[Tickets Honored!] HURRY! SMOKING HOT! JetBlue Allowing Free Changes With No Fees On Most Routes; Save Over $1,000 On Pesach Flights!

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Update, 1/9: A week after this deal and after several have already traveled with changed tickets, it seems safe to say that the free changes made with this offer will be honored!

Update, 1/3 at 10:45am: DEAD! Don’t miss it if this becomes alive again. Sign up for deal notification alerts on Telegram, Twitter, or more options here!

Congrats to everyone who got to make free changes while it lasted!

Originally posted on 1/2 at 6:59pm:

Similar to what Southwest used to offer, JetBlue is currently offering free changes with no difference in fare for any travel booked in January!

Officially they are waiving change fees for travel in January, but the website is also currently waiving the difference in fare on most routes. I wouldn’t contact JetBlue about this as that’s not officially being offered and will probably only apply online via the instructions below.

For example I was able to book a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Cleveland in January for $32.60:


And then JetBlue.com allowed changes to other Fort Lauderdale to Cleveland dates, even for $594 flights, at no extra charge:



You can use the JetBlue Best Fare Finder to find cheap dates to fly.

Don’t forget that AMEX airline fee credit typically covers JetBlue tickets that are less than $100. You can also deposit basic or regular economy JetBlue tickets into TravelBank funds right after purchase that are useable for anyone.

Once you have a flight booked for travel on any date in January, you can change to any other later date with no change fee or difference in fare.

  • You can’t change the route, you can only change the dates.
  • If you book travel in Basic economy, the rebooked flight will need to be in basic economy.
  • If you book travel in regular economy, the rebooked flight will need to be in regular economy.
  • If you book travel in MINT, the rebooked flight will need to be in MINT.

It doesn’t appear that you can change dates on award bookings online.

This will not work for codeshare flights on airlines like American.

For example, I tested booking $74 regular economy tickets from Boston to Cleveland in January:


And there was no fee to changing to $274 regular economy tickets from Boston to Cleveland in August.



Note that not all routes will work. For example in my testing I noticed that Newark to Fort Lauderdale, JFK to Fort Lauderdale, Newark to San Diego, and Miami to JFK did not work.

However sometimes the reverse route did work, as JFK to Miami and Fort Lauderdale to JFK worked!

Update: It appears that some routes will work on select dates or flight numbers. If your flight doesn’t have free changes, try another date and flight number in January.

I’d suggest booking tickets as one-ways as some routes only work in one direction. (In general I always suggest booking tickets as one-ways for maximum flexibility with changes and cancellations).

The good news is that as long as you book a flight that is more than 7 days from now, you can get a full refund within 24 hours of your purchase, even on basic economy. That means you can use trial and error to see what works for you. Just click on cancel itinerary if it doesn’t work for your route and you can request a refund.

The pattern I noticed is that when you click on Manage bookings on routes that do work, it will show this:

While on routes that don’t work, it shows this:

I also noticed that on routes where it doesn’t give free changes, it gives this warning when trying to change dates:


Finally, when you try changing on a route that doesn’t work it will state a total to pay instead of showing $0 like it does on working routes:


To make a change, just scroll to the bottom of your itinerary and you should see the option to “change itinerary:”


You can then change dates to turn a $48 JFK to Miami ticket in January into $560 JFK-Miami ticket before Pesach:


Or a $48 Fort Lauderdale to JFK in January into $598 Fort Lauderdale-JFK ticket after Pesach:


Or a $68 JFK to Orlando in January into $539 Fort Lauderdale-JFK ticket before Pesach:


Or a $94 JFK to LA ticket in January into $448 JFK-LA ticket before Pesach:


I wouldn’t expect this free change policy to last for long, so enjoy it while it lasts and try avoiding contacting JetBlue for help.

Don’t book any other non-refundable accommodation for your trip for a few days, while we wait and see if JetBlue will honor these tickets.

Post which routes work or don’t work for you and where you’ll fly!

HT: yochai, via DDF

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Would this work for point bookings?


Does London work?


How about the AA codeshare JFKTLV route?


Please use this comment section to tell us which routes work which don’t thank you. @dan it’ll be helpful to pin a wiki based on the comments thank you again


just saved 150 on a previous booked flight for this week !! per passenger thanks


do the tickets need to be booked on B6 or can they be booked on other sites and then changed on B6


Worked for me when I booked through chase.
JAX-EWR didn’t work, JAX-LAX worked.


Needed JAX-EWR, but wasn’t working. JAX-JFK didn’t either, finally JAX-LGA worked and was able to change to EWR.
It appears all NY area airports are changeable as long as you get the right airport to change FROM.


EWR-LAX does not work


Sorry, it does work. I was doing mistakenly


Just saved $$$$$$$$$ to Caribbean during February school vacation week. Bought for $270 each, rebooked for $1427 value !!! x 4 tickets. thank you Dan and JJ!


I tried on Punta Cana to NYC with a Blue Basic fare. It did not work. Do you think it would work with a Blue fare?


We did Blue Basic and it worked.


Turns out I made a mistake! I didn’t realize the originally booked flight had to depart in January. I redid it and it worked! Thanks Dan!


When do we know if it will be honored?


SFO to Las Vegas February 8-16 does not work.


Does it have to be at the same time? It looks like yours was.


Are tickets to Tel Aviv working?


plus it seems that on partner such as AA this whole this doesn’t work


It does not work for Fort Lauderdale to JFK, or at least not for the flight in January that I booked. Can you advise which January flight you booked that you saw this deal working?


Can you change from a stop over to a direct route between the same 2 end cities ?


Would this work with partner airlines booked on JetBlue.com?


The city pair or dates selected do not fall within the approved change window. Select ‘Review Search Criteria’ to return to the previous page and make a different selection, or ‘Proceed with changes’ to continue and incur any fare increase.


Am i doing something wrong? Im trying to switch my orlando flight to pesach. Does that message mean i cant?


i’ve got that message too. the only way to know is to select the flight and see if it increases. it worked for me even with that message


Can I do this on blue basic fares too?




Worked beautifully. Thank you.


doesnt work from DTW to BOS I tried changing to date in Oct. their charging me crazy $


Just booked 7 RT JFK-MCO (originally jan 25-26) total $960 changed to pesach april dates over $6000 in savinging.

Thanks Dan!

Fawn Zakheim

Did you book them each 1 way and each separately or you booked 6 together round trip?


Did them as roundtrips.


Which flight MCO – JFK on Jan 26?
Not working for me on the flights I tried so far that date..


B6 284


Just did this for an aruba to jfk flight during yeshiva break! Switched from the earlier to the later flight. Was supposed to be 640$ Change difference each ticket. Did it for Free!!


works for EWR to MCO. thanks!


What about a way back?


Issue is that it’ll take about 3 days to confirm they’ll honor all these tickets, by then you can’t cancel if they don’t honor the ticket change… You’ll be “stuck” with random January flights if you’re intention was to only go pesach…


What are the chances this is honored?


HPN- FLL and FLL-HPN do not work


I booked out of Newark and it let me change the airport from Newark to HPN


Fll or MCO though


I think it’s dead, I booked 5 tickets and successfully change it, (thanks Dan), I tried doing the same and it didn’t work anymore

dan not Dan

I tried 3 different combos and could not get it to change date without face adjustment.


Until when can I change the flight for free with no change fee?


no one knows


Tried MIA-EWR – did not work


FLL – EWR worked for me, 10 minutes ago.


Does this work with flights operated by American Airlines booked through JetBlue?






When I try to click on Manage my Trip, I’m getting this message; “There was an error processing your request, possibly due to another update that is in progress. If you continue to receive this error, please contact 1-800-JETBLUE for assistance.”


Tried again an hour later and it worked! FLL-JFK


I just got a cancellation for my booking (within 10 minutes?)


did you already have a flight booked on the flight you changed to?


They said due to duplicate booking (I did not cancel my original flight in case they canceled this)


Fll-Bos and Mia-bos did not work


Thank you! Saved thousands


I booked from lga to ffl and each time I try to change it to pesach dates, it’s not working! The price is increasing.


it shows that you need to pay and then on the side it waives the fee it also confused me


It is now giving me a change fee. before it showed me $0 change fee but doesn’t seem to be the case anymore




@Dan – any thoughts on doing this multiple times – meaning for multiple itineraries? Or should we not push our luck and see how this goes?


if you book on same date jetblue may cancel as there is multiple bookings with same pax info


Do lap infants get any luggage allowance on Blue?


just booked chal hamoed Pesach EWR to MCO and MCO to EWR, I changed the flights and I even was able to change the airport to HPN – Westchester which is closer to where I live.


What dates on January did you use?


Just worked on FLL-EWR. Problem is I rebooked the same flights i had booked 3 months ago for more. How long should i wait now before canceling the original flights, in case they dont honor these?


Rebooked for pesach? Which flight #? Thanks!


Yeshiva week. Return flight on 1/31. FLL-EWR 8:55pm. But it turns out it didnt accept my change. Did not tell me why. It showed 0 fee for the change, but when i processed it gave me an error. Could it be because 4 of the 5 passengers were already on the flight?


just booked ewr to mia random dates in january 80$ round trip and switched it to pres weekend [600$ round] for free in februrary!!!! it worked ty @dan

Thank u

This worked from Newark to Atlanta! Thank you Dan!! This did not work from JFK or LGA to ATL.


Thanks Dan!! Saved $6,000 bucks!!!


I just Booked for January 15 and I’m trying to make the change but it says that I have to call because it has not been operated by jet blue even though I booked it directly from jetBlue site

Thank u

Just cancel bec they will not honor the change if operated by a different airline. I’m on hold still trying to cancel my flight. Meantime I booked out of a different airport (Newark) and it worked. Still waiting to cancel original flight operated by AA even tho booked directly on Jet blue.


Worked! EWR-MCO Jan to April


$428.80 for flights that are selling now for $3269


JFK-PHX worked.


FLL to JFK jan 9 didn’t work


I booked jfk to lax in mint the cheaper $780 fare in jan and switched for free to the 930am flight same day which is over $1k

travel hocker

EWR/PBI and EWR FLL did not work


I just booked EWR to MIA and EWR to FLL


Does jfk-puj work?



Texas Totty

JFK-IAh doesn’t work.


BOS-FLL AND FLL-BOS worked! Saved my parents over $500 for pesach! Thanks!

It gave an error at first on the return flight so on my moms account so I tried it on mine and then worked.

You have to be patient and follow the steps to test!


Which date were you able to get FLL to BOS? no luck yet


Do I need to use JetBlue card to get free bags thank you and does cardholder,have to be traveling


Does this apply to “blue basic” tickets as well?




Ewr to Mco roundtrip for pesach works


ewr to mco roundtrip pesach works

Shlomie Litzman

Thanks Dan worked for chol hamoed pessach
changed to HPN (weschester )MCO( orlando )
return booked as one ways as you said to do


anyone succeful at mco- nyc or tpa nyc?


Any update on this route?


New York (JFK) to Tampa – B6 425
Jan 23, 6:30 AM–9:31 AM

Tampa to New York (JFK) – B6 126
Jan 29, 8:26 PM–11:01 PM

worked to switch to Pesach dates 4/14-4/25


Jan 23, 6:29 PM-9:46 PM
Jan 28, 7:50 AM- 10:30 AM

Also worked to change for Pesach dates 4/13-4/25


Does this work for blue basic? And for non refundable tickets?


yes worked for me in blue basic


LGA to FLL works both ways!!

