Buy A Go Everywhere 2020 Pass For Just $20.20!

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Update: DEAD!

Buy A Go Everywhere 2020 Pass For Just $20.20!

Go City, is debuting a new product for the new year: the Go EVERYWHERE pass.

The Go EVERYWHERE pass gives travelers access to every attraction, tour, and experience—more than 800 in total—included in Go City’s 14 individual U.S. passes. This special, limited-edition pass is available for use throughout 2020. It gives users the flexibility to choose their travel dates and the convenience of an easy-to-use digital pass portfolio—one for each city—that can be uploaded to their smartphone wallet.

Travelers should act fast. Only 100 Go EVERYWHERE passes are being made available for just $20.20, at a savings of over $3,800 based on the passes’ standard cost. Which means that for just $20.20, travelers can spend the day learning to surf in San Diego, visit the Art Institute of Chicago, explore the Grand Canyon, and so much more. Travelers who aren’t among the first 100 purchasers can sign up for exclusive deals and news by entering your email below.

Go EVERYWHERE pass purchasers will receive the following passes to each of Go City’s US destinations:

  • Explorer 5 Choice Pass
    • Boston
    • California
    • Chicago
    • Las Vegas
    • Los Angeles
    • Miami
    • New York
    • Orlando
    • Philadelphia
    • San Antonio
    • San Francisco
    • Washington, D.C.
  • All-Inclusive 5 Day Pass
    • Oahu
    • San Diego”

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41 Comments On "Buy A Go Everywhere 2020 Pass For Just $20.20!"

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Ozer Alport

Sold out already


it was in my cart at 4:33 and then couldnt check out sold out

Daniel Teitelbaum

Same for me. Couldn’t process my payment because item was sold out.

Dr. Sam

In for 2. Thanks Dan


My order went through. Although it says order 1000 and something.
Let’s see what happens.



Sold out. Thanks anyhow.

Moishie Hersko

Got one.

Now to figure out what the heck this is…




Thanks Dan! Amazing value!


By the time I clicked to see what the heck a Go Everywhere pass is…it was DOA


Dan, you’re a lucky man!


In case it goes live again, do you need one per person in your family?


Not sure what you mean by that. Limit was 2 per person. So if you wanted 4 passes total. You would need 2 orders from 2 names.


Someone post a screenshot of their order confirmation. Till then dont believe you guys


I got 1!


scored 3 for the family


Most of the passes they sell often seem overpriced, unless you can hit many attractions in the same day. Costco sells them discounted sometimes as well. At 20 bucks this is a steal.


I’ll pay $100 for one..


It was fast. Never heard about them. Did anyone use them before?


they spent all that time writing up the FAQs of the website..NO one and i mean no one had time to read that before it sold out lol. too bad i missed this!


Buying @ $50 🙂


buying at 55


Jan 2nd… I believe IIRC they are sending the passes out. Guess we will find out what we are in for.


Just received an email. I ordered 2 passes

Here is the subject: How to use your Go Everywhere pass

Thanks again for ordering the Go Everywhere pass.

It then comes up with individual order numbers for each city.

Are you ready to start exploring?
Follow the steps below and get going!

Step one
Download the free Go City app.

Step two
Click on the first city you want to visit.

Step three
Enter your order number and email address, then we’ll sync your details with the app.

Step four
Repeat step three with each city on your Go Everywhere pass.

That’s it. Your passes and guide are now on the app, so you’re ready to go.

They make this extremely vague. I may received a second email with a second batch of order numbers, but I’m wondering if I could just sell the Individual passes since each have an unique order number or is it linked to my name.

I guess some DP’s will come out shortly.


Also, on the list from the pass, San Antonio is on there, yet the email
Is missing it.

Tami Crawford

Got it.. Yeah. It looks like there are individual passes for each City. This will be amazing.


Bought 2 passes. Still wondering if each pass includes 2 barcodes. As they only sent 1 order number per each city. Haven’t tried it yet. I also wonder if they have names associated to them. If I want to give away as gift or sell a pass to a city I won’t go to.

Please let us know here what your experience was. Thanks


Did yours include San Antonio? Mine was missing from the email


Haven’t spoken to many people that got this. I’m
Still missing the San Antonio pass…

Called customer service and they were clueless.

Did anyone have any luck getting it?


I emailed them now and finally after who knows how many times, I finally got it.

Good luck


Looks like my order was filled with 2 passes even though I only placed an order for one…


Just got this email. Check your inboxes.

They officially said they will extend them, but they were very unclear if it would be for the go everywhere pass. Haven’t received the new pass yet, but be on the lookout.

Dear Valued Customer,

It has come to our team’s attention your Go Everywhere passes have not been activated.

As these passes are non – refundable, we have extended the expiration date on your passes. You will receive your new digital passes in your email within 24-48 hours.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and if you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our customer service team.


Passes slowly coming in now this morning.

Great news is that it got extended until January, 2023 to use these