[Now Live] Southwest Will Raise Several Fees And Shrink Personal Item Size, But Will Add Free Standby On All Fares!

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Update, 8/17: The changes below are now all in effect.

Additionally, Southwest has reduced the size of their personal item allowance from 18.5″x13.5″x8.5″ to just 16.25″x13.5″x8″. I doubt this will be strictly enforced, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for. 1 full size carry-on is still free and the limit for that remains 24″x16″10″. Of course, 2 checked bags are free as well.

Update, 8/10: The price hikes below go into effect on Tuesday, so you may want to lock in pricing for items like the Unaccompanied minor fees.

Additionally, Southwest tells DansDeals that “coming soon” they will be adding free standby on all fares. You will also be able to list for standby online. That matches free standby offered by airlines like American and United.

Business select fares will also include free WiFi for up to 3 devices per flight segment.

Wanna Get Away Plus fares are useful for transferring Wanna Get Away credit to someone else, though with Wanna Get Away fares now offering free standby, there’s less reason than ever to splurge for the Plus fare.

Originally posted on 6/26:

Southwest famously gives 2 free checked bags and free changes on all fares, but some fees do fly on Southwest and they’re going up effective 8/15.

  • Unaccompanied minor fees will double from $50 to $100 per minor each way.
  • Excess bags over 2 will go up from $75 to $125.
  • Bags from 51-70 pounds will go up from $75 to $100.
  • Bags from 71-100 pounds will go up from $75 to $125.
  • Oversized bags will go up from $75 to $125.
  • Pet fares (excluding intra-Hawaii) will go up from $95 to $125.

Personally I’m not a Southwest fan, but if you don’t have elite status with another airline, they’re a great option. Best of all, no basic economy fares and flight credits never expire!

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Free cancellation


I never liked Southwest’s model of boarding. I do better checking in 75 minutes before boarding on Spirit and receiving a window seat in aisle 5.


Shhh! Don’t give away the secrets. 😉


It’s okay if you have very short legs.

Eddy V.

Forgot to add: No Change Fees!

SWA frequent flyer

@dan why dont u like SWA


Wow that’s hefty increases (though fees I never really pay). Southwest is great if you live in a hub city (e.g. Baltimore, I think Cleveland), can book with zero commitment anytime. 99% of people don’t have elite status.


Why are you not a southwest fan? They are great for families. They offer free checked bags, seating is first come first serve and families board early so you know you’ll sit together. They offer an unmatched companion pass which can be used with points, and there prices are competitive. They are very accommodating to kids with car seats, allowing families to bring car seats and take seats they didn’t pay for (as long as there are empty seats). They make it up to customers when something goes wrong, as they did when they had all those cancellations (they paid for my flights on another airline plus gave me 100k points).


I didn’t know you’re allowed to check in above 70 pounds at all, thought 70 was the max allowed


Can’t beat cancelling a flight hours before departure and getting a full refund.


I wish they would just charge for a second bag, and bring down their prices a little


Well it won’t be split up when the workers need to drag it in


They aren’t just giving away the bags for free because they luv you. Allowing free baggage reduces the amount of carry-on baggage, which speeds up the boarding process, which allows for quicker flight turnaround, which leads to more flights, which brings down costs.

Texas Totty

I love that pet fares are going up. Last time I flew, someone’s dog got loose and was running up and down the aisles and between everyone’s feet.


Still in lga to chicago now @10:30pm from this afternoon 12:10 pm flight. What should I do???

Reb Yid

Why are you not a fan? They have the most comfortable economy, free changes, free bags, and much more.


What does flying free standby entail? If you booked a later flight you can fly standby on an earlier one? Or more than that?


Dan, do you know when the wana get away fares will include the free standby and will that apply to flights already booked? thank you,


Fees for all checked baggage is knocking on the front door of Southwest Airlines… (any day now…)


Plus fares includes same day CONFIRMED flight charge. While getaway doesn’t.


They won’t enforce the personal item size because they never have had sizers and they’re not gonna whip out a tape measure. Also I dare them to and I’ll just use it as one of my free checked bags. Does anyone actually check 2 bags? I can’t imagine most people use their entire allowance, especially if they’re traveling with 2+ people on their reservation.


I spoke to two reps today, and got conflicting info about whether Standby is free (or you have to pay the fare difference) for “Wanna Get Away” flights. Also with Standby, your checked bags would presumably remain on your confirmed flight rather than the standby flight.


Thanks for the reminder- my son was charged $125 for oversized bag on Tuesday and should have been $75.


I have status on aa, it sucks. I can never get a decent mileage ticket and all the flights are full so I never get an upgrade.
At least with Southwest you know where you stand.
And now the same day standby is awesome. I live in Chicago, so swa is amazing for me.


Sharing my experience today with standby for PVD to DAL. Had 3 seats on a 5pm Wanna Get Away Fare booked but wanted to leave earlier on a 12:20pm flight. I called cust service 3 times to make sure there were enough seats on the flight. I got there 2 hours early at 10:30am.and was told I could go standby on the 1st leg, but there were no seats on the connecting flight out of MDW. We prepared ourselves to spend 5 hours for the next best option. But I found another gate agent who was very helpful and found a way to get us 3 standby seats via Tampa. Still made it to DAL 4 hours earlier than original booked flight. So worked succesfully after a few hiccups. Oh and only brought carry ons just in case. Sorry so lengthy!