It’s Back: Buy Delta/Northwest Miles For Less Than 1.1 Cents Per Mile!!!

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Link your Northwest and Delta accounts and get 500 miles. Plus you’ll be able to transfer an unlimited amount miles back and forth for free.

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Lie-Flat Seats to Tel Aviv for 90K Miles

Delta and Northwest are running promotions for double miles when transferring miles to someone else’s Delta or Northwest account through 05/31/09

The fee for doing so is a penny per mile plus a $25 transaction fee on Northwest or a $30 transaction fee on Delta.

You can transfer up to 30,000 miles in a shot, which would give the recipient 60,000 total miles for a cost for $325 on Northwest or $330 on Delta. Of course charging it to a card like your Starwood AMEX will also net you 325-330 Starpoints on the transaction, bringing down the cost even further.

You can then transfer back the miles to your account, which will double them again. Be creative and you’ll be able to keep on going and going and going…

Northwest limits the amount of incoming miles via the inter-account transfer to 30,000 per year and the amount of outgoing miles via the inter-account transfer to 75,000 per year.

Delta limits the amount of incoming miles via the inter-account transfer to 300,000 per year and the amount of outgoing miles via the inter-account transfer to 150,000 per year.

In my experience the Northwest transfer occurs instantaneously, and the bonus miles will post immediately together with the transferred miles. The Delta transfer may take a day and the bonus miles will come within another day or two.

With this promotion you should be able to earn 90,000 Delta miles, or the amount of miles required for a Business Elite class trip to Tel Aviv during the current mileage ticket promo, for under $1,000.

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Northwest Transfer Miles Linky

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Delta Transfer Miles T’s And C’s Linky

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Dan – if Northwest only lets 30000 out how could you keep transferring back in forth? Thanks


hi, i’m new to comments. can somebody please explain the steps to do this? do i need to own miles already or can i buy them outright? BTW, thanks Dan for everything!


is ithis a great bargain???? how come there is not HOT!!! on the title??? shouldn’t this be amazing $1000 for a trip to israel on business class????


Dan You Crazy . How You Come Up Wit This Stuff 🙂


The reason Its not Hot is because you are paying $330 for 30000 points. Thats half the regular price but not free!


Ok HOT HOT SMOKING HOT . Happy Now ? I Guess Cuz Its Not Exactly Straight Forward Which Is Not So Hot


do you need to have the miles already?


If I transfer Amex MR, do I get double? Whats the limit?


uhhh no its 60000 miles for $330 and ya its hot


can somebody please explain to the not so savvy how to go about this? my email is “” Thanks!


DAN, If you would please clarify a couple of points, it would be greatly appreciated.
1-You seemed to imply that every $330 would get you 30,000 points,but wouldn’t that be 60,000 points for $330,if you claim the promotion is for double miles?
2-You said that the promotion is for transfering to someone else,yet can you please explain if I can just buy for myself the points for delta,and then transfer them to northwest, and vice versa. (I don’t have someone with a Delta account to buy for and then transfer to back and forth.)
3- So can I keep on transfering 30,000 points from delta to northwest, and then back to Delta, and keep on getting double miles.
Thanks Dan. Chag Samach!


Let’s see if I can settle some of the confusion…

You are not actually buying points from Delta/Northwest.

If you transfer points to a friend and pay the transferring fee then Delta/Northwest will give your friend double the amount of points that you transferred.

So if Adam gives Sam 30,000 Delta miles and pays Delta $330 for the fee then Delta will give Sam 60,000 miles, which includes the 30,000 miles that are deducted from Adam’s account. If Sam then transfers back the 60,000 miles to Adam and pays the $660 in fees then Adam will now have 120,000 miles. The net cost/gain was $990 for 90,000 miles (and 990 Starpoints if you used your Starwood AMEX like you should)

The limitation of the number miles that you can transfer between people do not include the bonus miles, just the base transferred miles.

You can also take advantage of the free transfers between your own Northwest and Delta accounts to rack up even more miles while staying under the limit of transfers to other people’s accounts.

You can also open up new Delta/Northwest accounts for family members if you bump up against the limit and need even more miles…


Dan,thanks for your clarification
What do you mean in the paragraph that you wrote:
“You can also take advantage of the free transfers between your own Northwest and Delta accounts to rack up even more miles while staying under the limit.”
Do you mean that after I link my 2 accounts for the 500 points,I can rack up more miles. How can I do that? I understood how to transfer from Adam to Sam and then back to Adam and have 120,000 points, but what did you mean by me racking up more miles in my own account, and what did you mean by staying under the limit?
2- Are you saying it’s definitely worth to give up 20,000 spg points, into 25,000 delta points,and then pay another $325+$660 to get those 120,000 points? The spg points itself is worth at least $320 (based on 1.6 cents)and you are saying to add on another $1000 dollars? Thats over $1300 dollars worth.
Can you please elaborate why or why not its worth it.
Thanks again


dan how can one buy miles thats the part i dont understand
thanks so much


Its very simple

You are not buying miles. This a promotion for transferring miles! Your miles get doubled if you transfer them to someones account. So for example if you transfer your own 30000 miles to your wifes account for a $330 transfer fee, she will get 60000 miles. If she then transfers it back at a cost of $660 you will get 120000 miles. That means that you ended up paying 1.1 cents per mile. You started with your own 30000 and now you have 120000. Thats 90000 more miles for $990.

Get it?


how do u must transfer at a time


Just wondering if you have to keep the points that were transferred in the delta account until the bonus points come in or you can transfer them back out instantly and the bonus would come anyway? Also is the limit on the transfer 30,000 at a time?


The Maximum Miles Per Transaction Is 30000 But You Could Send Out From You Account 5 TIMES 30000 And I Think You Will Not Get The Bonus Miles If You Transfer From Northwest To Delta Dan Just MenT To Say That You Could Combine Your Two Account To Have 30000 Miles In One Account Thanks Dan You Are The Best And Thats My First Time Commenting


Pls note by Delta it could take up to 7 working days to apply on your account.