Az t

Which dates


I was able to book from ewr to fll, and from mia to ewr. Thanks!


Whats date did EWR-FLL work for you?


Worked fine..
Just checked my status and it says ITINERARY CANCELLED.
No email though saying it was cancelled though


I’m confused, can I cancel for 24 hours on a basic blue flight?

Shmoe joe

Save even more … much more…. By staying home


Worked for LAX > LIR for spring break. Thanks Dan!


Just booked a total of 17 tickets nyc-mco for the family for pesach for $3400. Would have cost upwards of $12k, Thank you Dan and TYH


I have a flight from Cun-jfk Thur the 27th I can extend my trip till Sunday the 30th for the same price with this but what will happen to my original tickets if they don’t honor this. I paid a lot less then what price is now for original ticket


I was able to book jfk-puj successfully and saved $3k but now a few minutes later I got an email that “itinerary was cancelled”….. any ideas?

FYI- I already had a separate booking for those Pesach dates.


Jkf to pbi worked before
Now pbi to jfk ain’t working


If I want to change the days again closer to my actual trip, will that be doable without changing the price?


Booked Tix for Pesach – Blue Basic BDL-FLL/FLL-BDL – $77 pp. Also worked with EWR/FLL for Sedarim Ony – $79/pp


Ewr to ord doesn’t work all flights operated by as waiting 53 minutes for call back
Doesn’t let me cancel


for some reason when I get to checkout page, it automatically adds checked bags and there is no way to remove those fees. any idea?


Anyone can help which dates will it allow for free changes ny to fll or mia? Cant find not working


Booked EWR- LAX for summer trip. Needed to do one way at a time. Dan, you saved me thousands!


Should I cancel my original pesach tickets before booking these new ones




Any reason why this wouldn’t work on flights booked thru amex or chase travel?


I did FLL-EWR booked on Chase changed on Jetblue
Thanks Dan!


Not working for me, maybe dead


Make sure to book flights operated by jet blue and not the ones operated by AA- like I did. Now I have to call up to cancel it because I can’t cancel online.


not working for me jfk – fll new flight in jan…


most of the flights coming up are operated by AA?


Houston to NY not working


we need to post whic hflights work..
i need to know what works ewr-mco and back
also ewr to fll

for fll to ewr Jan 20 855 flight works


Thanks, any good outbound from NYC ?


Thanks, which outbound flight works from NYC ?


I found ewr to pbi on Jan 24 132
Fare is 83 for blue


Which dates in January work? I tried the 17th and couldn’t change without afee


Tried 13,18,24,27 nothing worked here


Anyone still having luck with this?


I am trying to cancel a flight, I keep getting session expired


Anyone have a NY to Orlando flight and vice versa that works???


Server is busy now, getting error message, cant modify any bookings. Oh boy, they may have caught this…


Worked for Newark- Cancun for Pesach. Book Jan 17-26th and then switch to April 14-24th. Incredible savings- only $273 RT instead of $1200.


Booked 14 tickets, saved me a ton of money. Thanks, Dan!!!


Jetblue canceled tomorrow’s flights to Cancun 🙁 🙁


Did not work JFK- Cancun. Only from newark. Tested a whole bunch of ways 🙂


Booked for my whole fam from EWR-MCO, was a Fee Waiver ticket and changed successfully to week before Pesach. That flight should have costed me $2211.60 for 6 tickets but only costed me $471.60 – Thank you Dan!!
Way home was more complicated, MCO-EWR didn’t work, so I booked MCO-LGA which did give me Fee Waiver, then when changing it, I was able to change the airport as well back to MCO-EWR. Ended up booking MCO-HPN on 4/24, should have costed $3972 for 6 tickets, paid $561.60 – Thank you Dan!!


David- you booking was a blue basic?


What date on January did you book? Ans what flight was dee waver? I tried many and was unsuccessful. Would appreciate if you would share. Thank you


Tried changing my healthcare heroes certificate tickets booked for 1/23 JFK to LAX and back on 1/30 all Sundays in February said no flights available. Is it cuz it was a certificate?


