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If you transferred points from Amtrak to Choice you should move them into another program asap!

There are numerous reports of Choice zeroing out people’s balances.

There are many rumors as to why they are doing this, the most popular being that Amtrak didn’t pay for the transfers!

Regardless, there is really no leg for Choice to stand on here, the transfers were all 100% legitimate and within the boundaries and good faith of their loyalty program. The can’t legally zero out people’s balances!

This has got to be a new low for loyalty programs.

Here are some email addresses for Choice executives, if you’ve been affected then let ’em have it!!!


What’s the status of your transfer? Did you make it all the way to Southwest? Are your Choice points still intact or have they been zeroed out? Post a comment! 

Stay tuned for more information…

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I guess I’m glad I got stuck at the Amtrak stage. Rewards are not terrible if you use the Northeast line (Boston, NY, Philly, DC), as tickets are fairly expensive to purchase.


What do I do, I just checked my choice account, and I see that they closed it down, and took all my points (250,000) away!!!!?????!!!!


Out of 10 transfers I did 8 went through and 2 (between AGR and Choice and between Choice and SWA) still in limbo.


lost 300000 worth just spent an hour on the phone and nothing

Dan Rules


My 250,000 are still in my choice account. I left them in there because I did another account for my wife which I transfered to Southwest succesfully, Thank you. I figured I really am not going to use the flights that quick and why waste an extra companion pass since you thought once your in Choice Points your safe.

Anyways my dilema now is where to transfer them since I can’t transfer to southwest because I don’t have a choice card that I used already and haven’t stayed at a choice hotel although that may not be a bad idea if I can book a cheap room tonight in Chicago.

Your thoughts on the best transfer option other than Southwest ?



I’m glad I stayed away from this whole thing… (I have 71,000 Amex MR points)


All my choice points (250,000) disapeared together with my membership. when I sign in to choice its as if I dont have a choice prvileges account.

Did anyone come up with something to do about it?


Dan, please find out what to do about this. This is an absolute disaster!!

50,000 AMEX MR points down the drain!!

I can’t believe this!


All of my points are in Southwest already, they’re safe right?

Some Guy

My Points are still there!
I just made a transfer to AA, how do I know that the transfer will go through?
Any idea, if I booked a hotel room now, would it go through?


Dan, please tell us what to do??? Have you spoken with the Choice people, what do they say? My points were transferred from Amtrak 2 weeks ago (I got the email confirmations) but they never posted to my Choice account. PLEASE HELP!!!


Amtrak to Choice conversion still pending…Not looking good.


Do you know of any free shipping codes for Dell know. I am getting a laptop and would ideally not like to pay extra for shipping.



my points are also all in southwest (I started it the day I saw the post) – thanks dan for the great deal!


I just spoke with amtrak and they said they will return my points to amtrak as soon as they combine all my accounts and that they were in the right because of the following fine print:
Only one Program account and one enrollment bonus will be allowed per Member. In the event that more than one account number is assigned to the same Member (duplicate accounts), only the applicable point credit, excluding any enrollment bonus in the duplicate account, can be transferred to the original account. Duplicate accounts will be canceled upon notification from the Member or at Amtrak’s discretion.


Okay, I think everyone that’s complaining should realize that doing this kind of stuff has risks, and that by trying to beat the system sometimes the system will beat you….. sorry you all lost your points, but I definitely wasn’t going to risk my points to try and do stupid shtick!!!!!




my points are gone.


If this illegal there must be some government agency you can complain to (and possibly get your points back), no?


250,000 points down the drain. I contacted choice they say they were authorized to do so by amtrak (supervisor says she personaly spoke with the president of amtrak) Amtrak says they don’t know any reason for closing the account, perhaps the points to be returned to amtrack cause they see there were two accounts, what do I do now?


Lets all file a class action law suit!!!


My points are also pending from amtrak to choice called amtrak and they said expect 4 to 6 weeks for points to go through.




Amtrak and Choice are currently hammering out a solution…it will likely take some time to get everything sorted out.

They claim that noone will lose any points.

In the meantime, I don’t recommend anyone to leave any points in Amtrak or Choice if they can avoid it!

If they don’t pull through within the next few weeks then I will update with the proper course of action.


dan maybe in the meantime we should all spam them them with emails. what do you recommend we say?



A choice supervisor called me after several calls and said they would honor the first 25,000 amtrak transfer dated 11/27 for 125,000 choice points.. But not the 2nd!! What happened to the second transfer?! Can Amtrak not transfer those points, because of the duplicate accounts. What if they close my account, am I out the 25,000 continental miles/ 25000 amtrak points?! If so, what recourse if any do I have… If you were me, what would you do?! Im so upset right now

Dan Rules

Hey Yitz,,

No risk was taken and nothing was stolen and all rules were followed…..

If you don’t like legit deals you have no business reading this website…

Dan found an amazing deal that was completely legit.


lost 55,000 points

I first transferred twice 20,000 starwood points and the agent said I would get the bonus when I only got 20,000 into each agr account and finally realized I wasnt getting any more I found 10,000 continental points and transferred 5,000 into each account. one of them went through and the other didn’t so now I have 25,000 points in my first agr account and 20,000 in the second.

when I called continental about the second transfer they told me that the problem is with agr and when I called agr they told me the problem is with continental but they said that you are not allowed to have two accounts so we will need to merge the two at that point I told them to hold it until I get through to continental and as soon as I hung up the phone I immediately online transferred my 45,000 agr to choice and not wanting to wait for continental I transferred another 5,000 starwood into agr.

well now they on their own merged my two agr accounts and my transfer did not go through to choice so I have an empty starwood account and an empty 2 agr accounts and an empty choice account and an empty continental account.

but I’m still coming back to dansdeals.com for new offers and if you have any tips on what I should do I would appreciate it.

Thank you.


Seems like Randy Peterson from FlyerTalk has spoken to the manager at Amtrak, and has gotten a positive response. No need to be alarmed too much: