Open A KeyBank Checking Account And Get A Free iPod Touch!

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To qualify you must:
-Not have a personal primary KeyBank checking account.
-Open a qualifying KeyBank checking account online and enter offer code ONTT0311 by June 24, 2011
-Make at least 10 payments and/or purchases per month for 3 months after account opening,
-Make 3 direct deposits each of $500 or more within 3 months of account opening.

During the last promotion like this they gave out a 4th generation iPod Touch and sent a 1099-INT form of $182.

-Payments/purchases are easy enough. Just divide up a credit card bill into 10 parts and pay it off for 3 months. Or go to a gas station (Sam’s Club doesn’t cut you off for example) and make 10 separate gas purchases of $0.01 each.

-Paypal deposits and ACH pushes from other bank accounts also have qualified as Direct Deposits at KeyBank in the past for these promotions.

You will receive the iPod within 90 days of meeting the requirements.
If you close your account within 180 days of opening it you will pay a $25 penalty.

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leftover kishke

Are there any fees on this account?


what’s the 1099-int form?


Offer not available to individuals who have opened a KeyBank checking account in the last 12 months.

When was the last cash promotion? Has it been a year?

creep at the gas station

there has got to be a better way to do the debit card transactions then by going to the gas station……


@leftover kishke:
Click on the account comparison.

It’s interest income reported to the IRS.

@creep at the gas station:
Sure, just make 10 bill pays of $1 each to pay off a credit card.




I called CS and they said this offer is not valid in NJ (or any state where they do not have a physical branch)


Brooklyn aint working!!


why ????



It’s considered a form of interest income that is reported to the IRS and you are liable to pay taxes on it. It’s the same as getting $182 in interest from a bank account.


what is a ACH push is that regular electronic transfer for one bank to another?


I just got off the phone with the tech support team at Key. They are aware that some people are having this problem and are working on it. I mentioned two zip codes that I know aren’t working. 11213, and 11214 They will call me back tomorrow morning with an update.


just open a chase account when you get the 200$ offer and go buy yourself a ipod touch much easier


What are the chances that an ACH transfer will count as direct deposit?

Love free stuff


I agree, they are trying weed us out my dragging this out over three months. Seeing what they are doing, I believe there is good chance they will not honor PayPal and other bank transfers as direct deposits this time around. In the past the deals were much simpler. Who wants to go through this and then after 6 months they will say that Pay-Pal and bank transfers are not eligible (after all they state it pretty clearly in the FAQ whats a direct deposit).If you go for it keep us posted.



@Love free stuff:
In the past paypal and ACH push has worked for Key promotions.

SoCal Dude

Doesn’t work in 90210 or multiiple Zip codes in suburbs of Los Angeles. What’s up with this?


will amazon direct deposits count?


wat about 11230

fine print

1 – the value of the ipod will be on the 1099-int
2 – If you close your account within 180 days of account opening, you will be charged a $25 account early closure fee

deal aint so hot.

besides what version of the ipod is it anyways?
as someone else said – a 200 gift from chase sounds a lot simpler


doesnt work in lakewood either 🙁


Probably not worth it …. iPod touch is going to be updated soon; it’s at the end of its cycle


A little off the topic but I just wanted to share with the people that I just sprint blackberry tour 9630 and got a new one from sprint websales with an upgrade and had no trouble adding it to my free and clear plan! And absolutely no 10$ add on charge!


What constitutes a direct deposit?


how do you get the 200 bucks from chase?


first of all, u can get the chase offer AND this offer- leaving u with $400 worth.
2nd of all, wat chase offer are u talking about? Please provide a link. I think u are very mistaken.


@Fred:how did you do it without the $10 add on charge?


So citibank allows free ACH transfers… that should qualify as direct deposit? I just dump in 500 dollars, withdraw, and repeat 2 more time?

Also will this work in Cali at all?


are u for real wow does this now work for any smart phone ie android! etc…
this would be amazing…..


YAY!!! Been Waiting for this to come back!!


Any idea how I can get direct deposit if I’m unemployed?


@Marks: just put any other zip code. i used CT and it worked fine. make sure to use your home address as mailing address


@student: Paypal or ING transfer works fine. see above in main article


Brooklyn is not working


It only works with an old blackberry the tour 9630 and older. I’m not sure if they would add the blackberry pack add-on if you don’t already have it on the free and clear plan. But for those that have a free and clear plan with blackberry service if you break or replace your blackberry with a tour or older model you won’t have to pay the 10$ fee


it says in the faqs “Direct deposit transactions are limited to payroll, Social Security, pension, and government benefits.”

is paypal called payroll if i write it for services?
whats ing?


Will opening a new checking account trigger a hard pull on my credit report?

Chany Mo

Did it last year and LOVE LOVE LOVE my ipod touch! Now my kids want it!

Chany Mo

@fine print – 4th gen


If I’m correct I think direct deposit is only from your employer a direct deposit to your account so check it out before and let me know


Zip code 19067 is not working either.


Has anyone actually managed to open an account without living in one of the states where Key Bank has a branch?


@mow: Umm how about doing both


did paypal work for anyone this time?


did paypal work for anyone?


It worked last time for folks.

Read this forum thread for how people were able to open accounts even in zip codes not in the promo area:


I called just to ask for info on the ipod, and the agent said that they are only giving ipod nano. Is that true???


i spoke to them today and yesterday. seemingly some reps dont know details yet about this promotion. there also seems to be some sort of promotion for the nano (which may have expired already) but there is a promo for the ipod touch


my salary always hits my bank as an ACH Credit. Most transfers I do across banks are seen as ACH Credits.

Love Free Stuff

The Chase offer is via direct mailing I useally get it once a month. You are only allowed to do it once in 12 months.
Google “Chase 200” & “Chase 125”


In the FAQ’s is says:

What qualifies as an automated payment?

Automatic withdrawals from your checking account by a company, such as paying a utility bill automatically from the utility’s website bill pay. It must be linked by routing number and checking account number, not the debit card number. Automated loan payments made via ACH (whether a “KeyBank” loan or loan with another financial services firm) will also qualify.

I didnt see anywhere that it listed auto withdrawal as a requirement???


How many gig?also does paypal work for dd?


When using pay pal can i take money from my chase accnt and deposit into the key accnt?


Has the paypal direct deposit worked for anyone yet?


please answer! someone!



o please tell me how you did it. i keep on calling and everytime they tell me that i need a new data plan (even though i have a curve now.) who did u call? and how did u ask?


Dan what they are all saying is true it does say it pretty clearly in the FAQ that ONLY direct deposit or Ss will count. Is there any way to know for sure that it still works this time around (like for example did the FAQ say the same thing last time? Do u remember? Does anyone remember?)


I called to get this
and the EXCUSE was
i didnt make th etransaction fees the FIRST 3 months

not fair.


What exact ipod was offered or received by anybody?

After long phone calls argueing to get the ipod, we received an ipod NANO instead of ipod TOUCH. Woman on phone said “it’s free what do you want?”.