Can u book and change to an earlier date?


Yes. See the screenshots in the post


Im having trouble cancelling my other tickets? any ideas or tips?


Worked for me in the end For two bookings thanks Dan you the Best


Booked 4 persons RT ORD-FLL, and successfully switched all tickets to late June/early July. Booked as one way tickets both directions, done as 2 family members x 2 reservations each way, so 4 PNR’s total. Total cost would have been $2260, but this technique allowed us 4 to travel “all in” for $528. Thanks Dan for finding this and sharing, crossing my fingers they honor it !!!


Can I use a credit and book flights in Jan then move it?


Had an award flight for tmrw booked for 30.5k trueblue points, rebooked for Jan 25 for 120 and changed it to tomorrow


“You can’t change the route, you can only change the dates.”
Successfuly changed flight departing jfk to Phx over to a ewr-phx


Same city airport changes work


Tried a few flights from Florida NY didn’t work anyone know a specific that works?


so even when it shows the warning that they’ll charge you i’ve still gotten the no change fee/difference.

Wow!! This is amazing!


My bad, its still working! Did 21 seats already!!!


Thanks Dan . Just booked jfk to FLL for $775 in January for 6 people and switched it for April 14-24
Saved me over $5000

Joe S

Just worked for JFK-LAS and vice-versa, got flights in May for about 1/2 of what they were in January.


Thanks Dan !! Just booked JFK to FLL in January for 6 people for under $800 and switched it for Passover . Saved me over $5000


thank you!! i actually had a flight i needed to change for a few weeks, and no one on the phone can help me. now i was able to do it online for free!! thank you!

Pesach in Orlando

$613 mco-jfk for $79! Thanks Dan!

Elly miller

FINALLY!! After years on this site I’ve finally been able to take advantage of something this awesome.

Booked 5 one-way tickets Newark to Orlando 1/24 for $54 each (total $268)
Booked 5 one-way tickets Orlando to Newark 1/25 for $54 each (total $268)

Changed first flight to 4/14 $0.00
Changed second flight to 4/25 $0.00

Total cost for flights $536.00
Total cost if we booked those same flights normally $4,736

Cost savings of $4,200. THANKS DAN!!!!


It would have been nice if would have shared what flights you were able to find that had it


I rarely comment here, but wanted to share a thank you – my sons bar mitzvah is erev erev pesach and needed to be in NY for that day and fly back home right away. Tickets were around $6-700 round trip each and this cut them to $100 each. Thank you for sharing this.


Booked EWR-MCO (and return) and so far it worked. My only issue is that one way there are only upgraded seats open. I don’t want to call and tip them off but how can I get seats together without having to upgrade?


Hi what date did you do the original ticket? Thanks!


Thank you Dan, booked tickets to Cancun for Pesach and saved $10k on tickets BH!


Thank you so much Dan!! Any recommendations for car rentals in Orlando at a good price?


Booked Newark to Cancun and it worked. Saved me 6k for Peasch tickets! Let’s hope they honor!


Can I apply for the jet blue card now to get free checked bags if I didnt use the card to pay for the tickets, and still get the free checked bags for me and companions?




Yes. Just need to add ur true blue # associated with ur card and for the system to recognize ur card should be open 7 days


Can you change *to* an American Airlines codeshare flight?


I booked one of the examples and tried to switch.
It said “Fee Waiver”.
Still trying to charge me now.

Can’t cancel after change

I booked and then changed to April. Then tried canceling (within 24 hours) and they are not allowing a refund

“ Since this ticket was exchanged to another flight the 24 hour Department of Transportation refund policy does not apply. It is for new, unchanged bookings only that are over 7 days from the booking date.”

Dan Any tips how to get the refund?


