Link Your Delta And Northwest Mileage Accounts And Get 500 Miles!

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Update: This bonus has been extended until 04/30!

Originally posted on 02/01:

You can now transfer miles between Delta and Northwest in either direction for free, as many times as you want!

You need to link the accounts first, and you will get 500 miles just for linking the accounts!
Although the description of the offer implies that you need to actually transfer miles to get the miles, the terms make it clear that you only need to link the accounts.

Offer Linky

“Members of the SkyMiles and WorldPerks programs may link their accounts and receive a one-time bonus of 500 bonus miles. To be eligible for this offer, the member will need to complete the linking process application on between January 29, 2009 and March 15, 2009. Bonus miles will post the member’s SkyMiles account 4-6 weeks following the end of the promotion, March 15, 2009.”

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14 Comments On "Link Your Delta And Northwest Mileage Accounts And Get 500 Miles!"

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you need to transfer miles it seems


If I dont have a northwest account can I open one now?


I just opened up a world perks account and 2 minutes later I linked the 2 accounts, and got an email stating that the 500 miles will be posted.


i believe you can just transfer some miles to northwest and then transfer them back to delta.


i am curious if i should open a creditcard with nwa to get bonus miles and a delta card for the same. might be an easy way to get a LOT of miles


Will this extend my miles expiration date?


I guess it should extend the expiration date– what else is 500 miles worth?


In the fine print it says that transferring miles to a delta account won’t extend the expiration date, but to a nwa account it will. Does that mean my skymiles are safe if i switch them before the skymiles expiration date, or is the nwa expiration date going to be the same as the skymiles date was?


@aw & ?

excerpt from the terms and conditions:

·The transfer of miles to a SkyMiles account will not reset or extend the mileage expiration date.

·The transfer of miles to a WorldPerks account will reset and extend the mileage expiration date.


Sounds to me like they’ll be safe if you switch them to NWA before their expiration, but is it worth the risk?

I think they were referring to the 500 skymiles bonus, which theoretically should extend the expiration date.


i thought that you were referring to the 500 miles which i said will probable extend the expiration….


Since it says the transfer to worldperks will reset your miles can I transfer everything to worldperks extend my expiration for a year and a half and then transfer them back to Delta?


Update: I was puzzled when i saw this in my most recent acctivity of my delta SkyMiles – 19 Mar 2009 9P LINK ACCT 500.
Then after much thought i remembred that i opened a NW account and linked the 2 of them.
Thanks Dan!


how many times could you do this ?