[More Eyewitnesses Step Forward] An Eyewitness Shares What She Saw Happen On United Flight 85, “There Was No Discrimination”

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Update: I just spoke with Sol and Eva C. who were seated in seats 46E and 46F. They were among the first on the plane in economy and saw what happened from the beginning. They corroborate what I heard from Nigel by confirming that they heard Neria initially agree to switch seats, before taking it back after Nigel removed his baseball cap to reveal his yarmulka. Sol described Neria totally blowing up at that point and she was feverishly working throughout the flight to spread news of an incident that never happened.

In 46J, 46K, and 46L were a woman and 2 men who loudly shouted and joined the scene, though when the flight attendant asked if they were going to be a problem, they said no and stopped making a ruckus.

When a flight attendant came over to Neria in middle of the flight, she told him that she thought “the haredi” was bad, but United was even worse!

They confirm there was no discrimination whatsoever and Neria went ballistic for no reason other than to create a scene. The entire time Nigel remained a complete and polite gentleman.

Were you on this flight and saw what happened? Please email dan@dansdeals.com to share what you witnessed.

Last night, I wrote about a conversation I had with Nigel M. about his experience on United flight 85 from Tel Aviv to Newark in which he was accused by Israeli journalist Neria Kraus of discrimination against women. Nigel refuted that charge completely and said that he only wanted to be able to sit with his son and his friend. He noted that Neria agreed to switch seats before changing her mind when he removed his baseball cap, which revealed his yarmulka.

Perhaps the funniest and most glaringly obvious flaw in Neria’s “story” is that while Nigel was originally sitting next to a man he ended up sitting next to a woman himself. It’s possible that once Neria misunderstood the reason for Nigel’s request, she became so irate she was unable to hear him and realize the request had nothing to do with her gender.

Today I spoke to Adina Levine, who was seated in 47J, the aisle seat next to Neria Kraus, who was in 47F.


A friend of hers was the one who wound up sitting in 47E, in between Nigel and Neria as I wrote about last night.

Her first realization that something was amiss was when she heard Neria screaming about not letting Nigel “switch around the whole plane just because I’m a woman”

Adina says that Nigel was very calm, when he asked Neria why she was acting anti-haredi when his request had nothing to do with her being a woman. Neria shouted back that she isn’t anti-haredi and that Nigel was just discriminating against her for being a woman.

A couple of men in row 46 in front of her joined the commotion with her because she was screaming and turned it into a scene for no reason.

She heard United agents telling Neria that they were going to cancel the flight for causing a scene. She also confirmed that they said they would divert to Egpyt if there was a scene in the air. Neria then identified herself as a journalist and said she would spread how United was treating her to the entire world.

Adina strongly thinks that Neria invented the situation to create needless drama as there was no discrimination.

Adina noted she doesn’t sleep well on planes, and that for the entire flight, she saw Neria furiously working on the story. She was loud and disruptive in the cabin and had 2 iPhones that were being used to record and take pictures of everything.

She believes that Neria was also secretly recording conversations between her friend in 47E and Nigel in 47D. Neria also tried getting recordings of the flight attendants from passengers around her to confirm her narrative and Adina saw her editing some of those videos during the flight.

Adina saw men in the row in front of her in seats 46K and 46L tell the US-based flight attendant that Nigel was discriminating and the flight attendant responded that United doesn’t tolerate any discrimination. However, that was just based on the people sitting in front of her hearing Neria shouting about discrimination and then relaying that incorrect information to the flight attendant.

Adina felt sick about how staged the entire event felt, but she’s happy to be back home now.

DansDeals has reached out to United, Neria Kraus, and the woman in 47E who switched seats, for comment on this story and this post will be updated if they respond.

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Meanwhile, the “journalist” is doubling down on her lies. It’s unbelievable how an agenda and bias clouds one’s vision.

Tzippy F.

Seems like she was looking for a fight.


100% , just a day after they started a false attack on this issue, 5 girls all brought blankets to a bus and pretend that someone care about the way they dress (false) and “forced” to cover themselves with the blankets (is it normal to bring blankets to the bus at summer? who care how they dress?).
Journalist was looking to sell her soul for some facebook likes.


The sad part of this is that it doesn’t help reverse the polarization that’s going on.
The question is what would be the best response that wouldn’t be.


What you refer to as “polarization”, I refer to as anti-semitism. The fact that it’s coming from Jewish woman, doesn’t make it less so. Jews are also capable of practicing anti-semitism and the secular Israeli press is guilty of it on a daily basis.


One of the few useful things I learned in college: no one hates you more than the guy who is most like you. The biggest anti-Semites are generally Jews. And in today’s day and age, they tend to hide behind their Jewishness as proof that they can’t be anti-Semitic.


I hear.
Either way, let’s fight hate with love.
Figuring out how to do that in this context seems tough, any suggestions?


Maybe allow women to sit in a bus with a tank top, be ok with pictures of women on a billboard and with a woman singing? You wonder why everything is polarized, think of who doesn’t want to live with whom


Maybe allow religious Jews to practice their beliefs (Mehadrin used to have separate buses for those that made that choice, the corrupt court ruled it illegal), and be ok with those that choose to exit when women sing?

You wonder why everything is polarized, think about who refuses to accommodate whom.

See, it’s easy.


Nope, let’s not drop our standards.
Let’s work hard with respect to find the best solution for everyone.
Realistically it might not be perfect, but let’s try to get as far as we can.


We want peace. We must make peace.
At the same time, lowering our standards of religious observance, doesn’t have to be the means.
No religious coercion, but also someone shouldn’t be forced to listen to women singing, against their religious beliefs

Believe women

If you don’t see anything wrong with forbidding women to single seeing pictures of women or not sitting next to women then the problem may be with you. It’s 2023. We are not an animals.


2023 is a problem, not a solution.


If you don’t see anything wrong with coercing people to listen to women sing, and not allowing them to travel in a way more accommodative to their religious ideals, then the problem may be with you. It’s 2023, discrimination against religion is supposed to be a thing of the past.


What does 2023 have to do with anything?


Fighting hate with love is a western mirage that has been disproven in every scenario including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It just doesn’t work.


Except for when it has worked.
Clarity on intent when saying fighting love with hate is important.
Doing what you need to do, while remaining open to options other than digging ones heels in the ground is the beginning of the process.
Remembering that we are one nation, just it might take some digging to uncover is the foundation here. It’s us and us, not them vs us.


Take Carl Marx as your best example.




The part that doesnt make sens on Nigel’s side: He didn’t have to take off his cap for anyone to realize his yarlmuka — first of all, his look says it all but even more so, his son and his friends definitely have that look.


She may not have realized the boy was his son at first. They weren’t sitting next to each other.

Tzippy F.

Many businesses man wear formal clothes. And he had a baseball cap on. So she wasn’t sure.

Chad Bidoro

Excellent point ! That’s a big psul yichis if you can’t spot another yid…




@dansdeals. Are they allowed to put images of people up on twitter without their consent?

Tzippy F.

I just flew united/Luftansa and people asked me to move so they will be next to their kids.
I was happy I can help someone.

It is all about attitude.

Schar Mitzvah Mitzvah – In the end. השם put me next to a smart Israeli youth,(not religious yet)- going to the army soon – and for 3 hours grilled me about עיקרי הדת.


Beautiful! And you’re so right- it’s all about attitude


That is amazing! There should be many more like you in Klal Yisroel!


Wow that woman lives rent free in your heads. Love to see it.


Following your thesis I would think that you have many worse people living rent free in your head. Take hitler as an example…..


Moshe, I think Trump derangement syndrome is something Michael struggles with


The man who had four indictments I clouding RICO? Yeah he’s pretty deranged.


You sure seem to have your own demons.


