United App Now Offers Hotel And Meal Vouchers For Flight Disruptions

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United’s app is easily the best in the industry. It allows you to see all kinds of useful information about your flight, upgrade lists, incoming flight, flight booking, and more.

United says that of as today, they have added new features for flight delays and cancellations, including the ability to get hotel and meal vouchers through the app.


“When a flight is delayed by more than 60 minutes or canceled, customers will automatically see options for delays and cancellations on the home screen of the United mobile app. Here’s how it works:

  • Get notified: Click the link in the automatic text notification or enter flight details in the mobile app or united.com to open the tool. For customers who have their reservation already loaded in the app, they’ll see a prompt right on the home screen.
  • Check flight and re-booking status: Confirm the status of your flight and see if you’ve been re-booked. Customers also have the option to look at other flight options and book based on their preference.
  • Track your bags: Follow the status of your checked luggage to see when it is checked-in, loaded on your flight and received at your final destination.
  • View eligible vouchers: Receive hotel, meal and/or rideshare vouchers if eligible.
  • Connect to a United customer service agent virtually: Call, text or video chat with one of hundreds of United agents who can offer the same assistance as the agents at the airport.”

Let us know if you try this feature out!

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Some of these features have been available for a few months now. By far the best feature is the ability to rebook fairly quickly on the app and if not, you can get an agent rather quickly via zoom to make changes. This is especially helpful if you are in line waiting to speak to the gate agent. Will be curious to see how they work the vouchers. As Dan mentions the app is always an amazing tool, just wish everything else was as good as the app…


had this a couple of weeks ago for $15 meal voucher, did not know it was new.
was very glitchy was not able to use in the end bc I was rushing.

About time

Had an American airlines flight 2225 on tuesday 5:39 mia-jfk. After boarding and sitting on the tarmac for four hours, they deplaned us and said the crew timed out and they are waiting for a new one. Then they decide that the flight will be the next morning at 10:30, they kept all the checked in luggage and told people they can go get a hotel voucher. The line for the counter stretched the entire length of the terminal and probably would have taken two hours to wait. Would be nice for this feature to be rolled out to all airlines


monday or tues?


Hm. I just flew United this week, had several hours delays both ways. NY to RSW. On the way down, they cancelled my flight when I got to the airport, rebooked the family to stay in Chicago overnight. We took a flight a few hours later to FLL and drove across the state instead. Way back had a couple hours delay. Didn’t hear from the or get any compensation at all…. any recommendations?



Email them saying that you want compensation and reimbursement for any expense incurred as a result.


Not so new

And united still drags feet to enable hotel bookings when flights are cancelled and never have anything remotely close to the airport

They are horrible but I guess who isn’t


My son flew on Delta a few weeks ago and I was very impressed, right away they emailed and texted him vouchers for food, hotel & transportation to hotel when plane had connection delay.
We switched his flight so didn’t need to use them so not sure if actually worked but I was impressed that they sent without even asking.


I had meal voucher options in the app when my flight got canceled out of ORD last October, though they manually printed hotel and taxi vouchers for everyone.


So cool! Btw the app is developed by a Lakewood based frum company called bit bean


United are great. Guys. you got to be reasonable! if its weather related cancel, they dont owe you anything. if its at your home town (at departure and not on return), and a change for 24 hours later, they expect you to go home and come back (your departure point), perhaps will help with taxi costs. also, be aware, if they need to pay 300ppl x hotel night per change, airline will need to make up costs , your next trip will cost all of us. so be fair with expectations. 2. I wish ELAL were as fair. they give a credit for a mess they made (moved departure to anotehr city without notifying ……), gave a credit, made credit impossible to apply, and cant reach them (whatsapp/fb/ us phone) till expired. no one to talk to. I will remain loyal to UA. End.