Signup For Beam Beta By Friday To Earn 2%-4% APY On A Savings Account

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Update: The beta signup period has been extended until 3/30 at 6pm ET. The private beta will be rolled out starting next week in the order that you are on the waitlist. FDIC insurance will be provided through Evolve Bank & Trust.

Beam has announced that they will start launching their online banking service in beta mode later this month.

You can signup to join the waitlist via my referral link here. They will be letting people open accounts during beta mode in the order they are on the waitlist. The earlier you signup, the higher you will be on the waitlist. You can also move up the waitlist by getting people to signup with your referral link by 3/27 at 6pm ET. The top 10 people on the waitlist will also get a 7% APY for the first 100 days from launch.

Beam is FDIC insured for $250K per depositer. They will offer 2% APY on their online savings account, an amazing rate for liquid funds. They will also offer the opportunity to boost the rate to 4%, though they haven’t yet announced those details. There will be no fees for using Beam, there is no charge for money transfer and there are no minimum balance requirements.

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I’m number 62837 on the list


What # are you in line now, Dan?


#20912 for me


So what’s the catch?


They’re trying to invent online banking. Instead of advertising they are hoping referrals will bring them money. The money they save on advertising can be used to pay out higher interest rates. They may also require you to login and do different things to keep a high rate.


They write they you can do unlimited transfers in and out of the account with a checking account. Aren’t Savings accounts limited to 6 withdrawals per statement period?


moved up to #254 will keep checking


Willing to bet Dan is at least #3 in line, if not better.


Currently #9


Cool! Can I give you my money to put into your savings account;)


Are they legit? They haven’t released their partner bank or their business model yet.


the AA miles special going on now is it worth it?


c’mon people! u really fall for this “wait list” garbage?! are serious?! the bank is not going to let you make an account cuz there are people behind you?! its just a cool way of getting free marketing (and its working!)


Is there a hard pull for opening an online savings account?


i don’t think so. they pull a hard inquiry only when you borrow money not when you lend to others..


assuming dan is on the top of the list by the deadline then he would be eligible for 7 percent interest for the first 100 days , that means if his net worth is 15-20 million and he puts in lets say 10 million into this beam account then 7% for the first 100 days would be?around 235k. Nice!! the rich only get richer


no smart person will keep is net worth in cash….

David b

I think I saw somewhere there is a 50k limit


can you use this without a smartphone (no app) using your computer?

200x... hmmm


More like 2x-3x more today, but not complaining


it won’t take my email address I tried two of them any clue why


how does this compare to CIT bank? is there a point in signing up even tho I have no chance of being in the top 10?


Is 2-4 % the best guaranteed rate you can get currently?


Dan, they released their iOS app. Do you have access yet? Tell us how it works…




Android app now available


Dear Beam Customers,

Currently, your funds are deposited in a demand deposit account (DDA) opened in your name. Beam has partnered with Synapse, a third-party bank software provider and agent of Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC, to open these accounts.

Unfortunately, as of today, Synapse and Beam have terminated their agreement and Beam will no longer be able to offer banking services through Synapse, including demand deposit accounts with Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC. As a result of the end of Synapse and Beam’s Agreement, we are hereby providing you with 30-days’ notice to withdraw the funds in your Beam account.

In the case you do not withdraw the funds in your account in their entirety in 30-days from today, we will send funds back to your linked bank account or issue you a check to your last address on file, as appropriate. Please be sure to confirm the address on file with Beam is still your current address.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions, please reach out to Synapse at



Dear Beam-Liever,

Yesterday’s email from Synapse titled “Beam Termination” had apparently caused some confusions around our community, especially in light of the earlier announcement email that Beam has sent on July 17 titled “Regarding Our New Release”. To promptly clarify, here are some answers to your commonly asked questions, so we can keep our inboxes sane too!

What emails?

If you haven’t received either of the aforementioned emails, your Beam emails are likely vacationing in your spam folder. Be sure to white-list this email so you can promptly receive future announcements, especially as it relates to Beam’s upcoming new app release.

“Beam Termination”?

Rest assured, Beam is certainly NOT “terminating” as the Synapse email title may have incorrectly suggested. What’s “terminating” is that Beam has elected to end the vendor relationship with our service provider Synapse (thank you for your past service Synapse!). Unfortunately, Synapse did not provide Beam the flexibility to modify or consult with us on the content of their email Notice, which raised some amusing and confusing inferences. Though well-intended, it did feel like a poorly worded break-up letter, so we do apologize.

Do I need to withdraw funds?

Important question! While you always have the flexibility to withdraw funds anytime (and we would actually prefer that you do so on your own), if you’re too busy to bother, Beam will take care of the account migration and fund transfer automatically on your behalf, so that you do NOT need to do anything. You do, however, need to re-link your external bank account as a funding source when you are prompted to onboard the new Beam app.

Who are the new bank(s)?

The new participating banks for Beam will be a consortium of publicly-traded banks, namely Citibank N.A., HSBC Bank USA, Comerica Bank, and East Boston Savings Bank. Notably, these banks are more established as compared to Evolve Bank & Trust, which we would be phasing out along with our relationship with Synapse (thank you Evolve!). Since we won’t be broadly announcing these details until our upcoming public release date, as Beam’s valued supporter, please keep this information to yourself.

Timing for an automatic balance refund?

Please note that since the Notice email from Synapse was not sent out until July 23, if you do nothing, any remaining balances in your legacy Beam account at Evolve will be automatically refunded to your linked external bank accounts by August 26, instead of the previously stated August 19, to comply with the standard 30-day Notice Period as required by U.S. banking laws. Sorry for the slight delay!

Hope the above clarifies any confusion around Synapse’s email as it relates to our migration from the Old to the New. Rest assured, tomorrow will be better.

With love,
Beam Team ❤️

Yo ssi

Time for an update?