Chase Checking Account Bonuses!

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Need a checking account to start earning Chase Exclusives bonus points on your Ink Bold and Freedom cards?

Personal Checking: Earn $150 for signing up for a personal checking account (Total checking or higher) by 12/15 and making a $100+ direct deposit to the account within 60 days of opening the account.
Offer not available to existing Chase checking customers, those with fiduciary accounts, and those who have closed an account within 90 days. After we receive your first direct deposit, we’ll deposit the bonus in your new account within 10 business days. You can only receive one personal checking account-related bonus per calendar year. If your checking account is closed within six months, we will deduct the bonus amount at closing. Also, if your account is closed within 90 days, an Account Closing Fee of $25 will apply.

Some people have reported that an ACH push transfer from another bank can qualify as a direct deposit. You should know within 10 days of making the ACH push deposit if it works from the bank you made the ACH push transfer from based on whether the bonus shows up in your checking account.

Business Checking: Earn $200 for signing up for a business checking account by 11/30 and making a minimum deposit of $2,000 within 30 days of opening the account.
Limit one business checking account-related bonus per customer per calendar year. Checking account must remain open for a minimum of six months or the bonus amount will be debited from the account at closing.

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Does one need a “real” business to qualify for this chase checking account?


for how long does one need to retain a minimum balance of $2000 in the business account? and are their any other fees that apply?


Hi dan
Is there any possibility to get a free checking account by chase and still get all those bonuses


One can buy $200 coupon for $20 on ebay. Good for existing chase checking account holders.


Yes you can have free checking by chase and get these bonuses if you keep the basic amount for free checking
Chase also gave me a free safe deposit box with my free account


can u have both a personal and a buss.
and do u have to have a bussiness to have the bussines checking?


@levi: Most bankers will let you use a SSN if you have no EIN/TIN.
@Kan: I assume you mean for personal account? Otherwise, you can just get it for free here…
@mendy: Nice, which branch gave you a box?
@sandy: Yes, you can have both no problems.


@APoshiterYid: Yes, definitely personal account. Chase sent me a $125 coupon and a $150 coupon, but I have existing checking account so I am ineligible to open one with bonus.

I think one may need to open a pay-roll service to open business checking (good for those who do small business)


will the “college checking” account (easier “free” minimum requirements) work for this? will it also work for the “chase exclusives”?


Dan, can I open a business checking even if I have a personal account and still get the 200 dollar bonus?


Also does chase do a hard pull on credit repiort when opening business accounts?


@anon: You can’t start with this, but YMMV as to how soon (I have done it immediately after receiving the bonus) you can downgrade without issue.

Always Travel

I registered and got my email and then clicked on the link in the email to sign up for a new checking account. It takes me to a screen where I am asked my zip code, and no matter how many times I enter my zipcode, it just keeps coming back to the same screen and asking me. Any ideas?


what are the monthly fees to keep it open for 6 months?


These offers are not eligible for college checking accounts, so I opened a regular checking and got $125 After 10 days, then, I changed it to a college, so I have FREE checking.

Igor Ivanovich

Here is the list from the chase site of their routing codes so I guess these are the available states. You need to have your mailing address in that area before you apply, if you have a chase account and you have a mailing address not in their service area, if you put in a different zip code on the apply page, you still will not be eligable for checking.
New Jersey
New York – Downstate
New York – Upstate
West Virginia