I wonder if a woman will ever step up and talk or is it just going to be orthodox men. Do you even allow your women to talk?


Dude, this whole post is about a woman who stepped up to talk.


Would you listen if they spoke?


We have now known the truth for the better part of a day, and needless to say, there have been no corrections or apologies from any of the usual suspects who jumped on the story.

Just remember – however much you hate the media, you don’t hate them enough.


Are you sure her name isn’t Karen?


Can/should he sue her for defamation?

Bazz Lazz


View from Jaffar

My grandfather was a wood turner, so I ask how can we turn the tables on this despicable drama Queen? Perhaps a Pulsa d’neriah so that her fate is to suffer from high blood pressure and naturopathic fingers as a result of her removal from the daily professional drama de jour(nalism) – effectively ex-communicating her.


This journalist did something horrible. But in Judaism we believe in Teshuva. Elul is coming up. Would you want to be judged only with strict Din? Wishing illness on another Yid; especially out loud is, frankly, not very nice (to put it mildly).


Israel is clearly in a bad place now with a lot of self hate and intolerance that does not reflect the American spirit (not that we’re perfect).

Perhaps we should push to have her US visa revoked? Encourage united to ban her?

An individual who does not understand and care about American values should not be allowed in


Y’all are nuts. In America people are allowed to hate Jews or orthodox people. That’s America; The freedom to think and say horrible things. Thank goodness most use our freedom to do good things.

Just wait till people say our beliefs are not worth defending or tolerating (“they” are already doing so).

If she is spreading bad, you should spread good.


In America a hate crime is illegal. That is physical action other than just speech, but the hate speech can only be criminalized when it directly incites imminent criminal activity or consists of specific threats of violence targeted against a person or group.

That is race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, or gender identity.

Clearly, there is a lot of hate going on in the world. America is not immune nor the worst

Vivre ElAl

Make her fly ElAl with the rest of her nasty Israeli friends, with absolute horrendous customer service.

The way she and all her compatriots like it


I’m confused, are you some non-jew who is angry over the treatment of frum jews? if you are Jewish, Israelis might not be our country-men but they are our family. You must not have an issue with people being mean and nasty to each other; you just object to who the nastiness was aimed at.

ElAl is much improved these days, anyways…


I just flew Elal this week after avoiding them for years & I must admit that they have changed a lot.

deals dealer



Sounds like she’s “pulling a Smollett”


Let’s say he did ask her to move for religious reasons? Is it wrong to ask? It’s not because women are inferior; it could just as well happen the other way, and often does. Does that merit a verbal attack and public humiliation? This woman (and much of society with her) has gone mad.




I believe truth is extremely important, and slander is abhorrent. I also think all frequent flyers to Israel know that there is an actual underlying issue that people all too frequently refuse to sit in their assigned seat. This chillul Hashem is also abhorrent and deserves equal outrage.


Even according to her version of the events, he didn’t demand that she move, he only requested.


As long as you are polite & respectful there is no issue in asking someone to swich places with you, for any reason.
I actually know someone who offers $100 to whoever agres to switch places with him, and no one ever complained about him discriminating.


Same patern all over the left Israeli media, they creat story like this to demonise orthodox Jews, they will lie without blinking, be ware ! don’t believe Israeli left media its all lies.


Look at her last tweet one day before the alleged incident, and she reveals her agenda!




Dan, based on the your investigative report, and eye witness report, we should call her for what she is worth.
She agreed to switch seats until she say the yarmulke that’s called hate and discrimination.

The non chareidy, that hate the chareidim and board chareidim buses to instigate, are the real people discriminating against the chareidim.

Just Sayin

Interesting that the Jerusalem post reported both claims in the story (https://www.jpost.com/diaspora/antisemitism/article-754957) during the week. However, in its weekend commentary, the Post ignored this controversy and reported Neira’s claims as fact without comment. https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/article-755219 (Granted there is a link in the online version, but that doesn’t make it into the print version)