insurance if you pay with these so my strategy is to reserve with the coupon code but to hand them in only after the rental is complete and there is no damage to the car.  If you did damage the car then just leave the rental on the credit card you used to reserve the car with.

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So each cert is good for a 1 day rental?


underage fee?


Thanks picked up 5 of them.


Is there any way to get a premium car from Avis under 25?

On a side note, I get premium cars from Enterprise for about $34 w/o any certs. 🙂


in for 7 thanks.



Will apply (unless you have a corp AWD that waives it)

$34 with tax?



yay got two!! can these be combined with other coupons?

Yehuda S

Is there any way to find out which days are blackout days?


How do you do that? Care to share?


I have a good deal with my local Enterprise, they perk me all the time. Just got a mustang convertible for economy price. No underage fees ever, unlimited miles, $7.00 a day taxes.


Got 4 at 1:10pm. In YVR (in August) it’s $110 a day for Premium economy car + tax (economy $80+).
How about it for $29.70!!! savings of over $320 on the 4 day rental! If only all travel was so easy.


Thrifty has some good deals on cheaper than Avis.


Can you use 2 for a 2 day rental? Or max one per rental?


Can I buy another seven with a different email. Or with a fake name?



In for 10 certs.


Excuse my ignorance but is JFK considered ny metro area?


excuse my ignorance but what does premium group g mean? Can you get a van. Where is the info on premium groups?


yea I would also like to know, what does premium g mean?


Is thre an expiration date


@jake: Class G: Premium
Avis Example: Chrysler 300
Buick LaCrosse
Dodge Challenger
Dodge Charger
Ford Taurus
Lincoln MKZ
Toyota Avalon
Volkswagon CC (Avis lists it as VOLK CC2S 4DR)


The terms and conditions say…
Intended recipient of this coupon certificate must visit the Avis counter to sign and surrender this coupon certificate at the time of rental.
Can you confirm that you can withhold the coupons until after the rental?


Can someone with a coupon code check blackout dates? I am looking to use it for 8 days at Denver airport. Avis needs the code to check for blackout dates.


on the thread from avis on DDF im seeing some codes for upgrades, so when i book a full size car rental, im getting upgraded to a premium”, is this not the same thing, for free?


Like what? It’s already free.

Read the post.

You can even use the same email.

Yes, NYC is generally considered to be NYC.

Yes, I have given them at the time of return. I just tell them I want to apply them before the finish the receipt.

IIRC maybe the coupon code was tuca037
But that’s based on when I bought them 2 years ago and I’m not positive about that code.

This isn’t an upgrade it’s prepaying for a premium rental.


is there an AWD associated with these coupons, or can you use any AWD number?


From what I recall from 2 years ago you were able to use any AWD.


Sorry, this inventory is already on hold for other customers while they complete their order.

But they may choose not to buy it, so here’s what you can do:
1. Try Again
2. Try selecting a smaller quantity


Saw same message…
but they have this deal too…

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Does class G include vans?


Tried for a while until I got through but you have to be a US resident. Please let us know more about Canadian deals.


how do things go so quickly?

how do I sign up for a text for such short term ideas?

would it flood all offers, or just those that are for hours?




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Price: $33
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are they transferable?


can i add the usaa AWD to waive the under age fee?






is the reason for no insurance because you are buying certificates as opposed to pre-paying for a car?
so it would be different to booking a car with priceline or chase ultimate rewards travel portal? which I assume will give insurance since you are paying for the actual car with the card?

on a side note, does the ink plus cover insurance in australia?


says sold out for a few days, can u please update main page?



Oops, maybe can do “sold out” in red, same as in the past?

bold font?