SMOKING HOT!!! Make 4.5%-4.75% APY On Your Savings With An AARP Savings Account!

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This is by far the highest interest rate that I have seen for a checking/money market account!
The “High Yield Savings account” pays 4.5% APY on all balances, while the “Jumbo Secure Money Market account” pays 4.75% APY as long as you have $50,000+ in the account.

AARP Savings Accounts Linky

Use the following promo code to get a $20 bonus for opening an AARP checking account: AA021
Use the following promo code to get a $25 bonus for opening an AARP checking account: AA017

You will need an AARP membership number to sign up for this account. An AARP membership costs between $8-$12.50 per year. If you are 50 or older you will get a full membership for that price, if you are under 50 you will get an associate membership.

An AARP member can use their membership number to sign up as many people as they want for this account, just fill out the personal information of the person opening the account together with a valid AARP number.

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do you need to have the membership every year or just when you open the acct ?


You only need a membership number to open the account.


This might be just a way of getting people to sign up for an account. The 4.75% is a floating rate which can be changed daily- at any time. in 2 weeks this could be down at 3.25% like all the other money market account.

I bet it will be.


Dan- I dont know where you find this stuff.
That is an excellent rate these days with the fed funds rate at 2.00% and most CD rates in the 2s.


According to the bank, this rate has actually been around for the past 8 months, so they definitely don’t lower it together with every fed rate cut like the other banks do.

However K is correct-the rate is subject to change.


dan i should open one without a cd just a savings?


A CD is good only if you want to be guaranteed a rate for a long period of time, and you are sure that you won’t need that money for anything else.

A savings/money market account gives you the flexibility to withdraw the money when you need it, but the rate isn’t locked as it is in a CD.

Promo Code

I called and was told that the Promo Code died on Monday


very true k but just sign up and you automaticly make 7.50 and if it goes to low just take the money out (is that okay?) also dan i have searched everywere for such banks and never found higher then 3.5 round


Post updated with new (and better) promo code, although the $25 bonus is really just icing on the cake compared to the great APY rate!


question 2:30- The CD rates are guaranteed, but you cannot access the money without a penalty. Plus the rate on this (yes it may change over time) is higher than any CD rate you can find now anyway, even their own.


you guys know that you can take some money off a zero apr cc for a year and make some gelt on this deal !!!!!!

Promo Code

Now is the promo code ONLY for checking or for any account?

marc hoschander

Charles light is the smartest guy i know


dan, is this fdic insured?


I called and spoke with AARP, it seems legit, although it is a little shady that the official AARP website doesn’t have a link to AARP Savings. Also, when speaking with the rate specialist on the phone, he gave some pathetic answer as to why the rate is so high. Additionally, there is a $20 charge for outgoing money transfers. Anyone else find anything?

Avid Reader

This deal is even better although it takes a bit more effort. Earn 6.01% APY on a new Rewards Checking account + free ATMs nationwide from

Avid Reader

To Mike:
from the AARP website:
“All deposit products are issued by FDIC-insured financial institutions, and are eligible for insurance coverage to the full extent of the law.”


Avid Reader- the fine print on that 6.01APY os that its only up to 25k and the following (who wants to use tyheir debit card 15 times a month?):
“Minimum requirements for each qualification cycle: Make at least 15 debit card purchases, receive a Direct Deposit or make an ACH payment or conduct one Billpay, and receive an electronic monthly statement. “

Avid Reader

Yes it’s more complicated and takes more effort, but still well worth it for someone who has the time.. and for those of us who have more then $25,000, you can take anything above that amount and put it in an AARP account.


Anyone still reading this- the rate just went down to 4.05 APY for both up to and over accounts with 50k- Although thats still pretty high for the street right now, its not looking as hot as when this first went up. Especially if they lower it again.


Link doesn’t work