Finally! United Details Their United Club Network Reopening Dates

United Club LGA, closed due to COVID ©DansDeals
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United was fast to close down their United Club and Polaris lounge network when the pandemic hit. They have also been much slower to reopen than American and Delta and I’ve seen some reopened United Clubs filled to capacity with a line out the door, due to other clubs in the airport being closed.

United has now reopened most of the clubs in their hub airports and they’re now in the process of reopening the rest of their domestic clubs by September. Here is an “rough timeline” of club reopening dates that United sent me:


You can earn 75,000 bonus miles and get 2 free checked bags when you open a United Club card.

United still has no timeline for reopening their Polaris business lounge network.

United Polaris Lounge Newark, Closed due to COVID ©DansDeals


With American reopening their Flagship lounge network, I’d imagine that United will feel competitive pressure to reopen their Polaris network.

When do you think United will reopen their Polaris lounges?

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What about ewr


Any word on the international clubs? Waiting on MEX…


Whats the difference between united club and united Polaris lounge ?


Newark was a nightmare last night it would be nice to re open another lounge ASAP to help with crowding and lack of seats. We walked in and walked right out last night it was horrible

Janice Levitan

No word on the other ORD Clubs?


Our yearly Explorer Card free passes are growing old. Do you think United will extend the expiration dates?


Will any of the clubs have anything kosher outside of pretzels, potato chips and cola?


Was in one of the ord clubs last week. They now have everything prepackaged. Pretzels, cookies, etc. All had a hechsher.

Even had individual, packaged bagels that were kosher.


Any word on when they will bring back kosher food… especially for United First flights (other than to TLV).