JetBlue Introduces New MINT Business Class Suites And MINT Studio!

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JetBlue is redesigning their MINT business class and it looks awesome.



The new configuration will be found on the new A321LRs that will fly Transatlantic routes and on newly delivered A321neos that will fly on Transcontinental routes.

The A321LR will feature 24 MINT business class suites based on the VantageSOLO seat concept. JetBlue is the first airline to launch the VantageSOLO seat. The herringbone configuration gives each seat doors that close, direct aisle access, a 17″ seatback screen, wireless charging, an integrated phone ledge for multitasking, easy-to-reach in-seat power, as well as laptop, shoe and handbag stowage.

I generally prefer reverse herringbone as that angles the seat towards the windows, but this still looks like an incredible business class configuration for a narrowbody aircraft and the doors will give this more privacy than typical herringbone seats.

New A321neos that will be delivered to JetBlue this year will feature 16 new MINT suites that will fly routes like NYC to Los Angeles.

JetBlue currently flies their A321 neos with 16 MINT seats, but only 4 of them are suites, while 12 are in a 2-2 configuration. The new MINT suites look much nicer and more spacious, but they’re not as family friendly.

The bulkhead seats will be branded as MINT Studio and will have a 22″ seatback screen, an extra side table, and a guest seat that can accommodate an additional Mint customer during flight at cruising altitude. It will also feature the largest lie-flat bed of any U.S. carrier.

MINT studio:

While bulkhead seats in business class often have some additional room, clearly the MINT studio goes above and beyond that. We’ll have to wait and see what kind of upcharge there will be to select these seats.

JetBlue recently launched Tuft & Needle bedding in MINT class featuring a convertible blanket with a built-in foot pocket, a memory foam lined pillow/pillowcase, and a snooze kit with a matching eye mask and earplugs.

JetBlue claims their MINT fares across the pond will be significantly less expensive than current pricing, so this should be an exciting way to fly to Europe! They will start flying to London from Boston and JFK later this year.

What do you think of JetBlue’s new MINT suites?

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Does jetblue points always work based on the cash price and limited how much they can be worth?


This studio thing looks overdone…looks like it would be great for one person but to say it can seat 2 ppl comfortably – thats a stretch


Segmenting services (no lounge) will be the mew standard


They currently dont charge extra for the mint solo seats, right?
So perhaps they won’t charge extra for the bulkhead ones.. maybe first come first serve


I use my points for mint and hardly ever for economy and will explain why.

Points cannot be redeemed for Blue Basic it can only be redeem for regular blue. So if you have a $25 blue basic fare and $65 blue regular fare, you might see the price as 4000 jetblue points, which is good value on $65 but if I am happy to book $25 it is terrible value and I always book basic. Their is very little value to redeem when compared to basic fare.

At least mint is just one fare, and better value than coach redemption when compared to basic.


Lots of times (like also minute) there is no blue basic fares available


“and a guest seat that can accommodate an additional Mint customer during flight at cruising altitude”

does that mean besides takeoff & landing we will be able to have a guest/kid with us in Mint?


Current mint is the most uncomfortable hard seats in the sky today. Hopefully this will change that.


Could be the photography, lighting, or the angle, but it looks cramped. Maybe Moshe Hershko would know.


mosaic buy 1 get 1 free. here we go….


Wow! Mint was already my favorite J seat in US

reb yid

Will it include a ban on FAs gabbing in the front of the cabin? I’ve slept better sitting up in coach since you can’t find an FA around, than in Mint.


@Dan, do you think with Jetblue entering the international travel market they will enable travelers to purchase one way fares on revenue tickets without it being cost prohibitive as it currently stands?


Any clue when the LHR flights are starting?