Starting May 5th There’s One United Flight From Newark To Tel Aviv You’ll Want To Avoid In Coach And Another You’ll Want To Avoid In Business

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Effective May 5th United will start flying their new Boeing 777-300ER (77W) aircraft between Newark and Tel Aviv.

The 77W will be operated by subsidiary United crew members on the late night flight 90 from from Newark to Tel Aviv and the late night flight 91 from Tel Aviv to Newark.

United will continue to operate their pre-merger Continental 777-200 (772) aircraft with subsidiary Continental crew members for the afternoon flight 84 from Newark to Tel Aviv and the afternoon flight 85 from Tel Aviv to Newark.

The 77W offers United’s new Polaris business class with a 1-2-1 seating configuration that allows direct aisle access for all business class seats. It’s a big improvement over the 772 which has a 2-2-2 configuration that requires jumping over your seatmate or being jumped over by your seatmate if you select the window side seats.

The configuration is denser than business class on most airlines with a 1-2-1 business class, but reports are mostly quite positive so far and the middle seats in every other row offer a good option for couples traveling together. Plus with a whopping 60 business class seats, upgrades may be slightly easier than on other airlines with fewer seats:









The good news ends in business class though. United has decided to cram 10 seats across throughout the 102 Economy Plus and 204 Economy Minus seats. By all accounts, it will be a tight squeeze for larger people in coach with seat width dropping from about 18 inches to just 17 inches.









The old pre-merger Continental 772 aircraft will eventually be converted to have Polaris business class 1-2-1 seating, but for now is 2-2-2. It will also eventually be converted to have 3-4-3 seating in coach, but for now it still has 3-3-3 seating.

Bottom line: Starting from May 5th for the near future, United flight 84/85 will offer a better experience for coach passengers and United flight 90/91 will offer a better experience for business class passengers.

It’s worth noting that both flights already have the new Polaris branded bedding and pillows. Mattress pads and gel cooled pillows are even available upon request. However neither Newark-Tel Aviv flight will offer Pajamas in business class, though United’s Dreamliner operated nonstop flight from San Francisco to Tel Aviv is long enough to qualify for business class Pajamas, which are given out upon request.

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Thanks for the detailed breakdown. Will answer the people in the forums..


Know someone that flew Ewr- Tlv and got the pjs.


Dang. I love how much information I get from your pages.
FYI, my kids’ infant car seats are 17 inches wide, are the narrowest in their price point and I still can’t get 3 across in my third row. Basically, 17 inches in tiiiiiiiiiiny (but not tinny enough for a minivan’s third row! 😩)
Keep on rocking, Dan.
Thanks a bunch.

United fan

Will Saver Awards have more availability?


any idea on coach leg room and pitch of seats changes? aslo I saw somewhere I think flyer talk that there are 4 seats in middle but only 3 separators for feet in front of the seats

א גוטע וואך

I occasionally had success in getting PJ’s on shorter than 12 hour flights (which is UA’s official policy – therefore interesting why they wouldn’t have it for all the westbound TLV-EWR flights) basically this is among the services that as long as there is one actually left on board and you’re nice enough you’d get it, key is same as with anything else, gotta know how to ask


What’s the easiest way to get to Newark Airport from Brooklyn via public transportation?


Hows the kosher food in J and econ from ewr/sfo to tlv? I cant seem to find it.. is it the same going from tlv back to nyc?


Airline kosher food is pretty bad. Some parts, like fruit or bread ( unless it’s still frozen) are edible, but most of the entrees are not worth eating unless you are starving!


I flew last week UA 91 and 90 and got PJ’S and mattress pad on both flights.

chaim lieber

leah…comment 8: take a subway to port authority. from there catch a bus to newark airport. leaves every 15 minutes @ $16 one way. total cost w/subway=$18.75. cumbersome if you have more than one suitcase. otherwise, a bargain!



Yes i have had success numerous times. on EWR – TLV both ways


Let’s all relax over here. It’s just a pair of pajamas.


“the middle seats in every other row offer a good option for couples traveling together.”

What is different about every other row in the middle seats?


@noah: look at the picture… every other row the seats are parallel, and then at an angle



Thanks. Yeah, I noticed that. I was just wondering which one was “better” and why.


are the bulkheads on the sides which remain 3 across also shrinking re seat width?

will the middle row bulkhead with 4 across have 2 bassinets still? imagine 4 pax + 2 babies in that row….


@Leah: Subway to penn station then NJ Transit 2 stops about 15-20 minutes to Newark. Much faster than the bus and a bit cheaper too.

Mayer Friedman

I would like some advice. I would like to fly to Israel next January business class. I have the chase sapphire card and will have the 100,000 points for both my wife and myself . I have enough Masmid miles for an economy ticket but not anywhere near enough points for business. I have points on citi double card and chase blue cash totaling about $3000- Should I focus on getting cash through my cards or open new cards or somehow get miles???? Not sure what to do. Would appreciate advice. Thank you. Also which airline would give me the best deal and most comfort
Mayer Friedman


You can get PJ’s on both 84-85 and 90-91 if you ask.