JetBlue Travel Bank Funds Expired? Apply For An Extension!

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While most airlines have extended flight credits that expired over COVID, JetBlue was a notable holdout.

The US DOT has stated that they were unhappy with airlines failing to provide extensions, and JetBlue has finally added an online form to request an extension for credits that have expired or will expire between 2/1/20-9/29/22.

If your request is approved the funds will need to be redeemed by 9/30/22.

You’ll have to attest that the credit would have been used if not for COVID-19 altering your travel plans.

You can view your JetBlue Travel Bank history here. The entry will say credit expired if you have lost credit in the past.

Did you have Travel Bank funds expire?

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I recently had credits expire so I filled out the form. Not wanting to wait until it’s processed, I contacted JetBlue on Twitter and within an hour they processed it and credited the travel bank!


i had travel vouchers from AA that expired I wish i could get those extended.


For my Plat travel credits, since JB was allowing free cancelations refunded to travel bank, I purchased a couple random $100 tickets for the latest possible date and planned to cancel them later on so that the travel credit will last much longer. (I already canceled 1 flight and used the travel credit to book a flight I needed)


Do it before they go out of business


Wish United would extend their travel bank credits as well…


Free trip vouchers for Hero expiring end of
Can apply for same ?

Solution if they didn\'t expire yet:


Book a flight within your travel bank budget in their highest tier which allows free cancellations then cancel the flight and it will be restored to a credit with a new expiration date.


I have 100 travel Bank credit expiring June 1st.

Book a flight before June 1st for any amount, any destination, around 100, in their highest tier.

Cancel flight any time before flight date and credits will be new in the account.


Best value to redeem ? NJ to ?
for unlimited $ Healthcare Hero vouchers.


It says you also have to attest that the flight was canceled, doesn’t seem to be listed in your post (in our case we canceled because we couldn’t fly not because the flight was canceled).


If I have Jetblue credits from Chase UR and cancelled my trip due to Covid, would this be able to work? Or is it not considered “travel bank funds”?


@Dan … do you know what happens if we book a flight with expiring travel bank and then cancel the ticket after the TB’s expiry date? Thanks.


Not working for travel bank credits issued in response to a complaint.


anywhere I can sell these JetBlue credits?


Thank you sooooo much for posting this! I did not hear about it anywhere else (for sure not from Jet Blue). I have $1500 in credits which expired a couple days ago. I sent in the form yesterday, and got them back today!
Now, what to do with them? Jet Blue doesnt fly where I live so not useful.