Didn’t have any issue … booked and cancelled a bunch of itineraries. Even after changing to April dates .


me too . no issues . i made 4 seperate bookings before finalizing one and canceled the rest


I’ve had luck in the past by texting them. But it’s definitely easier to book through Priceline/Expedia


It worked for me last night and today up until 10am. Now the newly purchased Jan flight shows the difference in fare if tried to change to March. Well, it worked for quite a bit. Thanks, Dan!


same here


This was my experience. Booked and changed one flight earlier this morning. Then booked the return, but the system shows a fare increase when I try to change it.


not working for me either


Confirmed dead!
Was fun while it lasted…


Is it still alive?


Dan – please let us know if you hear if JetBlue is not honoring these tickets for some reason.


Thanks Dan
That one was a time-consuming one but at least I did get some of my family on a really good flight home from yeshiva break

I had the whole family booked and ready to pick a full iteinerary.. but couldn’t pick when we wanted to go

FYI when the kids get older trips get a lot more complicated


i tried at 11 and it was dead already


I Was having trouble cancelling certain itineraries that I had booked and I needed to call Jetblue. After 78 minutes on hold, the agent cancelled it. If your sesssions are timing out when trying to cancel. you need to call.


thank you for that amazinbg deal, can we know how many days it would take for use to say that it is safe that jetblue will for sure honor them ?

Jetblue question

How can I get a free carry on with jetblue? Are they strict about charging?


ya just tried jfk-mco-dead
I missed a good one


I had to change a ticket today for same day,but different time and they made me pay the approx $100 fare difference.Is there anything i can do about it now,or is it too ate?


i booked ticket with amex travel and made change with jet blue online and called today added infant. now nothing is coming up on jet blue .com this means they canceled it?


Thank you Dan and co


I spoke to JetBlue about this, and a higher up is supposed to get back to me.
This is not okay!
It’s akin to someone leaving $5 on a table next to mine by mistake and me just stealing it as opposed to returning it.
You guys ought to be ashamed!!
God gives exactly what we need. Trying to publicly steal, will not have an effect on what were ultimately supposed to earn.

Stop crying that you missed out

@Dan this is what I think happened. I think this low life couldn’t figure out how to get the deal so instead of accepting the fact that they missed out, they decided to cry about it and bring everyone down with them.
But I do appreciate the effort, they were probably waiting on hold with Jet Blue for hours. Serious dedication.
Keep it up Dan, you’re the man.


“Embarrassed” Just answer one question for me please. Do you wear a mask when you’re driving in your car? If so, is it 1 or 2 masks? And, is it a kn95 mask when you’re alone in your car?


Just received cancellation for my flight from EWR to Vegas was cancelled. My flight from Vegas back to EWR still valid as of now


What did it say cancellation reason?


@DansDeals could we assume that tickets are honored? (Should I start looking into hotels etc..)


If the original flight booked was $100, and I changed for free to a $745 flight, is my ticket now considered to be worth $745? For example, if I want to now change to another $745 flight, will it be considered equal value, or will I need to pay an upcharge from $100?

I know we may now “know” but curious of any thoughts.

Thank you Dan! This was incredible for my family and I!


I just attempted. The value is the original value of $100. So yes, there will be a drastic upcharge.


plus 1 anyone know the answer to this question? curious


Thank you again Dan. We never would have paid the $1500 r/t fare for Feb vacation … but we got it for $210 each.


Good for you Dan! I’m happy you have real results to show for all your followers. I personally didn’t get this deal, just the point of people who don’t jump into these deals with the logic of “its anyhow getting cancelled”

Abie Silvers

It didn’t work. I did jfk to FLL in January and then changed it for Passover to April and they want me to pay the difference in fare.

Did I do something wrong Dan?


anyone know what it would cost for a name change on jet blue flights? or is there no such thing


Reading this on my flight while we taxi FLL-EWR
Thanks Dan


Is this still working ?


Jetblue canceled tomorrow’s flights to Cancun 🙁 🙁