El Al Finally Reopens Israeli Call Center!

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El Al closed their call centers when they suspended service last March.

For a while it was nearly impossible to reach them, but they reopened the ability to chat with them over Whatsapp at +972-3-977-1111, though with long wait times.

They have now reopened their Israeli call center, at the same number as above, though with limited hours. They are open Sunday-Thursday from 8am-5pm local time (1am-10am EDT), Friday from 8am-1pm local time (1am-6am EDT), and Saturdays evenings until midnight local time. Hopefully they will restore 24 hour service as their operations return to normal.

You can talk to the Israeli call center in English or Hebrew.

El Al’s US call center is still closed, though people have long said that it was well worth paying Google Voice the 1 cent a minute long distance rate for the far superior customer service offered by the Israeli call center.

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tony c

used whatsapp yesterday. was fast and easy.


Can I make a whatsapp call?
(BTW, kudos to you for posting these vax articles and bearing the brunt of the vitriol, I heard of many well known bloggers and “influencers” in the community who have refrained from sharing as they couldn’t handle all the negative publicity….)


No – WhatsApp texts only. Their system also doesn’t support voice notes


All I get are numbers to press. They don’t really have a conversation


Dan, any whispers as to when Israel will open borders to reg. vaccinated ppl (not students, firs degree, tour groups etc)? Booked my parents for jun 14th deciding if should cancel or not


when they return to 24/7 service beware when calling on fridays from the US when it is shabbos in Israel, you shouldn’t cause a yid to be mechalel shabbos for you!


Doesn’t say that they plan to restore 24/7, just says 24 hours. I can assure you that with the new ownership, they will not open their call center on Shabbos


I wonder. Maybe they can operate on Shabbos and hagim with non jews because there needs to be an emergency line. Sometimes you have to fly right after Shabbos so someone has to be available to make reservations or changes.

Jack out of the Box

There are non-Jewish airlines too.


I did receive a response from El Al via whatsapp on June 12 8:48am local time which is definitely still Shabbos.


Just as Ben Gurion Airport shuts down…

Texas Totty

What’s the best/cheapest way to call an Israeli number?

Jack out of the Box

I am delighted to hear that as Elal’s controlling shareholder is frum, he is sticking to his principals and keeping the phones closed on Shabbos.


Last March? Last year March….